Comfy places

SW-Avatar       What did you want to go and do that for?  This lovely box has turned upside down leaving us with no possiblilty of escape.

MM-Avatar       I wanted to clamber into it and must have caught myself on the sides of the box.  Did you see the flip it made?  Great wasn´t it.  It flew into the air and landed beautifully on top of us both.  Now we´re trapped inside this cosy box.

I love boxes!  They´re one of the better things in life  which the humans have invented.

SW-Avatar       I´m not saying that  it was a bad idea – afterall, boxes small or large, or also my hobby, but I found the box better when it was sitting with its base on the carpet.

MM-Avatar      Now we´ve managed to get a roof over our heads.  🙂

SW-Avatar       But we already had the house roof over our heads before we started.

Oh never mind.  I guess it´s all  rather exciting.  Have you switched  your “night lights” on?

MM-Avatar       You bet!  You can´t beat the old  night modus eyes.  I love this box Sir Winston.  There´s just enough room for the both of us if you budge over a little.  It´s nice to feel cardboard pressed against my back.

SW-Avatar       I think it smells rather musty.  I wonder where this box has been.

MM-Avatar       From the smell of things, I´d say that it contained some of those old bits of paper  which daddy collects.

SW-Avatar       You mean his postage stamps.  Judging by the smell and the fact that I´ve just put my foot on one  which must have been trapped within the flaps  of the box, I think you may be right.

MM-Avatar       Oh dear, I hope It wasn´t one of his favourite ones. I won´t say anything if you don´t.

SW-Avatar       A deal. My lips are sealed.

MM-Avatar       Give me five!


SW-Avatar       It´s nice in this box but it´s getting a little bit stuffy.  Can´t you make a breathing hole in the side or something?

MM-Avatar       No sweat!.  Let me get my teeth around that beautiful dry cardboard.


10 minutes passed by.


MM-Avatar       Shush Sir Winston.  I spy a human leg through the hole I´ve just made.  We don´t want to get its attention do we.

SW-Avatar       And why not. By the time you´ve managed to eat your way out of this box it´ll be time for our evening meal and then you´ll have indegestion again from having swallowed little bits of cardboard.

If we both lean onto the side of the box we may be able to roll it over.

MM-Avatar       Oh what fun.  Let´s go for it.  Give me another five!


SW-Avatar       It´s too cramped in here  to keep giving “high fives”.  Let´s do all that later.  Come on, lets  lean on the sides of the box.


After having wrestled with the box for a long time they both managed to relieve themselves of its burden.


SW-Avatar       I´m totally whacked.  All that excitement and hard work has made me rather sleepy.

MM-Avatar       I don´t know what you´re moaning for – I was the one who was doing most of the work!


They both sat next to one another and eyed the human legs.


MM-Avatar       Those legs belong to daddy.  I think he´s taking a nap on the sofa.  He seems to like his comfy sofa.

I´m going to go over  and curl up next to him.  His body heat is great for my bones. Humans are purrrfect heat generators.

SW-Avatar       And I´m going to jump up onto his lap and pad my paws into him.  I love sitting on humans, but only humans who aren´t strangers. Humans make perfect chairs – they are so comfy.

MM-Avatar       Honestly Sir Winston.  You are purrrculiar!

Don´t pad your claws in too deep will you.  You know that humans aren´t too fond of it, although I can´t figure out why.  I love spreading my paws and digging deep.

We live a very comfortable life don´t we Sir Winston.

author-Avatar       Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh – your claws!!!!!!!!

(C) Copyright mags 2014

14 thoughts on “Comfy places

  1. Our visiting cat loves to get under the duvet and lie along human legs, or just curl up under the duvet and be left alone. The conversation above sounds very like 2 cats……..

    • My two, as must be the same with any other cat, just love confined spaces. The darker and quieter the better!
      Thank you for commenting. Mr M., Sir W and myself were well chuffed !!! 🙂

    • Mr Midnight says that as far as he knows, most cats love sitting in boxes because they are places of meditation. Sir Winston is not so sure why he likes boxes but he believes Mr M. could be correct in his assumption.

  2. my cats love to curl on the puffy cushion i hide (on purpose) behind the dining area…i think they like it because it is like a forgotten space..quiet and warm. i knew that they would like that corner 🙂 and i was right!

    • The main thing seems to be that they have something warm, soft and preferable quiet. They are the same all over – artists of life! 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words.

  3. My Lilly Fae not only loves boxes but loves to chew on them as well like Sir W. & Mr. M. Must be the crunchy cardboard goodness they can’t resist!

  4. My cats and I found this entry, and your entire blog, to be quite wonderful. I’ve been wanting to work on a story told from a cat’s point of view and you have inspired me! Thank you, Sir W and Mr M. ^_^

    • We´re glad you appreciate our work. The boys were over the moon to hear from you (as was I!).
      It´s always nice to hear from nice people, especially cat lovers. We´re also working on a book at the moment (that´s why we only blog once every two weeks at the moment) and we all wish you very good luck with your own cat ventures. If you ever release your work we´d be glad to know. 🙂
      Mr Midnight wants to thank you for believing that our blog is wonderful. Although Sir Winston often tells him, he does not believe it himself.
      Some cats are very difficult to satisfy!
      All the best from the Black Forest from two odd cats and a strange human. 🙂

    • By the way, Sir Winston insisted that we follow you. I had the same idea but was a bit slower with my thoughts! We´ll get round to reading about your musings shortly. 🙂

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