“I M P A W T A N T” N O T I C E

DSCN0660      Go on Sir Winston, tell them.

Think pawsitive, believe in yourself and just get on with it!

DSCN0631      I don´t know if I can!

If you think it´s so easy, why don´t you tell them!

MM-Avatar      …..ah SIr WInston!  Have you  got a pawsonality disorder or something? It´s really no big deal. You know you´re better at explaining things than I am.

Look, here´s daddy. He´ll do it. You can rely on daddy. 🙂

author-Avatar      OK. I´ll do it.

I hereby do declare, that Sir Winston and Mr Midnight felt it only correct to inform you all,  that we will be taking a weeks break from blogging.

As some of you are already aware,  we usually post  blogs on a weekly basis, but because of me taking a one week holiday and the “lads” are  unable to operate the laptop keyboard on their own accord, we will write the next post a week later than normal.


There you are boys. It wasn´t that bad was it?

MM-Avatar       See Sir Winston. What did I say. You can rely on daddy to get things sorted out.

SW-Avatar      Let´s just hope that we don´t scare  any of our readers away. I can´t imagine the distress I would suffer if  everytime the little orange icon button on “WordPress” illuminated and somebody had made a serious negative comment.

I just hope that the people are nice and continue to write the same,  lovely messages as we´ve received in the past.

Everyone has  been so kind to us. 🙂  Thank you for either “liking” or especially, if having written a comment.  We really appreciate it. 🙂

MM-Avatar      You worry too much.  I should think that  most of them are  also away on holiday,  Humans aren´t like cats. Cats are always on holiday,  😉  and I doubt that anybody will really notice that we´ve decided to  miss a weeks blog.

Keep cool Sir Winston. Those who enjoy our stuff will forgive us and will hopefully,  carry on  following our adventures.

DSCN0661 author-Avatar  Happy summer holidays to you all !  Until next time.

Your two furry friends and a strange englishman.  🙂

Copyright (C)  mags 2013

14 thoughts on ““I M P A W T A N T” N O T I C E

  1. Boys no need to fret..while dad has a break you two can conjure up some fab things to do..you can ponder the universe and come up with some novel ways to wage a feline takeover..the jobs half done anyway so it should be easy ..tell dad to have a great break and you boys enjoy yourselves too 🙂 Have a great day Fozziemum 🙂

    • “The lads” inform me that it would be a pushover for them (and their feline counterparts), to get the planet back on track but as you may already know, humans got the planet into such a shape and humans must now get themselves out of it. Honestly, some cats are just set in their ways! 🙂

    • …and we´re very much looking forward to writing in the future. Mr Midnight has problems accepting that I need a weeks break. Mr Midnight seems to be a bit addicted to wordpress (and his small, loyal following) and cannot seem to comprehend the need for me to take a break. Sir Winston suggested that Mr Midnight should take up typing lessons – that way he could carry on with the blog on his own.
      I don´t think so, do you? 🙂

    • Thanks for the message. The “boys” are always on holiday, so my holiday makes no difference to them. However, I´m thankful to have a weeks break and look forward to our return. 🙂

  2. I can imagine the fun you all had!

    I was on “holiday” too. The internet connection decided to go sooo slow for many days, and I had a hard time trying to think pawsitive because of some deadlines. But seeing the cute lads here made my smile reach the heavens–my smile, not me. I still want and love to exist, you know. 🙂

    • Sir Winston was a little puzzled about your smile reaching the heavens and you still wanting to exist. I ´ve explained everything and he´s now relaxed again. He´s such a fuss-pot. Still, he did think for a moment that he´d lost you.
      All is well again 🙂

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