Before it´s time to go.

The village clock had just struck four and Sir Winston was already awake.  A dim, early morning light shone through the skylight of the cellar and  Sir Winston  could just make out the dark figure of Mr Midnight curled up in his basket next to him.  It had stopped raining and the air smelt clean and fresh, somehow charged with new life – and that was one of the reasons for Sir Winstons sleeping dilemma – the smell of what he thought, “New Life”.

He loved this time of year;  when  the autumn leaves were falling from the trees – aah, all the fun they´d had  recently when playing in those things. The light  had also changed.  Somehow,   a magical,  intensive cool, clearness swept the air and hues of gold and red contrasted against deep blue skies – apart from when being covered in a blanket of dreary grey.    🙂   They both hated fog because it played havoc with their fur.

Sir Winston had heard that dreary Victorian slate grey skies were quite typical from the place where daddy was born and raised.

Most of Sir Winstons other  playmates had now disappeared.  Where were the buzzing things?  He loved to watch the erratic flight paths of the buzzing things.  Even Mr Squirrel was now unavailable, what with him busy sorting and storing his Winter rations.  A pity he couldn´t find his stored edibles half the time, Sir Winston thought.

Yes, it was a special time of year – a time for recollection and a time for his kingdom to find rest and fall into a deep, winters sleep.

Winter was breathing at  the door.


SW-Avatar       Mr Midnight.  Are you awake?

MM-Avatar       Huhhh?  What you say?

SW-Avatar       I asked if you were awake yet.

MM-Avatar       Not yet. Still sleeping.  🙂

What´s up?    Is it breakfast time already?

SW-Avatar       I´ve been thinking and I want to tell you something Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar       Well I´m all ears (and fur).

Anyway, you stirred me out of a horrific dream.

There was this large bowl with a big dollop of cream floating in some cat-milk. The bowl kept hovering infront of me and everytime I stuck my tongue out to lick it, the bowl got larger – but I couldn´t taste anything.  Terrible nightmare. Very frustrating.

SW-Avatar       I didn´t wish to disturb you but I´ve been doing some serious thinking.

MM-Avatar       Well lets hear it then. It better be good – you know I only sleep about 16 hours a day (so daddy says).  🙂

SW-Avatar       I just want to thank you Mr Midnight, for being my friend and to tell you that I LOVE YOU.

MM-Avatar       That´s a bit out of the blue isn´t it? I know you love me, I love you too, so why the sudden urge to tell me?

SW-Avatar       It´s important that you hear it from my lips.

We´ve had so much fun together, indeed we´re quite a team, and I just wanted you to know that in spite of our differences in the past, I`m truly proud  that I have such a sincere friend by my side.  One day, I may not be able to tell you  myself and I know  I would regret that.

MM-Avatar       The feelings mutual Sir Winston.  I LOVE YOU too. Whatever happens to us – we will always know that we were once, a great team.

Thank you for telling me Sir Winston – it means a lot to me.

When it´s time for us  to go,  we will now be able to go in peace.

SW-Avatar       Oh yes.  I wanted to make my  peace before my sweet release.

MM-Avatar       You´re right. It´s so important to tell those around us how much we love them because if left unattended,  when it´s time to go, there´s no time left to say those precious words.

SW-Avatar       That´s really quite terrible.  No time to say sorry. No time to mend the hearts we may have broken.  No time for one last kiss.

MM-Avatar       Will we be alone or with a friend? – we´ll never know because we´ll never hear lifes music end.

SW-Avatar       The future is not ours so we should live for the minute because  the moment is where life happens.

MM-Avatar       I hope that my life has been bright colours and stars and that although there may have been some sadness, on the whole, my life was full of  many magical hours.

SW-Avatar       When my time is over I want to believe that I´ve given something special to the world and will be remembered as the cat who gave much pleasure.

MM-Avatar       SW-Avatar       So, before the angels come to collect us and we  take our inevitable journey, lets  live our lives in the moment and make peace with our world.

The journey that continues after this life will then, be  that much easier.


MM-Avatar       Now,  where´s my food bowl?  All this soul-journey stuff has given me an appetite.  🙂



(C) mags 2013

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