Keyboard capers

MM-Avatar      § ! D = ? % h l $$ ( ( ( ; j a [ { \ ß ß ´j g9 %
SW-Avatar       I don´t think that´s right Mr Midnight.  Let me have a go.
y Y y Y Ö # # P $ & @ € k T T 2 % & §
MM-Avatar      That doesn´t look right either SIr Winston. I thought you´d mastered  languages and how daddy presses the buttons on his computer.
SW-Avatar       My paws keep getting trapped between the buttons and I´ve often  noticed that daddy  presses the button with the symbol going upwards on the left hand side to make his letters appear larger.

How  am I supposed to keep a paw on that button and another on the opposite right-hand corner button?

MM-Avatar      “Shift”

SW-Avatar       I beg your pardon.
MM-Avatar      It´s called the “shift” button.  I´ve heard daddy mention it a couple of times. Or was he talking to me? 😉

Purrhaps you should try a little harder Sir Winston.  Afterall, you´re the one with the  longish, dangly  legs.
SW-Avatar       Less of your cheek you  little whippersnapper. You can´t do it any better. Where´s daddy?
Mr Midnight meoowed  as hard as he could in which to catch daddy´s attention (which isn´t really loud at all. It´s more of a deep squeak than anything else).
MM-Avatar       (squeaky voice)  Daddy, can you come?
We can´t work out your buttons.  Our input appears different than when you use the machine.

author-Avatar       Just a sec Mr Midnight, I´m just putting the dinner things away. Won´t keep you.
MM-Avatar       Honestly; why construct such a machine when it´s virtually  impossible to use the thing.  There´s butttons all over the place and the inscriptions seem to make no sense at all. Why do humans need so many buttons? Do they understand how to use them all?
author-Avatar       Hi guys.  I see you´ve been trying to use my laptop again.  Have you had a go at writing something?
Mr Midnight gave a hard stare and thought, What does it look like. Of course we´ve been trying to write something. Sometimes, humans love stating the obvious!
SW-Avatar       We wanted to write something nice to our readers but we can´t seem to make head nor tail of what we´ve inputted.  There doesn´t appear to be any logic to what we´ve pressed. It makes no sense at all.
MM-Avatar       That´s nothing new, is it Sir Winston.  Humans often make things complicated and their logic is often, terribly   difficult to understand.
SW-Avatar       Very true. I can´t work humans  out either. They seem to have so much knowledge but  they  still  continue on their destructive paths.
author-Avatar       I´ve told you before boys.  The human race is a little slow at comprehending the delicate framework of how the universe is all connected and of  how easy it is to find happiness.  Most would sooner believe in negativity than to have an open-mind and  positive approach to life. Greed, prejudice, arrogance and self-centredness, which are  often bred out of fear,  accompany many on their journey through life.  There does not seem to be much capacity for understanding that we ALL share a part in making our world a better place.
MM-Avatar       That´s why we wanted to write something to our nice followers. We wanted to cheer them up a bit (in case they needed cheering up!)  🙂
author-Avatar       Well let me have a look at  your attempts on the keyboard.  I believe Sir Winston wrote:-
y Y y Y Ö # # P $ & @ € k T T 2 %  & §
Lower-case y, Capital Y – and typed twice…..
MM-Avatar       I often  ask myself why?
SW-Avatar       Don´t interrupt. Let Daddy explain.
author-Avatar       German Ö, twice Hash (number key  in North America) and one P
MM-Avatar       I simply adore Hash Browns. Can I have two portions of peas to go with them daddy?  I love peas. You have a button for a  “P” on your keyboard don´t you?

Fancy devoting a whole key just for a pea. Fantastic stuff 🙂
SW-Avatar       You should be a poet Mr Midnight.  “…a whole key just for a pea”. 🙂 Your rhyming skills are improving.
We mentioned peas in our “War and Peas” posting, so  let´s not repeat ourselves please.
MM-Avatar       You´re also not so bad at rhyming SIr Winston. Peas and please is also quite funny.
author-Avatar       Boys! Let me carry on please. I´ve other things to do besides messing about with the laptop and trying to explain keyboard symbols.
You pressed the dollar sign and the “and” sign.
MM-Avatar       I thought that humans would have a button for their main topic of interest (money)  but why have a button such as “and”?

