Before it´s time to go.

The village clock had just struck four and Sir Winston was already awake.  A dim, early morning light shone through the skylight of the cellar and  Sir Winston  could just make out the dark figure of Mr Midnight curled up in his basket next to him.  It had stopped raining and the air smelt clean and fresh, somehow charged with new life – and that was one of the reasons for Sir Winstons sleeping dilemma – the smell of what he thought, “New Life”.

He loved this time of year;  when  the autumn leaves were falling from the trees – aah, all the fun they´d had  recently when playing in those things. The light  had also changed.  Somehow,   a magical,  intensive cool, clearness swept the air and hues of gold and red contrasted against deep blue skies – apart from when being covered in a blanket of dreary grey.    🙂   They both hated fog because it played havoc with their fur.

Sir Winston had heard that dreary Victorian slate grey skies were quite typical from the place where daddy was born and raised.

Most of Sir Winstons other  playmates had now disappeared.  Where were the buzzing things?  He loved to watch the erratic flight paths of the buzzing things.  Even Mr Squirrel was now unavailable, what with him busy sorting and storing his Winter rations.  A pity he couldn´t find his stored edibles half the time, Sir Winston thought.

Yes, it was a special time of year – a time for recollection and a time for his kingdom to find rest and fall into a deep, winters sleep.

Winter was breathing at  the door.


SW-Avatar       Mr Midnight.  Are you awake?

MM-Avatar       Huhhh?  What you say?

SW-Avatar       I asked if you were awake yet.

MM-Avatar       Not yet. Still sleeping.  🙂

What´s up?    Is it breakfast time already?

SW-Avatar       I´ve been thinking and I want to tell you something Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar       Well I´m all ears (and fur).

Anyway, you stirred me out of a horrific dream.

There was this large bowl with a big dollop of cream floating in some cat-milk. The bowl kept hovering infront of me and everytime I stuck my tongue out to lick it, the bowl got larger – but I couldn´t taste anything.  Terrible nightmare. Very frustrating.

SW-Avatar       I didn´t wish to disturb you but I´ve been doing some serious thinking.

MM-Avatar       Well lets hear it then. It better be good – you know I only sleep about 16 hours a day (so daddy says).  🙂

SW-Avatar       I just want to thank you Mr Midnight, for being my friend and to tell you that I LOVE YOU.

MM-Avatar       That´s a bit out of the blue isn´t it? I know you love me, I love you too, so why the sudden urge to tell me?

SW-Avatar       It´s important that you hear it from my lips.

We´ve had so much fun together, indeed we´re quite a team, and I just wanted you to know that in spite of our differences in the past, I`m truly proud  that I have such a sincere friend by my side.  One day, I may not be able to tell you  myself and I know  I would regret that.

MM-Avatar       The feelings mutual Sir Winston.  I LOVE YOU too. Whatever happens to us – we will always know that we were once, a great team.

Thank you for telling me Sir Winston – it means a lot to me.

When it´s time for us  to go,  we will now be able to go in peace.

SW-Avatar       Oh yes.  I wanted to make my  peace before my sweet release.

MM-Avatar       You´re right. It´s so important to tell those around us how much we love them because if left unattended,  when it´s time to go, there´s no time left to say those precious words.

SW-Avatar       That´s really quite terrible.  No time to say sorry. No time to mend the hearts we may have broken.  No time for one last kiss.

MM-Avatar       Will we be alone or with a friend? – we´ll never know because we´ll never hear lifes music end.

SW-Avatar       The future is not ours so we should live for the minute because  the moment is where life happens.

MM-Avatar       I hope that my life has been bright colours and stars and that although there may have been some sadness, on the whole, my life was full of  many magical hours.

SW-Avatar       When my time is over I want to believe that I´ve given something special to the world and will be remembered as the cat who gave much pleasure.

MM-Avatar       SW-Avatar       So, before the angels come to collect us and we  take our inevitable journey, lets  live our lives in the moment and make peace with our world.

The journey that continues after this life will then, be  that much easier.


