Be careful – your thoughts become your reality !

They  crouched  under the hedge  and watched daddy unload  the weekly groceries from his car.  Because of the large, wire-framed shopping baskets, most of his purchases  were visible to the  preying eyes of Mr Midnight and Sir Winston.

Mr Midnight  noticed that some of the labels on the “goodies”  were all too familiar.  The labels were glued to tins of cat food  of which he wasn´t too fond of.


MM-Avatar      There´s no use getting excited and wanting to greet him Sir Winston.  He´s been to  that place again; you know, the place  that sells that  cheap cat-food.

SW-Avatar       How´d you know?

MM-Avatar       Can you see those red and yellow labelled  tins in the corner on the right  side of the shopping basket?

They indicate that we´re in for a rough week  Sir Winston. Look, he´s  seen us.

I suppose we should  go and greet him, afterall, regardless of the circumstances,  it is  only good manners.

author-Avatar       Hi boys.  Lunch will be ready shortly. I´ll call you when I´m ready.

SW-Avatar MM-Avatar     OK daddy.  We´ll mope  around the garden for a while until you´re ready.    Take your time – we´re in no immediate hurry   😉

author-Avatar      That´s odd.  You´re usually  famished Mr Midnight.   Oh well, see you in a bit.

MM-Avatar       Poor daddy, he doesn´t get it does he.

SW-Avatar       You should show a little more gratitude Mr Midnight.  Daddy must be under the general  impression that you like the stuff in the red and yellow tins.

As for me – I´m not particularly fussy, but as you are aware, I´m not a gourmet like yourself Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar       I am very thankful for his deeds and my “lot in life”, afterall, there are many cats and other animals  on our planet  who aren´t  allowed to live such  cushy lifestyles as ourselves.

It´s just that I knew he´d bring  that stuff again.  I must have given him the impression that  I liked it.

SW-Avatar       Well you do tend to wolf your food down  don´t you.

There may be some other reason for his purchases. Perhaps he´s  simply got a cash-flow problem at the moment.

MM-Avatar        A cash-flow problem is when a human has a shortage of those papery things  with numbers printed upon them  – right?

Oh, they´re all totally obsessed with that stuff.

But daddy´s got loads of those things  upstairs in the study.  They´re littered all over the place – in fact, it´s very difficult moving in and out of that place without knocking some of the piles down.  I do love the boxes though.  🙂

SW-Avatar        They´re not piles of money Mr Midnight – they´re daddy´s piles of postage  stamps.  You can´t buy cat food with postage stamps.  At least I don´t think you can.

I believe you simply half-expected him to bring home that cheap cat food  and – hey presto, you received what you wanted.  It´s the old universe rule – what you desire, you shall receive.

MM-Avatar       What´s that about pesto?  Pesto´s a little rich for my delicate tummy.  You might be right though Sir Winston – I do think I´ve got a touch of that bug which is going around the animal kingdom. You know, the “Human Syndrome” thing.

SW-Avatar       I´ve heard about that. You´ve got to be very careful.

If you contract “Human Syndrome” you start behaving just as the human´s do – your thoughts switch to “negative mode” and you attract all sorts of chaos.

Just look at the human world. They´ve absolutely no idea have they.

They used to be aware of the universe law of positive attracting positive and negative attracting negative but the majority seem to  have now thrown this wisdom overboard.

I suppose it goes hand in hand (or paw in paw)  🙂  with their obsessions for frequently wanting to play the victim.

MM-Avatar      I just hope I haven´t clawght it.  I don´t want to be as ill as the humans.  “Human Syndrome” is very contageous.   Once contracted, it´s very difficult to get rid of.  Animals have a strong resistance towards it but even we are not totally immune.

SW-Avatar      If humans could only grasp that their thoughts are so volatile.

It´s a simple process really.

Thoughts are generated,  and by adding belief to those thoughts, one creates ones surroundings. There´s nothing else to it.  It´s very basic stuff.

Although obviously difficult for most humans too understand, the surroundings in which we may find ourselves at present are the result of our past thoughts,  and  our actions from those thoughts. If only human-beings understood that the  “individual” is the creator of  their own  world, with nobody else playing a part in the creation of an individuals life.

MM-Avatar       . . . . . and that is why humans are responsible for their present situations?