You even  said “and” twice in that last sentence of nine words.  Did you mean lend a hand instead of (h)and the  (h)and?
SW-Avatar       I do believe   Mr Midnight´s   getting confused, as most probably most of our readers are as well.
DSCN0658       Is there such a place as paw a paw? 🙂
DSCN0652      No Mr Midnight, there certainly  isn´t. Now please stop being silly. However,  I do  believe that on one of daddy´s travels, he may have been to a place they call Singapore.
DSCN0673        Do the cats in SIngapaw use their paws to sing?
SW-Avatar        I don´t think so. I believe that  humans like to sing a lot  because of it being nice  and  hot;  and then their pores fill up  with water.
MM-Avatar       Is that because of them putting  a lot of expression and emotion  into their songs?
SW-Avatar       Most probably.
author-Avatar        Boys, please!

You both seem to be in a bit of a silly mood. Singapore has nothing to do with singing. A Singha is one of your cousins; a large pussycat (a lion).  I understand that Singapore takes its name from Malay (Singapora) which means “Lion City”. Pora comes from sanskrit puram (city or fortress) having relations to Greek polis (citadel, city). Singa  also comes  from Sanskit with possible connections with the Swahili word Simba.

Readers may feel free to correct me if what I have stated is incorrect. 🙂

Can we finish for today?
MM-Avatar      Ah daddy.  Even though I´m  totally confused, please don´t be such a killjoy. At least tell us about the last symbols which  Sir Winston wrote.
author-Avatar       I haven´t explained anything yet!  I´ve only read out the symbols. You don´t give me a chance to say anything worthwhile.
MM-Avatar       Well get on with it. We haven´t got all day you know. Just tell us what the symbols  mean.
author-Avatar        Where did we leave off. Oh yes; after the “and” sign, you typed the “at” sign.
MM-Avatar        Sounds like “cat” 🙂
author-Avatar        ……and next up was the “Euro” sign.
SW-Avatar        With which to balance out the Dollar sign.
author-Avatar        Something like that Sir Winston.
Lower-case “k” was followed by two “T´s”  and a number 2.

MM-Avatar        Two teas.  Yes please!  🙂

One for Sir Winston and one for myself, or as you humans say; “Tea for two and two for tea!”. You may also have a cupper if you want daddy. I´ll have a normal Assam and Sir WInston loves that smokey Lapsang Souchong stuff.
SW-Avatar        Two T´s. Yes please.  Great ryhming stuff Mr Midnight. We´re getting better all the time.
author-Avatar        Well I think that´s enough for today. You´ve both  obviously  had a bit too much sun today. Whatever are our readers going to think. I hope they don´t desert us.
MM-Avatar        Dessert.  How about some nice cup-cakes. Fairy cakes are pretty, aren´t they.
author-Avatar        Thank goodness we only have the sign for percent,  the  dreaded “and” sign again and the symbol for “paragraph”. 😉
MM-Avatar         Purrrcent.  A purrfect sign on  a laptop.  Thinking about it, laptop is pretty cool as well because I like lapping up milk.

What a great invention the laptop really is.

A machine full of numerous abilities, in which  the majority,  will never know it´s full capabilities.

“Rhyming Midnight” could be my new name.  How cool!  🙂
SW-Avatar        What´s with the “paragraph” symbol?
author-Avatar        It´s  called a “section mark” and is often  used  when citing  documents with numbered paragraphs.  We use it when writing our laws.
MM-Avatar       Rules and regulations.  Apart from your money obsessions, the most important topic for the human race. 😉
Be as cool as us cats.

Just  go with the flow!

(Sorry, just can´t stop rhyming!)  🙂

(C) Copyright mags 2013

6 thoughts on “Keyboard capers

  1. Awww, love the cats being goofballs 🙂 I’ll join Sir Winston and have a Lapsang Souchong, please. Which reminds me – where are my resident furballs?

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