MM-Avatar       Now,  where´s my food bowl?  All this soul-journey stuff has given me an appetite.  🙂



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DSCN0964  (A picture of Mr Midnight waiting for Sir Winston to sort himself out)


When nobody´s looking, Sir Winston often sneeks behind the comfy chair  which stands infront of the  large window in the living-room and playfully,  uses  his paws  to “flick-out” some of the small ball-like objects  (which are actually  earth substitute called “Seramis”)  out of  the plant-pots.   I don´t mind because at the same time, he´s inadvertently  helping to  do  the dusting underneath the sofa.   🙂

He loves flicking the balls back and forth and because his “play-area” is obviously not large enough, he often loses most of them underneath the furniture.

He was having one of those moments again.


SW-Avatar      Hey,  Mr Midnight, try and stop this if you can!


Sir Winston flicked his left paw and the “Seramis” ball sped towards Mr Midnight.


MM-Avatar      Not a bad shot Sir Winston.  You´re nearly as good as the English football team.  You should aim to be more like the German football team though – the Germans usually win at football.   🙂   Next time, try and line it up better.  I wouldn´t have to stretch myself so much if you managed to occasionally, shoot on target.  I nearly did myself an injury just then.

SW-Avatar      It´s only a bit of fun Mr Midnight.  You don´t have to do acrobatics all the time.  Just let the thing roll where it wants to and flick it back to me.  By the way, you know that I don´t like football – I´m more of a rugby cat than a football cat.

MM-Avatar      I´ve already noticed Sir Winston.  That´s why your “shots”  usually curve in the wrong direction!

Playing with daddy´s plant earth is a real barrel  of laughs Sir Winston.  Honestly, little things amuse little minds.  🙂

SW-Avatar      Well I enjoy it.  It´s a pity I can´t find half of them again afterwards though.  I think daddy removes them with that noisy, sucking machine.  You know, the thing which supposedly, cleans our house.

MM-Avatar     I´m not too keen on that machine thingy either Sir Winston.  Most of the time it makes my fur stand up on end. It gives me the creeps.

SW-Avatar     Come on. let´s have one last try.  See if you can get a paw on  this!

MM-Avatar     I will if you shoot properly!


Sir Winston lined the Seramis ball up as best he could and with a swift, flick of the right paw, he shot the ball with all of his expertise.

The ball didn´t go any where near Mr Midnight.  Instead, it veered sharply to the left and rolled under the heavy, lime green sofa.


MM-Avatar     What are you playing at?  I´m getting hungry. I haven´t got all day you know – there´s other things to do; such as eating, having a wash and getting some shut-eye.

SW-Avatar      I missed.  I tried to put some back-spin on it and the thing just shot off at a completely different trajectory than I was hoping for.

MM-Avatar     I can see that.  Now go and get it and lets have enough of this nonsense.  Who´s ever heard of a cat playing about with “Seramis”?  If this ever gets out, it could ruin my reputation.


Time passed.

Mr Midnight eventually joined Sir Winston who was helplessly, still trying to get the ball out from under the sofa.


SW-Avatar      I think it´s a gonna.

MM-Avatar     It´s an infurrriating little game Sir Winston.  If we lose anymore balls, daddy´s going to crown us – and I don´t mean he´s going to worship us like the ancient Egyptians used to.

SW-Avatar     I can´t get my paw behind it. It´s rolled too far.

MM-Avatar     Well you “put” it there, so you can get it out.


Sir Winston spent ages trying to get  his ball out from under the sofa.  After having used all avenues of possibility open to him (viewing from every angle; using one paw, then both paws; using part of a leaf as leverage) he finally gave up.


SW-Avatar     It´s no good, I´ve had it.  It won´t budge a wink.  In fact, I can´t even get to the bloomin thing,  never mind budge it.

MM-Avatar      I wish you´d hurry up. It´s getting towards lunch time.  This morning, daddy  bought some of that gourmet food from the delicatessen.  I like the word “delicatessen” because the word  “cat” sits in the middle of it and “essen” means “to eat”,  in the language which they speak around here in the Black Forest.  Great stuff.   🙂

SW-Avatar       As long as the people round here don´t start  eating us cats!   Never mind your stomach Mr Midnight, you can look after  your tummy later.  What am I suppossed to do about the “ball”?  I feel like giving up.  It´s too hard.