SW-Avatar       Well there is more to it than that Mr Midnight, such as the complications of  inherited illnesses, having to live under a diabolical regime or whatever,   but in a roundabout way, that is the essence of life.  One of the main lessons of life  is that of  trying to  focus on positive outcome with which to create positive outcome. “Human Syndrome” has the opposite effect – people focus on negativity and then they wonder why their lives go haywire and  become full of misery.

MM-Avatar       Can you give a few examples Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar       There are too many to mention, but I´ll list a few for you.  For example; humans  believe that  life is hard,  that money doesn´t grow on trees and that if you want to achieve something anything in  life, you have to work hard for it.

They believe that as the body gets older, they  become ill.  In fact, they seem to love wallowing in their illnesses.  Humans live in a constant state of  fear – fear of losing their job, fear of the immigrant from foreign shores, and  are seemingly  frightened of discovering their own truths and  true self.  The  human fear mania  then often  leads to humans projecting  negativity into their present lives.

Areas of trivial, human negativity,  could be  hoping that it doesn´t rain; hoping the train will arrive punctually;  hoping one finds a parking space or hoping that  one will not have to sit in a traffic jam on the way to work.

I sometimes even believe that humans turn on their negative beliefs with which to make sure that they do not become too happy.  If humans  lived satisfying lifestyles,  free of negative belief,  and simply believed that there was always a purpose to negative occurences and that  things would eventually,  always turn out for the better, then they simply wouldn´t believe it was happening!

MM-Avatar      It´s quite a sad illness isn´t it.  I´ve noticed that this negative mentality is often  used  with which to manipulate things;  such as in human  politics and through rules and regulations.  If a human-being happens to be  also “out-of-touch” with their true-self – what a combination!  Things are bound to get out-of-hand and “out-of paw”.   🙂

SW-Avatar       Daddy is also no expert but the other day, he told me a nice, little  story.

He was on the last stretch of his long 15 km jog and was  jogging alongside the local  branchline of a  railway.  He was getting quite tired, and it is in times such as these that he has often commented that he is often  aware of a  different “frame of mind”.

He jogged up a steep gradient, which used to be part of the “old line”,  and upon reaching its summit, he imagined  how nice it would be if an old steam train, billowing thick  smoke, would rattle on by – just like  in times past.

Can you imagine what happened?

Ten minutes later, he was still  jogging  alongside the railway  on the final  straight before finishing –  but what did he then hear?  What did he see?

That´s right.  A steam train (whatever that is)  🙂  accompanied by four carriages came trundling by with steam billowing on all sides.  What a sight!  How remarkable.

In all the years he´s lived in our village, he´s never seen a steam train come plouging through our village.

Coincidence?  I hardly think so.  For a split second, he was totally switched into the universe.  All things are possible.  In his minds eye, he had already pictured the scene.

MM-Avatar       Purrhaps one should really,  just expect the best in life to happen.  If you believe in it – it will happen!

But don´t take our word  for it – experience it yourself.  Start off with small things (obviously pawsitive things!)  and allow them to grow. You´ll be surprised what can happen.  🙂

Be careful of your creations an  think before you blink.  🙂

(C) mags 2013

7 thoughts on “Be careful – your thoughts become your reality !

  1. What a pawsitively delightful commentary!

    I think purrhaps Sir Winston and his roomie should read my post “Kitten lessons; How to pout effectively!”

    Hopefully it will help them get better kat food!

    Paws up, dudes.


  2. Mr. Winston and Sir Churchill have so much wisdom. If only humans be humans and not kill any animals would be nice. Tell you Daddy not to feed you anything that is made from China. I don’t want you guys to use up your nine lives.

    • Daddy says, “It´s very difficult to not find anything made in China these days”. I will obviously try though. Thank you for your kind words and don´t worry; I´ll look after them both 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on I am who I am now and commented:
    I have to read it again and again as I have to be really careful about the things I want in my life and how I think and feel about it – there is a lot of internal dusting and throwing away going on right now!

    Thank you lads for sharing your wisdom!!! Much appreciated!

    • Thank you for “reblogging us” 🙂 We really like that. It shows appreciation and that we managed to captivate you for a short while. 🙂
      Sir Winstons adds – “however, we do hope daddy doesn´t forget what we´ve discussed and written”. He´s so forgetful sometimes. 😉

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