Fake or genuine?

SW-Avatar      My goodness daddy, just look at these two!
I believe the numbers on the little tab suggest that they are very valuable.

What hap!    A great stroke of luck!
author-Avatar      Let me look at what you´ve found Sir Winston.
Ah yes. The stamp from Neapel from 1860.


Mr Midnight was downstairs  taking a nap and was suddenly aroused by the commotion coming from  the upstairs study.  Allowing his inquisitiveness to take hold, he raised himself, stretched and bolted upstairs  to investigate what was happening.
MM-Avatar      What´s all this racket?  I was  trying to get 40 winks and heard someone mention getting  stroked.

SW-Avatar      I´ve found two valuable postage stamps among daddy´s  philatelic objects Mr Midnight, and I just said how it was a stroke of luck.
MM-Avatar      You once told me that this “Phil”  fellow was a bloke who enjoyed scrutinizing old pieces of paper with numbers and pictures upon them.  Sounds like a right bunch of laughs if you ask me.
author-Avatar      Sir Winston was very excited because he noticed that the catalogue price  tag was very high.
MM-Avatar      Does that mean that we can now afford to buy lots of food sticks and you can avoid purchasing those red and yellow tins of cat-food?
author-Avatar        I´m sorry Mr Midnight, no it doesn´t.
Sir Winston digged out the two Neapel stamps (catalogued number 8)  which are from 1860, and he seemed to have got overwhelmed by things.
MM-Avatar      Catalogued?  What do cats have to do with pieces of old paper? The word “catalogued” sounds  dangerous to my ears.
SW-Avatar       It´s just a funny english word Mr Midnight and means that a thing has been systematically listed.  Humans love doing things like that. The word has nothing to do with cats.
author-Avatar       It´s a shame, but if the stamps were real, they would each  have a catalogue value of 12000 Euros.  Unfortunately,  I find it hard to  believe that the stamps are real.
MM-Avatar       Why not? It would be nice to have some extra paper with numbers on them with which to purchase more provisions.
author-Avatar       I  believe that they are not genuine simply because I find them to be  too perfect. I would have to have them expertised if I wanted to know if they were genuine or not.
SW-Avatar       Expertised?  What does that mean.
author-Avatar       It means that somebody with expert, professional know-how,  would have to take a look at them and hopefully, issue me  a certificate proving that they were genuine. I would then be able to sell them at an auction if I so wished.

MM-Avatar       Purrhaps they are genuine fakes.  🙂
SW-Avatar      But why do some people go too such great lengths to produce  an item which is not real and has no proper value?   Isn´t that what english speaking humans  call deception or is the production of such things a hobby or something?
MM-Avatar      You´re both losing me again. Deception?

As for hobbies, cats don´t need such activities. Hobbies are reserved for humans who have spare time to kill.
I think  I´m going back downstairs.  If there´s nothing  to be gained out of this strange conversation then I think I´ll leave you both for the time being.  See you later guys.
SW-Avatar       Poor Mr Midnight. He´s always thinking about his stomach.
Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, deception.
This deception thing seems to be a strong characteristic of human behaviour. Most human beings will obviously, not lower themselves to such activities, but there seems to be quite a few who are willing to go through life with such a mentality.
author-Avatar       It´s possibly part and parcel of normal human development. There will always be some who are willing to decieve others and at the same time, not have a bad conscience about their actions.
SW-Avatar      But  are they  not aware of one of  the  most important  “rules of life”?
author-Avatar       You mean;   what we do to others,  comes back to us?  I hardly think so.   From my observations, many still do not understand that goodness attracts goodness, as does the reverse.
Most people of the Christian faith  know of such a rule  written in the Bible.           Mark, chapter 12, verse 31. It reads;  “Love thy neighbour as yourself

The problem seems to be that the words are not “felt” by the individual, but simpy read as words.  If one did understand this very  basic rule, I believe that  our planet would stand a chance of discovering  genuine empathy, thus making the path free for real peace on earth.
SW-Avatar       You humans do seem to have the knack of being unable to live in peace.
author-Avatar      I also believe that it is important to discover who we really are and what OUR truth may be.  Most present day modern humans  seem to either  simply  take for granted  what past generations thought or blindly believe in what modern society believes  to be “known” as the truth.   Modern societies beliefs are not necessarily the “real truth”  but are simply the thoughts of  what others believe, or believed,  to be the truth.  Ideas, thoughts and beliefs are often copied without much of the individuals own thoughts being put to use in the process.
SW-Avatar       So you´re implying that  humans have a great  tendency  to copy one another with many of them, not using their own heads to discover what their own truth may be?
author-Avatar       I suppose I am SIr WInston.

If we´re not aware of who we really are then how are we to know what is true, and what is false?

Humans tend to place too much emphasis upon experiences and the knowledge of past generations in which to “master” present day life.  Naturally, one does not have to throw past knowledge and rituals  “over-board”, but relying upon “past-performance” as a scale for “present-day activities”  puts pressure on our present social systems.  In my opinion, that is why the “civilised”, modern world is crumbling all around us.

In a certain way, one could pronounce that the modern human being has a tendency to often live life  as a  fake  (convieniently prefering to avoid reality and their own true,  real identity)  because of unconsciously,  living the life of  somebody who  perhaps,  they are not.

If what I say has any basis for truth,   one could declare that a person not living in accordance to their “genuine-self”  would be living a fake life  – at least as regards  themselves.   On the other hand, the actions and behaviour of modern society is possibly “normal procedure” for the human race in which case, we are all on the right path. It´s just a pity we have to destroy so much in the process.

Am I starting to lose you Sir Winston?  Some of what I say must sound like gibberish.  Thank goodness Mr Midnights not around.
SW-Avatar        I´m just about coping daddy. It´s no wonder many of you are suffering.

Faking, being untrue to oneself,  avoiding your  surroundings and at the same time,  placing little  value upon being genuine;  all this seems to be a mentality,  typical for modern humans.
But why take it out on poor postage stamps? They are such pretty things.
author-Avatar       Probably because some humans believe that they can get away with their actions and make fast money.
Here´s a stamp which has been expertised. Although very small, you can notice the examiners mark and  catalogue information (such as watermark and catalogue number) in the bottom left-hand corners.

Scannen      FRONT

Scannen0001      REVERSE
SW-Avatar      That´s great!  So these four stamps are really genuine.   🙂
author-Avatar       That´s right.  I also have two other stamps lying around somewhere which I will someday, send to the examiners. They are the 1853, 1 Cent and 4 Cents  British Guiana postage stamps.

They are quite rare and I have a “feeling” that the 1 Cent stamp could be genuine. I´ll have to wait and see.
SW-Avatar      Can I have a look at it daddy?
author-Avatar       Of course. Here they are.


SW-Avatar       If these two stamps  were real, would Mr Midnight´s food rations be increased?
author-Avatar       Possibly, although it does depend on if he´s a good boy and if I decide to sell them both. Let´s keep quiet about these two Sir Winston. We don´t want to stir false hopes for Mr Midnight do we.
SW-Avatar        Sure thing. My lips are sealed.    🙂

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