MM-Avatar     If things were always easy, life wouldn´t be much fun now would it Sir Winston.  Don´t give up.  There must be a solution.

I think you need more  purrrsevereance. You know, that stuff which keeps you going in adverse circumstances and hopefully, in a cheery counternance if possible.

SW-Avatar     I´ve heard about that stuff. It´s not really one of my strong points.

MM-Avatar     Come on Sir Winston.  Where´s all your ambition, your determination and strength of resolve?

Now let me tell you something for a change.

The secret to purrrsevering is to understand the “learning curve”, which is a graph which rises, then drops a little and rises again in a continuous succession of “rising and dipping”.   All will be going well; then suddenly ones seems to regress and lose some of the advantage one had previously made.  This is the point where most animals (and virtually all humans) will give up.  If they only carried on with their efforts they would find out that each dip is followed by a higher rise, thus creating the overall pattern of “upwards and onwards”

SW-Avatar      Ah ha;  you mean Per ardua ad astra, as is written in Latin.

MM-Avatar      I´m not so sure about that Sir Winston, what with Latin not being one of my strong points.

The purrr bit of purrr ardua ad astra sounds quite comforting though.


Sir Winston was now  positively motivated by Mr Midnights wise words.


SW-Avatar      Thanks for the advice Mr Midnight.  I´ll have another go.


Again, Sir Winston spent ages trying to fathom out how to get the ball out from under the sofa.  He stretched as far as he could; he used all four paws as best he could – and he was still unable to get to it.


SW-Avatar      I´m not getting anywhere. What a stupid ball. Why do they make them so that they roll so easily.  It´s all a waste of time.


Sir Winston was now starting to show signs of frustration and in an annoyed manner,   he pulled himself out from underneath the sofa  and swung himself quickly round so as to face Mr Midnight who sat opposite.  With wide eyes of bewildement, they  both watched the ball roll out from underneath the sofa, as if by magic.


MM-Avatar     Thank goodness for that.  I don´t know how you worked it out but as you can see – determination and purrrseverance work wonders.  I knew I could count on you and  you´d get there in the end.

In such situations  I often think of the line which daddy told me he had “drilled into him” when at  school.

“If at first you don´t succeed, try, try again”.  A great motto and one that cats can also use. 🙂


Sir Winston was rather astonished because he knew he hadn´t done anything. He hadn´t worked it out.  He wasn´t going to tell Mr Midnight though. He thought “let him believe I mastered it.  He´s starting to get too big for his shoes – although he doesn´t wear any  shoes”.

Because Sir Winston had swiftly turned to face Mr Midnight, his tail had managed to sweep the ball in full swing, clearly hitting the ball outwards from underneath the sofa.

He knew that he had had a lot of luck but he had also learnt to not  give up so easily in the future.


MM-Avatar     Well done Sir Winston. You really are a superstar. Now lets get some grub inside us.  I´m famished.

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Fake or genuine?

SW-Avatar      My goodness daddy, just look at these two!
I believe the numbers on the little tab suggest that they are very valuable.

What hap!    A great stroke of luck!
author-Avatar      Let me look at what you´ve found Sir Winston.
Ah yes. The stamp from Neapel from 1860.


Mr Midnight was downstairs  taking a nap and was suddenly aroused by the commotion coming from  the upstairs study.  Allowing his inquisitiveness to take hold, he raised himself, stretched and bolted upstairs  to investigate what was happening.
MM-Avatar      What´s all this racket?  I was  trying to get 40 winks and heard someone mention getting  stroked.

