Kick the habit!

DSCN0673      Why don´t you just ignore it Sir Winston?  You´re always up to your old tricks.  Staring at it for ages is not going to change anything now is it.  Use your noodle and a bit of logical common sense.

By the way, noodles are quite difficult for us cats to eat.  I can´t see the fun in slurping down long spaghetti noodles. They tend to get wrapped around my whiskers and then daddy complains about the awful mess. Still, I´ve got to give him something to moan about haven´t I!     🙂

SW-Avatar      One can also use the word  “noggin” or  “noddle”  as oppose to  using the word “noodle” when referring to the head or brain Mr Midnight.  You´re also trapped within your habits – you´ve always got food on your mind.

MM-Avatar      I´d sooner have food in my stomach than on my mind.   🙂

I can´t help thinking about food.  You´re right – it must be  a habit.

SW-Avatar      Be quiet Mr Midnight, the twig´s  changed position again.   It could spell danger.

MM-Avatar      Well to calm your nerves, lets go and investigate. The way some cats go on!  You´re  getting to be just like a human.

SW-Avatar      But I´m afraid.  I think we should just wait a while and then go and  see if anything has happened.

MM-Avatar      Come on, lets strike while the irons hot, as English people often say. I´m not hanging around out here in this windy weather.  It keeps ruffling my fur and I´ve only just finished styling my cool furstyle.


The wind  had started to pick up and the  rustle of garden  leaves  gave the garden a magical, mystical,  slightly scary  atmosphere.  The late Autumn evening was illuminated by a full moon and fast-moving clouds made shadows dance across the lawn.  An owl hooted  far afield in what seemed to intensify the atmosphere.


MM-Avatar      Mr Midnight thought:-

Blooming heck.  That flying thing´s making a hell of a racket.  It´ll frighten poor Sir Winston.  He´s under enough pressure as it is without him getting burnout from a noisy flying thing.

Actually, some of the time I feel like I´m a flying thing  –  I believe a pigeon is what humans call it.  Some days  I feel like a pigeon,  and on others,  like a statue, as the human saying goes.   Oh well, that´s  life.

With Sir Winston  it seems to be  the other way around.  He often believes  that he´s a statue and seldom a pigeon.  Apart from daddy,  he allows virtually anything and everybody  to  get him down. He lets people, and strange objects!, walk all over him.  It´s about time he concentrated on throwing away his negative past habits and fears  and started to  buck his ideas up a bit.

SW-Avatar    I´m ready when you are Mr Midnight.  Just go steady and take your time.


Without much thought,  Mr Midnight crept straight up to the pile of twigs and started prodding them with his paws.


SW-Avatar      Is it safe?

MM-Avatar      Of course it is.  It was only the wind blowing the hard, prickly things. There´s nothing to worry about.

SW-Avatar      I knew all the time, I was only testing you.

MM-Avatar      Yeah, right Sir Winston.  Only testing me.  Always excuses.

You´re slowly turning into a human.  Humans  have their  habits and most of them are terrified of  casting their past, negative habits aside.  If they only new what lay in store for them if they ceased being led by their negative thoughts and  habits.

SW-Avatar      Well I´m trying my very  best.  At least I´m aware that I have a problem.  My fears often arise in such scary  situations.  I think that my fears are from my past and that over the years, they have become much  larger.

MM-Avatar      That´s precisely the problem Sir Winston.  Your fears are from the past and  not necessarily, part of  reality.  Your fears are a “recording” of your experiences from a similar occassion in the past.  Your fears create a world that is not real,  but don´t worry Sir Winston, at least you acknowledge the fact in which case, I may be able to help you.

The pattern of your behaviour is just a habit which needs to be kicked.

SW-Avatar      Thanks a lot Mr Midnight.  It´s nice to have a friend who stays by your side in whatever circumstance.  I really want to kick the habit of diving under the hedge everytime the sticks move on what seems, their own accord.  It is very stressful.

MM-Avatar      I´ll help you step out of your established disposition of the mind.  You can rely on me.  I´ve learnt a lot from watching the humans.  Most of them seem to be totally out of their minds – blindly following their established habits and negative trains of thought.

If a habit is pawsitive – keep it. If not – get rid of it before it gets rid of you.  Negative habits disguise the true self because whether you believe it or not – all living beings,  when left to their own devices, are free of negativity.  I know, it´s hard to believe, especially when observing humans, but bad habits eventually eat away the soul and create a living hell for the “being” involved.

SW-Avatar      Wow!  Heavy stuff Mr Midnight.  I can certainly learn a thing or two from you.   🙂

MM-Avatar      Well if you didn´t dive under the hedge everytime you saw a human, you´d know as well.  Observation is one of my main pastimes.  There is always something to learn.

