Cre8! It´s YOUR life!

DSCN0665       Didn´t you know daddy?   One creates ones own life.   That´s fantastic isn´t it.

author-Avatar       Well actually, I am aware of the fact, although as with  most “modern” human beings, I have been brought up to believe quite the opposite.  Human beings often believe that somebody else is  responsible for their present living situations – especially when things appear  bleak.

In my opinion, human beings tend to possess a  rather negative attitude to life. When things appear to be going rather badly, modern humans often tend to fall into their “victimhood mode”, adopting the attitude that the “bad”  world is somehow out to get them.

Sir Winston 1       But if one didn´t have to struggle  occasionally then one wouldn’t learn very much in life.  Humans are rather convenient beings and often wish to avoid change, particularly when their lives are on the up and up.

MM-Avatar       You can´t all be cats can you!

Most of us cats  lead  very comfortable lifestyles but only because we understand the importance of living in the moment and of creating pleasurable experiences.

author-Avatar       To tell you the truth Mr. Midnight, I am  glad that the planet is not just reserved for you cats. Although at the time sometimes difficult to understand, occasionally having to struggle through life is a challenge and often strengthens the character of a person.

SW-Avatar       Perhaps we cats don´t need our characters strengthened.  We take life with ease because,  if being frank, that´s simply what we expect from life.

Life is to be enjoyed and to have fun and if there is something to learn, then that can  be fun also.

MM-Avatar       I believe that we cats have a slight advantage over human beings.  We only have small heads with little brains so we have to   rely on our instinct most of the time.  Human beings think too much and often avoid their natural instincts.  They seem to be switched off to their true self and would sooner do what others expect of them.

SW-Avatar       You can talk for yourself Mr. Midnight about having a small brain. My brain maybe small but I use it to its full capacity.

author-Avatar       I think I know what you mean Mr. Midnight.

SW-Avatar       I just wanted to put Mr. Midnight straight on that fact.

author-Avatar       It appears difficult for humans to accept that the lives  they are living at the moment are how they are  because of  past experiences and the actions and decisions  taken from those experiences.   Obviously, some are born into this world with a disadvantage and although their lives are possibly  a lot harder,  they still have many  possibilities to grow in character and to enjoy life.

SW-Avatar       I think you´re talking about self-responsibility and the power of ones thoughts.

author-Avatar       Correct.  We human beings do underestimate the power of our own  thoughts.

MM-Avatar       It´s not surprising really when you all seem to think so negatively.   Our thoughts spark action and from action we create results.  It´s totally up to the individual as to what kind of thoughts they wish to believe.  I often think about lapping up lots of creamy cat milk and what happens – daddy gives me a bowl everyday.  That´s great isn´t it.  I simply believe that it will happen – and it does!

SW-Avatar       That´s not really a very good example Mr. Midnight but I think the readers get your meaning.  Simply expect the best and it will happen.  It really does work!

Create your world as you wish it to be.  It´s up to you how you go about it.

MM-Avatar       Cre8ing is fun.  Just try it.  You´ve  got nothing to lose.


(C) Copyright mags 2014

2 thoughts on “Cre8! It´s YOUR life!

  1. Thank u thank u thank u :)! This confirmation from your cats comes right at the right moment as I m personally sooo fed up with opinions that everything is being guided and there s someone to look after you – who the hell if not yourself and I want to shout wake up it s you who s creating!! 🙂 and bloomin heck thats bloody good news! 🙂

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