SW-Avatar      I´ve found two valuable postage stamps among daddy´s  philatelic objects Mr Midnight, and I just said how it was a stroke of luck.
MM-Avatar      You once told me that this “Phil”  fellow was a bloke who enjoyed scrutinizing old pieces of paper with numbers and pictures upon them.  Sounds like a right bunch of laughs if you ask me.
author-Avatar      Sir Winston was very excited because he noticed that the catalogue price  tag was very high.
MM-Avatar      Does that mean that we can now afford to buy lots of food sticks and you can avoid purchasing those red and yellow tins of cat-food?
author-Avatar        I´m sorry Mr Midnight, no it doesn´t.
Sir Winston digged out the two Neapel stamps (catalogued number 8)  which are from 1860, and he seemed to have got overwhelmed by things.
MM-Avatar      Catalogued?  What do cats have to do with pieces of old paper? The word “catalogued” sounds  dangerous to my ears.
SW-Avatar       It´s just a funny english word Mr Midnight and means that a thing has been systematically listed.  Humans love doing things like that. The word has nothing to do with cats.
author-Avatar       It´s a shame, but if the stamps were real, they would each  have a catalogue value of 12000 Euros.  Unfortunately,  I find it hard to  believe that the stamps are real.
MM-Avatar       Why not? It would be nice to have some extra paper with numbers on them with which to purchase more provisions.
author-Avatar       I  believe that they are not genuine simply because I find them to be  too perfect. I would have to have them expertised if I wanted to know if they were genuine or not.
SW-Avatar       Expertised?  What does that mean.
author-Avatar       It means that somebody with expert, professional know-how,  would have to take a look at them and hopefully, issue me  a certificate proving that they were genuine. I would then be able to sell them at an auction if I so wished.

MM-Avatar       Purrhaps they are genuine fakes.  🙂
SW-Avatar      But why do some people go too such great lengths to produce  an item which is not real and has no proper value?   Isn´t that what english speaking humans  call deception or is the production of such things a hobby or something?
MM-Avatar      You´re both losing me again. Deception?

As for hobbies, cats don´t need such activities. Hobbies are reserved for humans who have spare time to kill.
I think  I´m going back downstairs.  If there´s nothing  to be gained out of this strange conversation then I think I´ll leave you both for the time being.  See you later guys.
SW-Avatar       Poor Mr Midnight. He´s always thinking about his stomach.
Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, deception.
This deception thing seems to be a strong characteristic of human behaviour. Most human beings will obviously, not lower themselves to such activities, but there seems to be quite a few who are willing to go through life with such a mentality.
author-Avatar       It´s possibly part and parcel of normal human development. There will always be some who are willing to decieve others and at the same time, not have a bad conscience about their actions.
SW-Avatar      But  are they  not aware of one of  the  most important  “rules of life”?
author-Avatar       You mean;   what we do to others,  comes back to us?  I hardly think so.   From my observations, many still do not understand that goodness attracts goodness, as does the reverse.
Most people of the Christian faith  know of such a rule  written in the Bible.           Mark, chapter 12, verse 31. It reads;  “Love thy neighbour as yourself

The problem seems to be that the words are not “felt” by the individual, but simpy read as words.  If one did understand this very  basic rule, I believe that  our planet would stand a chance of discovering  genuine empathy, thus making the path free for real peace on earth.
SW-Avatar       You humans do seem to have the knack of being unable to live in peace.
author-Avatar      I also believe that it is important to discover who we really are and what OUR truth may be.  Most present day modern humans  seem to either  simply  take for granted  what past generations thought or blindly believe in what modern society believes  to be “known” as the truth.   Modern societies beliefs are not necessarily the “real truth”  but are simply the thoughts of  what others believe, or believed,  to be the truth.  Ideas, thoughts and beliefs are often copied without much of the individuals own thoughts being put to use in the process.
SW-Avatar       So you´re implying that  humans have a great  tendency  to copy one another with many of them, not using their own heads to discover what their own truth may be?
author-Avatar       I suppose I am SIr WInston.

If we´re not aware of who we really are then how are we to know what is true, and what is false?

Humans tend to place too much emphasis upon experiences and the knowledge of past generations in which to “master” present day life.  Naturally, one does not have to throw past knowledge and rituals  “over-board”, but relying upon “past-performance” as a scale for “present-day activities”  puts pressure on our present social systems.  In my opinion, that is why the “civilised”, modern world is crumbling all around us.