First, we´ll have to find a way with which to boost your self-confidence and then we´ll go on from there.  I´ll help you “kick the bucket”!  🙂

SW-Avatar       Sorry. . . . . .   “kick the bucket”!  Didn´t you mean “kick the habit”   You´re a right boost to my self-confidence Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar      I wanted to slip a little pun in so that you don´t take  all  this too seriously.  Life is not serious you know.  Humans tend to  take themselves far too seriously when in actual fact, their lives would become  much easier if they avoided taking themselves too seriously.

SW-Avatar      OK,  I´m game if your game.  Let´s go for it!   Lets kick the habit.  🙂

(C) mags 2013

8 thoughts on “Kick the habit!

    • I wonder where they get it all from? Sir Winston adds that everybody is wise if only humans could live more in the moment, switch-off their “thinking caps” and emotionally, open-up themselves. (Allowing their hearts to dictate their lives instead of relying on thought alone).
      Mr Midnight adds that it´s all a matter of opinion. Although his experience is the same as Sir Winstons, humans must find out for temselves what is REALLY important in life.

  1. “Bad habits eventually eat away the soul and create a living hell for the “being” involved.” Right on, Mr Midnight!

    The problem is when the negative past is too deep-seated in the memory, no longer alive but too haunting when triggered by something closely related. What would you suggest to people who have endured too much negativity in their life, growing up in homes and surroundings that bred negativity, so they can avoid the impulse to resurrect the past and live in the moment?

    I am very interested to know your thoughts on this, Mr Midnight. 🙂

    • Mr Midnight says; ” ……just imagine – before our “spirit” arrives on Planet Earth, our spirit has already “decided” what “experience” it wishes to experience this time around. Just like a cats curiosity, the spirit wishes to discover all the facets of a human beings nature and with which to gain further insight, it “chooses” to experience different “experiences” time and time again.
      I know it sounds barmy but it could be a possibility.
      It´s difficult to explain in the small parameters of a blog but although for many not quite understandable, we DO CREATE our own surrouondings. This is very hard to believe when living in an environment which breeds negativity but “the lads” and myself do believe that our soul wished to experience this “happening” and therefore, although sounding ridiculous, our negative surroundings are in fact, a positive experience. (Our soul is able to learn). It´s easy to slip into the past because the “moment” often forces on-the-spot decisions, but it is these “decisions” that pave our future lives.
      Sir Winston suggests that because “programming oneself into a positive mode, whatever the circumstances dictate, is rather difficult – finding people who “feel” the same as oneself would be a good start on the journey of positiveness.
      Although I am not a real active member of the group, I could suggest looking at, (very recommendable), or reading literature such as “The Secret” or “Conversations with God” .
      I hope we´ve helped a little bit and thank you for your kind response. We always look forward too them. 🙂

      • Thanks for this insightful thought, and also the interesting info. I’ve read the Secret and found it enlightening. I am wondering how do we share these positive things to those who really need to kick the bad habit but are too adamant about their beliefs being “right,” and without being like sort of proselytizing but just to encourage them.

      • We believe that like an addiction; the suffering “patient” must acknowledge that the path they choose to take is obviously, not doing them any good and that they have to change their course if they wish to embrace a more satisfying life. It is really not our responsibility to try and “force” ones own positive ideas and world outlook upon others with the intention of “trying to help” that person because it is the path they choose to take. Everybody must make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own actions and it would not be beneficial to attempt to make others “take on our beliefs” (There is too much of that going on anyway) :).
        I suppose that one can only offer support and understanding and try to be a positive role-model for the person who is suffering.
        Although our thoughts may appear cold in emotion, in actual fact, we believe our thoughts to be respectful of others because we ALL have differing needs and wish to experience different things – even though those experiences may not appear beneficial at the time or are something that WE ourselves, would sooner avoid watching because a person struggling and experiencing something negative frightens us, makes us feel guilty or plays on our emotional conscience.
        If we ourselves go through life positively, our “strength” and positive outlook will automatically help those around us.
        Of course, the above all a matter of opinion.
        Mr Midnight says that he bets that you are now, truly baffled by our thoughts. If so, sorry about that. It is difficult to write such things within the small parameters of wordpress.
        The three of us wish you all the very best for 2014. 🙂

  2. I’m happy to hear about those words. I really appreciate the profound thoughts behind them, they created some “light” around mine. Not at all baffled, but I would say awed. 🙂

    • Oh dear, we hope that you´re still feeling alright.
      Mr Midnight says that if one doesn´t take our stuff too seriously then humans will be able to deal with what we say a little better.
      I´m glad we made you happy and it´s always great to generate some positive light – we just hope you can deal with what we say. Of course, you´re very welcome to contradict our thoughts. 🙂
      Have a great day and thank you for your valued response. 🙂

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