“MISSION IMPAWSSIBLE”? starring Mr Fred Midnight and Sir George Francis Winston, with special guest Mr D.

MM-Avatar      Come on now Sir Winston. Pull yourself together!  Nothing´s impawssible.

SW-Avatar      That´s alright for you to say Mr Midnight, but I´m scared.   What if we get caught?

MM-Avatar      We´ll not get “clawaught in the act” Believe me 🙂

I wouldn´t try to purrsuade you if I thought  the situation would  be  dangerous now would I?

If you think pawsitively, you´ll be alright.

SW-Avatar       But why does he have to lie around  the entrance to our kingdom?  He doesn´t usually sleep there.  He´s not supposed to be there either. He doesn´t live there. He looks like he´s guarding our place of abode.

I don´t like it. I don´t like it at all.

MM-Avatar       Don´t take this purrsonally Sir Winston;  but I sometimes  find you most purrculiar.

If life was always  without  adventure,   there wouldn´t be much purrpose to life.

We´ll be OK. Just wait and see.

SW-Avatar       I wish I was as cool as you were Mr Midnight.  You seem to take everything in your stride,  and without fear.

MM-Avatar      If I´m honest with you, I´m just as scared as you are Sir Winston.  My calm posture is just my way of dealing with the situation.  Afterall, panicking won´t help things.

Now come on, let´s slip by him and sneek into our house. I´m not letting him dictate what I should and should not do.

I´m a cat and proud of it! 🙂


Mr Midnight had figured out that the only way to get past the sentinel was to approach from the west, using the cover of the potting shed  and the glare  of the “big, warm round thing in the sky” so as to partially blind the sentinel from their approach.  The slight eastily breeze would also help  disguise any cat odours and hopefully, keep them undetected. At least that was the plan.


MM-Avatar      Now remember. Whatever happens Sir Winston, don´t panic.  If things come to the worst, just bolt for it !   🙂

Stay close and follow me. I know what I´m doing.

SW-Avatar       You´re so  reassuring  Mr Midnight.   I have faith in you.


Mr Midnight suddenly sprang up and looking sharply  left and right,  he darted across the road, dived through  the hole in the hedge,  crept  the length of the hedge, and then made  a short dash for it  where he eventually ended up  crouching at  one of the corners of  the potting shed.

Sir Winston, still  nervous as hell, blindly followed and seconds later, was lying  besides Mr Midnight, wondering to himself what the next step would be.


MM-Avatar      (Whispering) It´s all so very quiet Sir Winston.

Let me make a reccy so I can work out the  “lay of the land”.

SW-Avatar      I thought you knew the “lay of the land”. You live here!

MM-Avatar     Sir Winston, your paw´s resting on my paw.  Let go of it please.

Keep your calm.

Do as the english people do Sir Winston – “Keep calm and drink tea”.  It´s just a pity we haven´t  remembered to bring any provisions on our excursion.  We´ll deal with the “tea problem” later, if we manage to make it to base.

SW-Avatar      To tell you the truth Mr Midnight, I could murder a cuppa.  I´m parched.  It must be because of  all the heat and stress of the occasion.

MM-Avatar        You´ll just have to wait until we´ve seen things through.

Pull yourself together SIr Winston.  Just think of daddy.  He´s from a place people  call England  and they like  keeping their upper lips quite stiff on occasions such as these.

SW-Avatar      But it´s difficult keeping a stiff upper lip and to  not  be frightened at the same time.

MM-Avatar      Grin and bare it Sir Winston, grin and bare it.

But please don´t grin like Cheshire Cat. If you do,  your spectacular wide grin may  probably catch the attention of  the enemy and give our position away.


The sun was now at its highest and the heat and tension of the “final approach” was virtually unbearable.


MM-Avatar       It´s  furrtunate  for us that he´s very sleepy at this hour. Come on, lets move. He´ll not be expecting us at this hour!

Move! move! move!.


They craftily wriggled their way along the side of the house, using the rose bushes as cover, and slowly inched their way  through the dense foilage towards the entrance of the house.


MM-Avatar      Freeeezzzzeeee Sir Winston. Down!

Bandits! Bandits! Bandits!

He´s awaking from his slumber.