In a certain way, one could pronounce that the modern human being has a tendency to often live life  as a  fake  (convieniently prefering to avoid reality and their own true,  real identity)  because of unconsciously,  living the life of  somebody who  perhaps,  they are not.

If what I say has any basis for truth,   one could declare that a person not living in accordance to their “genuine-self”  would be living a fake life  – at least as regards  themselves.   On the other hand, the actions and behaviour of modern society is possibly “normal procedure” for the human race in which case, we are all on the right path. It´s just a pity we have to destroy so much in the process.

Am I starting to lose you Sir Winston?  Some of what I say must sound like gibberish.  Thank goodness Mr Midnights not around.
SW-Avatar        I´m just about coping daddy. It´s no wonder many of you are suffering.

Faking, being untrue to oneself,  avoiding your  surroundings and at the same time,  placing little  value upon being genuine;  all this seems to be a mentality,  typical for modern humans.
But why take it out on poor postage stamps? They are such pretty things.
author-Avatar       Probably because some humans believe that they can get away with their actions and make fast money.
Here´s a stamp which has been expertised. Although very small, you can notice the examiners mark and  catalogue information (such as watermark and catalogue number) in the bottom left-hand corners.

Scannen      FRONT

Scannen0001      REVERSE
SW-Avatar      That´s great!  So these four stamps are really genuine.   🙂
author-Avatar       That´s right.  I also have two other stamps lying around somewhere which I will someday, send to the examiners. They are the 1853, 1 Cent and 4 Cents  British Guiana postage stamps.

They are quite rare and I have a “feeling” that the 1 Cent stamp could be genuine. I´ll have to wait and see.
SW-Avatar      Can I have a look at it daddy?
author-Avatar       Of course. Here they are.


SW-Avatar       If these two stamps  were real, would Mr Midnight´s food rations be increased?
author-Avatar       Possibly, although it does depend on if he´s a good boy and if I decide to sell them both. Let´s keep quiet about these two Sir Winston. We don´t want to stir false hopes for Mr Midnight do we.
SW-Avatar        Sure thing. My lips are sealed.    🙂

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Tradition and an open-mind

SW-Avatar       You don´t say.  That´s really interesting Mr Midnight.
MM-Avatar       I know.  I thought the same.  I only found out because of the chin-wag I had last night with Mr Dog.  He told me that humans call it a “tradition” and I must admit, I do like sitting on the prickly bale of hay infront of Mr Dogs house, taking-in  the odours of the edibles.
By the way Sir Winston, Mr Dog didn´t exactly explain what this “tradition” thing is.
SW-Avatar      This particular human tradition is called “thanks-giving” or “harvest festival”  and humans will often symbolically decorate their houses with autumn vegetables as a  way of saying  thank you for the grub received.   I believe it is also called  “Lammas”; meaning “loaf-Mass”.  I might be wrong though.  🙂

However, thanks-giving does not only have symbolic character – humans are also supposed to be  “thankful” for their “lot in life” and are expected to donate food to charitable causes.  It´s the human way of saying “thank-you”.
MM-Avatar      Donate food once a year?  That´s a bit mean isn´t it. Are modern humans only thankful once a year?
SW-Avatar      No, of course not.  It´s just a way for them to show  gratitude.
MM-Avatar      And what is “tradition”?

We cats obviously do not need  such festivities – probably because we live in the moment and are instinctively thankful for everyday.
SW-Avatar      Tradition is a human thing Mr Midnight.  It´s a passing of beliefs and customs from one generation to the next.  Traditions are a regular occurence in the life of  a human-being.
MM-Avatar       Daddy feeds us on a regular basis – night and day.  Is this also a tradition? I strongly believe in him doing it.  It makes me feel happy.  🙂
SW-Avatar        I don´t think that you can call regular  feeding habits  a tradition Mr Midnight.  Eating on a daily basis is more of a necessary routine than anything else.
Traditions are more like a rock with which to find stability – something familiar which aids give security in an otherwise, uncertain world. Animals don´t need customs and traditions because when left to our own devices, we live in harmony with the universe.

