Look after yourself first. :)

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were  curled up together on the large mat in the bathroom.  The bathroom is usually the warmest room of the house  (kitchen excepted)  and our bathroom is no exception.  “The lads” love  the warmth from the floor-central heating and the added bonus of having a  large, fluffy mat cosily wedged underneath their purrrson.  They both believe that the very idea of being able to chill out in the bathroom is something not to be missed.

By the way, can a cat be classified as a person?  If not, excuse the pun above.


MM-Avatar       Why must he use that awfully loud  fur drying machine every morning Sir Winston?  It makes a right racket.

SW-Avatar       I suppose because some humans like to clean their hair in a morning.  Daddy certainly sticks to  a rigid cleaning plan.

MM-Avatar       But we´re cleaning our fur all the time and we don´t need such  loud appliances.  Can´t he just leave it to dry naturally?

SW-Avatar       It´s called ” human groomin”.

You know that humans love to use loud machines – especially in the morning.  Their modern appliances are quite disturbing for us cats.  Thank goodness daddy doesn´t like the banter on the radio first thing in a morning.  The radio´s enough to drive anyone round the bend.

MM-Avatar       Quite true.  Whatever happened to starting a day with peace  and quiet and an added slice of decorum first thing in the morning?  No wonder people tend to be worn out what with all that interfurrrence going off all the time.

Do you think daddy´s pleased with his appearance?  I think he looks quite funny, what with his fur sticking out at all angles under the sun.


SW-Avatar       Are you satisfied with your appearance now daddy?  Mr MIdnight was enquiring.

author-Avatar        Thank you, I think I look quite presentable.

MM-Avatar        I love the way your fur sticks out all over the place daddy. It´s quite comical.

author-Avatar       Thanks Mr Midnight.  I´m glad I´m here to amuse the troops!

SW-Avatar       But why go to all that trouble everyday?  I think you look alright as you are;  at least for your age.

author-Avatar       My, my.  We´re full of compliments this morning aren´t we.

I want to feel comfortable before setting foot outside the door and I believe that if one attends to “human groomin” as you so eloquently put it Sir Winston,  one adds value to ones appearance.  A healthy constitution and a tidy, well-groomed appearance, boosts self-confidence and aids make life that much  easier.   Afterall, you should both understand, you´re looking after yourselves all the time.

The inner values of a person are important but I believe  the outer values also reflect a part of the mentality and character (inner values) of a person.

SW-Avatar       But don´t you get into trouble for looking how you do?  Narcissim is believed  to be a negative attribute in human beliefs.  Many believe that it is egoistic or selfish.

author-Avatar       I wouldn´t  go as far as to call myself “narcissistic” Sir Winston.  I´m not always looking at myself in mirrors and things.  I just like to present myself as best I can.

MM-Avatar       It´s alright to love oneself daddy.  We cats are still in command of our intuition and my instinct tells me that it´s  alright to love oneself.  I´m loving myself all the time.    🙂

author-Avatar       If one stated such  thoughts out loud among humans  one would usually be negatively  branded.  It´s  seems to be a human missconception that one is not really allowed to love oneself.  People normally  believe that one is selfish or egocentric if one cares for oneself too much.

SW-Avatar       But it´s a necessity to  love oneself !

If humans want to love somebody properly then they must first, love themselves.  How can a human love somebody else when they are incapable of loving and taking care of themselves?

author-Avatar       Precisely.  For example, a stewardess in an aeroplane always informs her passangers that in the event of an emergency, one should place an oxygen-mask over ones face BEFORE  assisting small children. One puts oneself in a better position if having  looked after oneself first.

MM-Avatar       I don´t follow you daddy.  What´s this aeroplane thingamajig?

author-Avatar       Sorry Mr Midnight.  It´s another means for humans to get from A to B. I wanted to give an example for looking after oneself first in which to aid others.

MM-Avatar       I think I get the jist of it although you are quite confusing sometimes.

SW-Avatar        Daddy used the aeroplane example  as a metaphor for “loving oneself” before others.

You have to love yourself!

One should take time to look after oneself because one would not only be looking after oneself, but also others.

Everybody wants to be loved but before we can recieve love, we have to give love. I think that if we want to share and give love  then one must  know exactly what love is – by having given “love” to ourselves.   If we don´t look after ourselves properly  then we will not be in a position to  “give” or show proper love to somebody else.

MM-Avatar       If you humans have difficulty loving yourselves then just observe us cats every now and again.  We´re always loving ourselves – and that´s why we receive so much love from life.

SW-Avatar       Make the first step in discovering true love and love yourself first!

It is allowed you know.   🙂

As long as loving yourself stays in a positive, healthy state  you don´t have to feel ashamed or  guilty.

MM-Avatar       All this talk about love has given me an appetite. The way to a cats heart is through his stomach.

Can we go to the kitchen and eat some food sticks please?

(C) mags 2014

2 thoughts on “Look after yourself first. :)

  1. It springs to my mind that nowadays religions propagate a God outside of us, Earlier religions suggested that we ARE God – an expression of. So in the latter case it wouldnt even be a topic to love yourself . in the first case you always expect someone else to do the loving for you. Cats dont have a religion I suppose..:)

    • Quite true – one doesnt need to love oneself when we ARE god but as you mentioned above, such a belief stems from an earlier time. Because most people will not be able to “deal” with such ancient philosophies, “the lads” thought it appropriate to try and help those living in the present. I thought their message would be a start point for those wishing to discover true peace and “God” within themeselves. Your comment is very much appreciated. 🙂

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