The air was thick and heavy and Sir Winston was totally mesmerised by what he had seen.  His mouth felt dry and his four legs felt as though they were made out of lead.  His eyes were transfixed on the object guarding his kingdom. The accompanying smell from “the beast” wafted into Sir Winstons nostrils, making him feel quite agitated and queasy.

He whispered……..

SW-Avatar       What are we going to do Mr Midnight?  Let´s make an heroic retreat and let things be bygones. He´ll move eventually. We´ll just have to wait that´s all.


The pupils of Mr Midnight´s eyes were suddenly  large and as black as the night.  Although it was daytime,  he had switched his night-sights  on with which to  observe his foe more clearly. 


MM-Avatar      Retreat ?

I´m having nothing of it.  Not on your nelly!

We´ve got this far so we´ll make it to the drop zone.

Look, he´s just moving into a more comfortable  position that´s all. He´s such a lazy thing.   Even if he does detect our presence, I doubt that  he´d be bothered to go chasing after us because it´s too hot and I saw him eating a little while ago.  He has such a  voracious appetite that his stomach must  be full.

…… which reminds me.  It´s nearly time for our lunch Sir Winston.

SW-Avatar       How can you talk about food in such a moment of crisis?

MM-Avatar       Come on Sir Winston.  Stop winging.

Slowly does it,  and keep close to me.  Stay on my left flank. You´ll be safe there, just  in case we have to take some stick. (I love food sticks)  🙂


They took their time on their final approach, ducking and crawling through the dense vegetation which leads up to the steps of the house.  At this point, they both switched into “stealth mode”, stalking at their very best,  and silently trotted  past the sentry  and up the steps to the apartment of their kingdom.


MM-Avatar      Great fun eh Sir Winston. He didn´t  notice a thing.

You see, if you believe in yourself you can do anything. Nothing´s impawssible! 🙂

SW-Avatar      Thank you for your kind support Mr Midnight. I don´t know what I would have done without you. I would most likely  still be out there, trapped in the heat and dense vegetation without anything to drink.

To show my gratitude, you can have my portion of Greek yogurt tonight.

MM-Avatar       Thanks very much Sir Winston. It´s not necessary but i´ll eat it all the same. You´re such a great pal. 🙂


After having nourished himself, Sir Winston then   padded  into  one of the back rooms to have a lie down with which to  relax from his morning ordeal.

Mr Midnight went out again and approached the figure lying infront of the house steps.


MM-Avatar      Great fun Mr Dog. 🙂  We´ll have to do that again sometime. Sir Winston took it all in like a sponge.  He really believed that he was in danger.


Mr Midnight had kindly invited the next door neighbours dog, Mr Dog, to “play-along” with his little prank,  with the intention of helping Sir Winston gain more confidence.


MM-Avatar      Although  a little cruel, I only wanted to try and relieve him of his fears and force him to   believe in himself a little more.  He needs so much reassurance.  I hope  he learnt something  today  through the aid of  my little exploit.   🙂

Give me a big  five Mr  Dog!  🙂

Mission accomplished!

Copyright (C) mags 2013

7 thoughts on ““MISSION IMPAWSSIBLE”? starring Mr Fred Midnight and Sir George Francis Winston, with special guest Mr D.

  1. Wow, purrfect and lovely! This time I am agreeing with Mr Midnight. “If life was always without adventure, there wouldn´t be much purrpose to life.”

    That was a great game, Mr Midnight, your big little exploit. [Whispers] I will not tell Sir Winston, of course.

    Well, Mr Dog, that was really a great act. At first I thought you were a statue guarding the place. You know how curious felines are. 😉

    Now this got me to thinking. Next time I will remember Mr Midnight’s exploit when I face a doggish blockade. I will think there’s Someone who intentionally put it there so I could learn to get around it, over it, under it, or through it without losing my head. If I lose my head, at least I’ve done all that I could. In the after life maybe I’d wake up awarded with ten thousand armies. 😉

    For now I’d like to calm down my excitement about Mr Midnight’s next exploit and drink some tea. 🙂

    • Mr Midnight is truly flabbergasted about receiving such praise. He sends you many, many thanks.
      Sir Winston´s also read your lines and he now realises that you keeping quiet about Mr Midnights ploy was all done in friendly style. I had to inform him that you also like him as much as Mr Midnight – he´s very sensitive you know. 🙂
      Anyway, all is Ok now and he looks forward to hearing from you at some point in the future.
      Best regards from the “Nice Place of Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself”.

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