Tradition helps ward off fears, and as most of the animal kingdom are aware, the human race lives  in a constant state of fear.  It´s probably one of the  reasons why traditions are so important for humans.
MM-Avatar      Wow.  Poor humans. They must be terrified.  What  stressful lives they lead.
The other day I watched 5 people climb into one of those small, smelly moving things.  A motor-car is the term I think.  They all  sat neatly, miserably squashed up together, and  looked rather uncomfortable.  Observed from the freedom and comfort of my place under the hedge, I thought to myself;  it´s a shame how they coop up those humans.

Modern humans evidently need to experience stressy lifestyles.
SW-Avatar       It certainly looks that way. Humans are very perculiar and most of the time they appear slightly barmy, but it is the path most of them choose to experience.
MM-Avatar      Modern humans also believe that they are open-minded. I´ve often heard this muttered among humans  but I find it difficult to believe myself.
SW-Avatar      I think the majority of modern human beings really do  believe that they are open-minded.  It´s just a shame that reality  dictates  a different picture.

MM-Avatar      Well,  the  animal kingdom is aware that humans are masters at avoiding reality.   😉
SW-Avatar      As a rule, humans will conveniently, disbelieve  things that do not fit into the framework of what they have been lead to believe as to  being the truth.  Contradicting beliefs are often dismissed as humbug.  Human open-mindedness doesn´t seem to stretch as far as for  wanting to go with the flow of life  and of accepting “change”.
MM-Avatar      That´s quite convenient isn´t it.

By the way;  although very hard to swallow  and  bad for my teeth – I`m actually  quite partial to  humbugs.  🙂

SW-Avatar      You shouldn´t eat daddy´s sweeties.  If he catches you,  you´ll cop it.!
MM-Avatar      He´ll have to catch me first!  🙂

Let´s get back to the topic of conversation, I´m still a little puzzled as to why  humans make such a fuss  about  traditions.  Sending a can of maize to a church festival as a gesture of gratitude once a year, will not really change the world will it – apart from making one remember to be thankful that week.

I´m totally baffled.  Believing to be open-minded and at the same time,  stuck in the times of the past.
What other traditions or major beliefs  do modern humans adhere to  Sir Winston?
SW-Avatar      They believe in their Gods and prophets,  for example, Christians celebrate Christmas  and Easter.

Modern society is also obsessed with its belief that the planet can ONLY be ruled by money. Humans are of the opinion that the stuff is the sole solution to solving  OUR planets problems.   As you and I are aware Mr Midnight, the soul solution shines from within.     🙂

Many human beings are incapable of stepping out of their conveniency and are thus,  totally switched-off from their environment.

To top it all – the majority are also of the strong belief that  as you get older, you automatically become ill.
MM-Avatar       But Mr Dog informed me that Easter most probably had  Pagan roots  and was a celebration of the spring equinox  – you know,  the fertility festival. hence the eggs and everything.  He should know, he´s very knowledgeable about such things.

As for me – I´ve no idea.

Mr Dog also told me that a guy named  Jesus was killed by occupying forces and then the next minute, he had managed to get  out of bed a couple of days later.  I think Mr Dog´s telling tall stories because I thought that Christian humans  didn´t believe in “life-after-death”.  Humans certainly have puzzling traditions – at least for cats to get to grips with.
SW-Avatar        That´s exactly the point Mr Midnight; as I´ve mentioned so many times before – nobody really knows what happens.  Many modern human beliefs are fabricated from what others had thought to have been the truth.
The christmas festival is celebrated because of  the birth of Jesus, bless him.  He was obviously so  popular with the crowds  that those in power feared for their positions and had to have him removed – hence the Easter celebration.
MM-Avatar        Not much difference to present day antics then. If someone has some positive influence upon society, he , or she, is often “removed” from their position.
So humans do not believe in the powers of the universe and  the importance of living in harmony?

