Human predictions.

DSCN0663       Daddy – what are purrrdictions?

author-Avatar       Purrrdictions?    I think you mean predictions Mr Midnight.

A prediction is when one gives  information in advance, usually based on  special knowledge.

Why´d you ask?

MM-Avatar       Sir Winston told me that you humans are always predicting things and that most of the time, your predictions turn out false.  If that were true;  what a waste of time.  Are  humans able to see into the future?

We cats can´t because we only live life in the moment.

author-Avatar       We make predictions because we like to plan ahead.  I´m not  sure about Sir Winstons notion about human predictions turning out exactly the opposite most of the time but there may be some truth in his surmise.

SW-Avatar        I just find it interesting that  humans seem to  love  bombarding other humans with figures and statistics  and  later,   human  predictions seem to be often off key. You seem to all forget one very important factor to your predictions.

author-Avatar       Which is?

SW-Avatar       That time is always on the move and  has a life of its own.

MM-Avatar       I have an example for human predictions!   How about  funny human weather reports.

SW-Avatar       That´s right Mr Midnight.  Even though humans use the latest technology, weather seems to be very difficult to predict.  Some of the time you´ll be correct in your assumptions but then again, you are often incorrect as well.

MM-Avatar       So what´s the use of wasting time and effort on predicting the weather when most of the time it appears to be coincidence or pot luck?

author-Avatar       A weather forecast can help save lives, especially when chaotic, adverse conditions loom.

SW-Avatar       Quite true.  I hadn´t thought of that.

MM-Avatar       Well I was always led to believe that  “talking about the weather” was an english thing and that weather predictions were created in which to help english people find a topic of conversation.   🙂

SW-Avatar       Perhaps it also has to do with insecurity.  Most humans seem to be insecure in their lives. Predictions, especially if positive, may help them to keep on  going in times of adversity.

Humans are fans of  numbers and will therefore, often  place enormous  emphasis upon their economic predictions.

MM-Avatar       Which sounds a bit daft to my ears. How can your governments “know” the economic situation of their countries a few years ahead.  I´m aware that you humans, just as us cats, are not fond of change, but informing the populace about  the state of the nation years ahead seems to be foolhardy. There are too  many variables – even for humans.

author-Avatar       I suppose it has something to do with “power”.  Economic predictions seem to influence world markets and predicting “what will be” may help short-term investments.  In my opinion, modern-day  predictions do not really have much in common with reality anyway, but then again,  the modern world does tend to live in a comfortable, dreamlike state.

Depending upon the circumstances, predictions are probably “created” with which to either soothe or agitate the general-public.  They are most probably  “created”  with which to influence decision-making.

There are many organisations, such as the OECD or various other  Rating Agencies, which continually predict what will happen.  However, whereas some of their predictions turn out true,  some do not, with many “experts”  later having  to amend their “predictions” when reality finally  sets in.

I often found it interesting that Governments will often inform us about  how many people will be unemployed or about  the economic growth rate two or three years ahead but so often, their predictions seem to fall  short of their fantasies.

SW-Avatar       If humans love numbers and things why don´t they take a deep look at the topic of numerology?

They don´t have to take it seriously but many answers to life and a persons characteristics can be found hidden within the numbers.

You see, this Pythagoras chappie was quite ahead of his time and among other things, he used ancient Egyptian wisdom to prove  that our planet and life are in a continual state of numeric cycles.  Based upon this philosophy, he fashioned the fascinating topic of modern  numerology.

MM-Avatar       Humans won´t believe in stuff like that Sir Winston. They need proof for everything.

SW-Avatar       Human religious scriptures don´t really  “prove”  anything either but most people believe in their  beliefs which have been passed down from generation to generation – and without valid proof.  Why shouldn´t  humans be a bit more open and take a glimpse at numerology as well?  As I´ve already said,  one doesn´t have to take it seriously.

They can check their birth chart, their ruling number, their day number and even the numbers which are  “missing” in their personality with which to eventually gain harmony.  It may appear like a lot of old  humbug but it´s still interesting.

MM-Avatar       I don´t like hard-boiled sweeties.  They are bad for my teeth.  🙂

SW-Avatar       Numerology is based on a 9 year cycle, with high peaks and low peaks.  If one is aware that all things in life require time to rest and restore  then humans could then possibly understand why it is quite ridiculous to believe that economies and personal wealth  should always be on the rise.

I mean, just look at what is happening to modern societies beloved money.  Most people  are losing money but they are obviously not really concerned.  People would obviously sooner carry on   believing  in their  modern  structures and at the same time,  remain  blind to their banks and  Governments.   Banks and Governments  are not stupid and are also aware of this fact. That is why they carry on “eating ”  the savings of their citizens at an enormous rate,  (Interest rates, etc.) and get away with it.  It´s easy for them to do so.

However, as mentioned above, all “things in life” are in constant movement and will swing from highs to lows.  Banks and Governments also fall into this natural law of life and will eventually, also  get their  comeuppance.   Modern societies  taken-for-granted habit to continually accumulate debt with which to keep their “systems” going will obviously,  eventually lead to a  destabilisation of future, modern lifestyles.

MM-Avatar       If company takings  and economies are always on the rise then it would be  quite reasonable to assume that it is only because of artificial interfurrrence.  Humans are good at interfurrring with things.  All things are part of the rhythmic process of life and will therefore  require a time of rest with which to gain new heights.

A shame most of you humans are oblivious to this basic piece of knowledge.  Your lives would become that much richer if you stepped out of the artificial cogs of life and attempted to embrace the true cycle of life.  But  of course, every soul is on their own path and must  therefore, “experience” life as they wish it to be.

