The New Year

MM-Avatar       What was that terrifying din the other night?  I was scared out of my wits.

There I was, half asleep,  curled up nice and tightly in my box  with Sir Winston purring away perched on top of daddy when suddenly, this almighty horrific racquet burst through the tranquility of our late evening.

Things you call “bells” were ringing  loudly, the sky was unnaturally  illuminated with fantastic  colours and the smell I smelt afterwards was atrocious.

The worst thing about it all was the painful sounds which continually disturbed the peace.   The two of us didn´t know where to run so we both dived under daddy´s bed and as  scared as hell, decided to wait it out.

SW-Avatar       What a night.  Daddy tried to comfort the both of us but we weren´t having any of it.  The whole situation was quite horrible and fur-raising.

What was going off?  It´s happened before but a very long time ago.

author-Avatar       I can imagine  you suffered a most terrifying ordeal.  I´m afraid there is nothing I can do about the situation.  People love their fireworks.

It only happens once a year so I´m afraid  you´ll both just have to grin and bear it.

MM-Avatar       If you´re afraid,  what are we supposed to do?

author-Avatar       Humans all over the world love to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

SW-Avatar       And what about the animals who do not have it as comfy as Mr Midnight and myself?  They´re out all night and haven´t got the foggiest idea what is happening.  They must be absolutely out of their minds with fear.

MM-Avatar       I don´t think  humans are particularly bothered about other animals Sir Winston.  If  humans believe that they are the highest species on the evolutionary ladder then then will disrespectfully, carry on with their goings off.  Just like daddy said, we´ll just have to grin and bear it.

Cheshire Cat must have had to endure quite a lot of disrespectful human behaviour because he was grinning all the time.

author-Avatar       We humans do not mean to cause any harm and I´m sure that the majority would curb their partying if they knew the pressures and fears most  animals had to suffer because of human frivolity.

MM-Avatar       Well I´m all up for pawtying and laughs but does it have to be so seemingly decadent?

author-Avatar       We´re not aware of our actions – we just want to have a good time.

SW-Avatar       What is this “New Year” thingamajig anyway?

author-Avatar       All cultures and religions have differing dates for the start of their new year. The “modern world” aknowledges the start of the New Year on the 1st January.  Basically, New Years eve is a time for family and friends to celebrate the start of the coming New Year and with which  to reflect on the passing of the old year.  It is a very old tradition and celebrated all over the world.

MM-Avatar        I don´t like eating dates – they make me go to the loo.

So humans all over the world celebrate their New Year on this one night at the end of december?

author-Avatar       No Mr Midnight.  We celebrate on the 31st December because our New Year commences on the 1st January.

Jews celebrate their New Year  (Rosh Hashannah)  between mid September and early October.

Islamic parts of the world have based their calendar on the Lunar Calendar (354 days)  beginning in the year 622 AD in the honour of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

In India, each State and branch of Hinduism has its own date (usually between March or mid April)

The Chinese New Year  (Lunisolar) is between the 21st January and the 19th February.

Over the years, there have been a few changes to the calendar system in Europe. Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian Calendar in 1582    with England changing it´s calendar from the Julian to the Gregorian  in 1752. Up until the 20th Century, the Eastern Orthodox Church still used the Julian Calendar.  In fact, there are  many types of  calendars used all over the world today.

SW-Avatar       You humans certainly love your calendars and mathematics.

For us cats and other animals, time doesn´t matter. We live in the moment. We do not need a calendar.

MM-Avatar       And it looks like  you humans don´t really know the true beginning of your calendars anyway.  From what you´ve said above, nobody seems to have a clue as to when a New Year commences.  You all use your seperate beliefs.  Still, if it makes you happy.   🙂

SW-Avatar       If you must use a calendar, wouldn´t it be logical to start a New Year on your  22nd of December?

author-Avatar       And why should we?

MM-Avatar       Because it would make a little more sense. You have calculated that European inhabitants  live in the Northern hemisphere and your winter solstice occurs on the  21st of December.  The winter solstice (beginning of winter)  has the longest night and therefore, everyday that proceeds makes the night a little shorter.

It would therefore be logical to start a New Year when the days start to get longer.

author-Avatar       In ancient times, the winter solstice had deep, cultural significance and was one of the biggest festive events of the year.

Nowadays, the solstice  seems to pass us by.

MM-Avatar       That´s probably because you Christian humans have got that Jesus guys birthday on your minds.

SW-Avatar       I suppose it doesn´t really matter in what year we all live. The main thing is that people are nice to one another and that they attempt to live their lives in the moment.

MM-Avatar       That´s right Sir Winston.  So next time you all wish to play about with your fireworks and make a terrific din, we´ll try to ignore your strange pawtying antics and chill out as best we can.  We cats are usually, quite cool anyway.   🙂

MM-Avatar  SW-Avatar  author-Avatar      Have a great  New Year, whenever that may be !!

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8 thoughts on “The New Year

  1. Very nice post! I hate fireworks… They’re LOUD!! I think humans should just furget the fireworks, and party with catnip… It would be quieter, and everybody would be happy!!

    (just sayin)….

    PS.. Happy new year!

    • Sir Winston and Mr Midnight doubt that “everybody would be happy” if humans didn´t use fireworks.
      They can see how much fun humans have at admiring pretty patterns in the sky and because humans have now become used to living in a loud world, humans can´t seem to live without hearing firework bangs.
      Mr Midnight has come to the conclusion that humans will obviously, never grow up. They love living in their comfy zone and “playing in the kindergarten”.
      You don´t have to agree with him – he´s in a bit of a mood because of not having got much sleep just lately. 🙂
      We wish you also, all the very best for the 2014.!!!

  2. I could imagine the lads diving “under daddy´s bed and as scared as hell”! Many years ago my first little feline pets had the same reaction. I think we humans should really be thinking about the effects of our habits and fun time to other inhabitants of our planet. Some firecrackers are too loud even for the human ear.

    Anyway, I wish you all a great and wonderful new year! My new year started quite busily, but I look forward to visiting you every now and then. 🙂

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