SW-Avatar       Usually, they dismiss thoughts of “other life sources and possibilities” and believe that money can solve our planets problems. They would much sooner support pharmaceutical companies in their search for freedom of pain and illness and most are of the belief that THEIR religion is the only true religion.
MM-Avatar       So much for being  open-minded.
SW-Avatar       Actually, it is  all rather pathetic.
You see, if understood properly and not taken too seriously, traditions and customs can be very helpful and benefit a society.  However, at the same time, they can also narrow perceptiveness towards other input.  One remains stuck in the tracks of ones “programming”.
If one was truly open-minded, one would need  to  constantly put an awful lot of time and effort into things –  and that is something that most humans are evidently, not wanting to do.
MM-Avatar      Well I´ve heard enough for today thank-you very much.

I think I´m going to go downstairs  to eat a food stick.  This “tradition” stuff seems to have given me an appetite.  I think I´ll take care of MY tradition and head-off into the cellar to see what I can find. Daddy usually arrrives home when the sun is at its highest.
See you around Sir Winston.

Be careful – your thoughts become your reality !

They  crouched  under the hedge  and watched daddy unload  the weekly groceries from his car.  Because of the large, wire-framed shopping baskets, most of his purchases  were visible to the  preying eyes of Mr Midnight and Sir Winston.

Mr Midnight  noticed that some of the labels on the “goodies”  were all too familiar.  The labels were glued to tins of cat food  of which he wasn´t too fond of.


MM-Avatar      There´s no use getting excited and wanting to greet him Sir Winston.  He´s been to  that place again; you know, the place  that sells that  cheap cat-food.

SW-Avatar       How´d you know?

MM-Avatar       Can you see those red and yellow labelled  tins in the corner on the right  side of the shopping basket?

They indicate that we´re in for a rough week  Sir Winston. Look, he´s  seen us.

I suppose we should  go and greet him, afterall, regardless of the circumstances,  it is  only good manners.

author-Avatar       Hi boys.  Lunch will be ready shortly. I´ll call you when I´m ready.

SW-Avatar MM-Avatar     OK daddy.  We´ll mope  around the garden for a while until you´re ready.    Take your time – we´re in no immediate hurry   😉

author-Avatar      That´s odd.  You´re usually  famished Mr Midnight.   Oh well, see you in a bit.

MM-Avatar       Poor daddy, he doesn´t get it does he.

SW-Avatar       You should show a little more gratitude Mr Midnight.  Daddy must be under the general  impression that you like the stuff in the red and yellow tins.

As for me – I´m not particularly fussy, but as you are aware, I´m not a gourmet like yourself Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar       I am very thankful for his deeds and my “lot in life”, afterall, there are many cats and other animals  on our planet  who aren´t  allowed to live such  cushy lifestyles as ourselves.

It´s just that I knew he´d bring  that stuff again.  I must have given him the impression that  I liked it.

SW-Avatar       Well you do tend to wolf your food down  don´t you.

There may be some other reason for his purchases. Perhaps he´s  simply got a cash-flow problem at the moment.

MM-Avatar        A cash-flow problem is when a human has a shortage of those papery things  with numbers printed upon them  – right?

Oh, they´re all totally obsessed with that stuff.

But daddy´s got loads of those things  upstairs in the study.  They´re littered all over the place – in fact, it´s very difficult moving in and out of that place without knocking some of the piles down.  I do love the boxes though.  🙂

SW-Avatar        They´re not piles of money Mr Midnight – they´re daddy´s piles of postage  stamps.  You can´t buy cat food with postage stamps.  At least I don´t think you can.

I believe you simply half-expected him to bring home that cheap cat food  and – hey presto, you received what you wanted.  It´s the old universe rule – what you desire, you shall receive.

MM-Avatar       What´s that about pesto?  Pesto´s a little rich for my delicate tummy.  You might be right though Sir Winston – I do think I´ve got a touch of that bug which is going around the animal kingdom. You know, the “Human Syndrome” thing.

SW-Avatar       I´ve heard about that. You´ve got to be very careful.

If you contract “Human Syndrome” you start behaving just as the human´s do – your thoughts switch to “negative mode” and you attract all sorts of chaos.

Just look at the human world. They´ve absolutely no idea have they.

They used to be aware of the universe law of positive attracting positive and negative attracting negative but the majority seem to  have now thrown this wisdom overboard.