All this talk about cycles has given me an appetite.  I´m not keen on cycling (my paws can´t touch the pedals) but I´ve seen how tired and hungry daddy gets when he gets back from a cycle ride.

SW-Avatar       I think i´ll join you Mr Midnight. It´s time for supper.  I wonder what´s on the menu tonight.

I predict that it´ll be that stuff out of the strange red and yellow tins  AGAIN,  but of course,   I could be wrong.    🙂

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Breathe !

The fresh easterly wind ruffled Sir Winstons fur but he didn´t seem to mind.  He  sat, as still as a statue,  in the middle of the garden with his back turned towards  Mr Midnights vantage point.

Mr Midnight contemplated that Sir Winston was most purrrculiar; most purrrculiar indeed.

He believed that sitting in chilly drafts was bad for your health and that he wouldn´t do a daft thing like that  – not for all the food-sticks on the planet.

Goofy Sir Winston; whatever will he be up to next, he thought.

Because he couldn´t understand Sir Winstons strange behaviour he decided it was time to find out what all this “funny” stuff was all about. He´d observed that  Sir Winston had been faffing about all week with his “silent positions”  and now Mr Midnights inquisitive nature had finally taken hold.  He was going to get to the bottom of it all.

He stretched, yawned, then jumped down from the porch steps and casually meandered over to where Sir Winston quietly sat.

Not wanting to disturb him, Mr Midnight politely whispered . . . . . .

DSCN0629        Sir Winston,  are you alright?


Nothing happened.


Mr Midnight spoke a little louder.

MM-Avatar       Sir Winston old boy, may I enquire if  everything is all  Ship-shape and Bristol fashion with you?  You seem to be so . . . . . er,   detached from yourself.


There was no motion from Sir Winston.  He sat as still as ever.

MM-Avatar       Are you still alive?   It´s getting a bit nippy in this cold wind.  I don´t think you should be out here;  you´ll get pawwly if you carry on like this.


Not knowing what to do next,  Mr Midnight decided to prod Sir Winston with one of his paws.

DSCN0631       What did you do that for?   I was happily breathing-in life.

MM-Avatar       I was getting worried.  You looked so spaced-out.  I´m not used to that.  You started to frighten me a little.

By the way, what do you mean by you were breathing-in life?

SW-Avatar     I was practicing my breathing technique.  I think humans call it “meditation” or mindfulness  or something.

I don´t know why humans have to “label” everything, because there is really nothing to it.  One just has to “breathe”; concentrating on the air flowing through ones nose and  when it is released through the mouth.

MM-Avatar       I thought we just breathed air and didn´t  have to think  about it.

SW-Avatar       You don´t have to think about it Mr Midnight.  Cats live in the moment anyway and we´re always “breathing-in life” but  I´ve been trying to perfect myself these last couple of weeks.

MM-Avatar       Purrrfect yourself?  Whatever for?  If you ask me, you´ll catch your death sitting in the middle of the garden on a cold windy day such as today.

SW-Avatar       When I concentrate on my breathing I can feel the air flowing through my body and the sweet taste of life.  I am aware of my lungs moving in and out and after a time, I become oblivious to my surroundings. I can only “feel” my body.  I am “in the moment” and nothing can disturb my inner peace – apart from when somebody prods me in my back with their paw.  🙂

MM-Avatar       Sorry for disturbing you Sir Winston. I didn´t mean to.

I don´t know where you get such ideas  from but your “breathing technique” seems to work wonders.  The humans don´t seem to breathe properly at all so you can´t have gotten the idea off them.  Did Mr Dog from next door inform you?

SW-Avatar       Well actually,  although Mr Dog and his owners have recently just got back from a tour  in a region of our planet they call the Himalaya, such notions are ingrained within each and every soul.  Mr Dog just told me how much more “in-touch”  with their souls some of the inhabitants of that area of the world seem to be.  He mentioned  that many of them belong to a club called “puddhism” or something like that.  Some of the stuff they teach seems to be some kind of great  philosophy.

MM-Avatar       “Puddhism”?   I´ve never heard of such a club.  Do they eat puddings dumped in nice milk?

SW-Avatar       I could have sworn that he said “puddhism” but i´ll ask him again when I next see him.

MM-Avatar       Purrrhaps humans don´t like  breathing  properly because they are too frightened of life.  I´ve noticed that they often breathe quite shallow.  They don´t seem to breathe in deep enough.

SW-Avatar       I´ve noticed that too,  which is one of the reasons why I decided to try and master my breathing technqiue.

Life is so wonderful and it gives me great feelings to be able to  “soak it up” into  the depths of my own body.

Although life is often quite scary – I love it.   Without life, where would we be?

MM-Avatar       That´s a bit of an obvious question Sir Winston.   If we didn´t have life,  we´d be dead – but only until the next time around.  🙂

SW-Avatar       Well we won´t go onto that subject  now Mr Midnight.  We don´t want to confuse the poor humans anymore than necessary.  It´s a wonder they read our blog anyway, poor souls.   🙂

MM-Avatar       Paw humans.  Who are you kiddin?   They only think that they are paw.  Just look at all of that  wealth buried deep in their hearts.   It´s a shame they don´t share some of it occasionally.

Here´s a piece of advice from a cat to a human:  – breathe deep more often.  That way, you´ll calm your nerves and stir the wealth lying trapped within your bodies.

SW-Avatar       It´s true humans!  My stress levels have reduced enormously!  🙂

MM-Avatar  SW-Avatar       Your lives can be so fantastic.  You just have to allow it to happen.

B R E A T H E  !  !  !  !

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