I suppose it goes hand in hand (or paw in paw)  🙂  with their obsessions for frequently wanting to play the victim.

MM-Avatar      I just hope I haven´t clawght it.  I don´t want to be as ill as the humans.  “Human Syndrome” is very contageous.   Once contracted, it´s very difficult to get rid of.  Animals have a strong resistance towards it but even we are not totally immune.

SW-Avatar      If humans could only grasp that their thoughts are so volatile.

It´s a simple process really.

Thoughts are generated,  and by adding belief to those thoughts, one creates ones surroundings. There´s nothing else to it.  It´s very basic stuff.

Although obviously difficult for most humans too understand, the surroundings in which we may find ourselves at present are the result of our past thoughts,  and  our actions from those thoughts. If only human-beings understood that the  “individual” is the creator of  their own  world, with nobody else playing a part in the creation of an individuals life.

MM-Avatar       . . . . . and that is why humans are responsible for their present situations?

SW-Avatar       Well there is more to it than that Mr Midnight, such as the complications of  inherited illnesses, having to live under a diabolical regime or whatever,   but in a roundabout way, that is the essence of life.  One of the main lessons of life  is that of  trying to  focus on positive outcome with which to create positive outcome. “Human Syndrome” has the opposite effect – people focus on negativity and then they wonder why their lives go haywire and  become full of misery.

MM-Avatar       Can you give a few examples Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar       There are too many to mention, but I´ll list a few for you.  For example; humans  believe that  life is hard,  that money doesn´t grow on trees and that if you want to achieve something anything in  life, you have to work hard for it.

They believe that as the body gets older, they  become ill.  In fact, they seem to love wallowing in their illnesses.  Humans live in a constant state of  fear – fear of losing their job, fear of the immigrant from foreign shores, and  are seemingly  frightened of discovering their own truths and  true self.  The  human fear mania  then often  leads to humans projecting  negativity into their present lives.

Areas of trivial, human negativity,  could be  hoping that it doesn´t rain; hoping the train will arrive punctually;  hoping one finds a parking space or hoping that  one will not have to sit in a traffic jam on the way to work.

I sometimes even believe that humans turn on their negative beliefs with which to make sure that they do not become too happy.  If humans  lived satisfying lifestyles,  free of negative belief,  and simply believed that there was always a purpose to negative occurences and that  things would eventually,  always turn out for the better, then they simply wouldn´t believe it was happening!

MM-Avatar      It´s quite a sad illness isn´t it.  I´ve noticed that this negative mentality is often  used  with which to manipulate things;  such as in human  politics and through rules and regulations.  If a human-being happens to be  also “out-of-touch” with their true-self – what a combination!  Things are bound to get out-of-hand and “out-of paw”.   🙂

SW-Avatar       Daddy is also no expert but the other day, he told me a nice, little  story.

He was on the last stretch of his long 15 km jog and was  jogging alongside the local  branchline of a  railway.  He was getting quite tired, and it is in times such as these that he has often commented that he is often  aware of a  different “frame of mind”.

He jogged up a steep gradient, which used to be part of the “old line”,  and upon reaching its summit, he imagined  how nice it would be if an old steam train, billowing thick  smoke, would rattle on by – just like  in times past.

Can you imagine what happened?

Ten minutes later, he was still  jogging  alongside the railway  on the final  straight before finishing –  but what did he then hear?  What did he see?

That´s right.  A steam train (whatever that is)  🙂  accompanied by four carriages came trundling by with steam billowing on all sides.  What a sight!  How remarkable.

In all the years he´s lived in our village, he´s never seen a steam train come plouging through our village.

Coincidence?  I hardly think so.  For a split second, he was totally switched into the universe.  All things are possible.  In his minds eye, he had already pictured the scene.

MM-Avatar       Purrhaps one should really,  just expect the best in life to happen.  If you believe in it – it will happen!

But don´t take our word  for it – experience it yourself.  Start off with small things (obviously pawsitive things!)  and allow them to grow. You´ll be surprised what can happen.  🙂

Be careful of your creations an  think before you blink.  🙂

(C) mags 2013