What we believe, will be!

It was a very hot day, one of the hottest, and Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were  lying in a small  hole in the hedge, trying to get some shade.  Although they were both  rather sleepy, they passed time  by having a small conversation with one another.
DSCN0661      Can I ask you something SIr Winston?
DSCN0674      Of course Mr Midnight.

What´s on your mind?
MM-Avatar      Actually, there isn´t much on my mind because I only have  a small brain inside my small head  Sir Winston, but  I would like  to know if you are happy with yourself. I mean, really content with your “lot-in-life”.
SW-Avatar      Why shouldn´t I be?  Do I give  the impression of being  troubled in some way?
MM-Avatar       No, not at all; and I dont want you to take offence, but  I was just wondering because I think that you have a funny, perculiar body form and was curious to know if  you are  satisfied with your appearance?
SW-Avatar       That´s a bit of a cheeky question you little rascal. What´s wrong with the shape of my body?  I´m aware that I am not as sleek and good-looking as yourself Mr Midnight, but I am just as flexible and as fast when the need be.

MM-Avatar       I´m sorry Sir WInston. I didn´t want to offend. It´s just that you have a totally different appearance to myself and I didn´t want you  suffering in any way.
SW-Avatar       Well, I am unable to keep my  weight  and at the same time,  sling food down my throat at  the rate you tend to  do  everyday, but I am totally satisfied with my life thank you very much.
I believe that I am perfect.  What you see, is me; Sir WInston.  The cat with a slight pouch and the occasional swagger to his walk.
MM-Avatar       I think you have more of  a tendency to trot  than walk Sir Winston,  but I also  find you purrfect.
SW-Avatar       Are we using those “silly” fashionable words again Mr Midnight?  Thanks for the compliment though.
MM-Avatar        Just  as  yourself SIr Winston, I like to be who I am, and I find the use of  trendy words really fitting to my cool character .  🙂
We do have comfortable lives don´t we Sir Winston. I believe that I am also purrfect and that I have everything I need for a happy life.
SW-Avatar       Yes; we have daddy who likes to feed and love us. We have plenty  of clean air to breath. We are healthy and  can wander wherever we wish . . . .
MM-Avatar        …..apart from if we happen  to wander two-doors down.  That new cat doesn´t like us enetering it´s territory. It´s a bit of an odd bod – probably foreign; I´m not quite sure. It doesn´t like speaking to  strangers.   I suppose when we get to know it better then we´ll  be alright.  Purrhaps I should take it  some fish from one of our bowls as a house-warming present?
SW-Avatar        That could be a good solution. We just have to believe that he, or she, is a friendly cat and that they are only nervous because of having moved kingdoms.  The cats behaviour has nothing to do with us.
MM-Avatar        ……we also have nice drinking water Sir Winston. I love that stuff, especially on a hot day. It´s not as nice as your Greek yogurt or the  milk that I have for breakfast, but it´s still delicious stuff. I even  lapped some of it up  out of the rain barrel at the back of the house the other day. That water is especially delicious. I believe that it´s got added ingredients.
SW-Avatar       You can bet that it´s got added ingredients Mr Midnight. When the humans have had their hands on it, it usually has catastrophic results. I´d keep away from that barrel if I were you. You know how “dicky” your stomach  sometimes is.
MM-Avatar        I know that I´m safe drinking that water because I simply  believe that I´m going to reach a ripe, old age.
SW-Avatar       Well that´s good. Your logic and intuition is right on key. Positive thoughts attract positive situations.
That is one of the main problems with the human race.  They live their lives too negatively.
MM-Avatar       How´d you mean SIr WInston. Daddy´s sometimes in a bit of a mood but I wouldn´t go as far as  to say that he was a negative person.
SW-Avatar       Well as we are  both aware, daddy is not quite normal is he.  🙂

He tends to take a different path in life than most of his fellow human beings.  He takes his time  to find his own truth to many of lifes problems  and now that he´s slowly grasping what the universe has to offer, he´s cast aside most of his negative, human thinking and become a much more balanced, happier human.
MM-Avatar        It must have been hard going for him. From my observations, humans don´t usually  seem to get it, do they?
SW-Avatar        I think that most of them just need more time. They are too preoccupied with their modern gadgetry and their fears of the unknown. There will come a time when some of them will “see the light” and then act as we animals do; with respect for one another and living  in real   peace.
Mr Midnight – don´t even mention it. I know that the word “peace” is similar to the word “peas”.  We had all that in the last blog.
MM-Avatar        I was only smirking about your last  comment. I wasn´t going to say anything. 😉
SW-Avatar       Humans are way too negative.  They often believe that they are either the wrong shape, have not enough of those paper things with numbers on them,  have some strange illness or are simply the victim of their surroundings.
What we believe – wil be!
It´s a shame  they can´t change their programming into a more productive,  positive mode.
MM-Avatar       I like Depeche Mode; as does daddy!  🙂
SW-Avatar       We´re not discussing  the topic of  music Mr Midnight!
I can´t understand that when something good is happening to somebody, other human beings  will then  often tell that person to be careful or to watch out, just in case something happens.  If one goes through life harbouring  such a philosophy, something negative is bound to happen.
MM-Avatar       Maybe that´s what humans really want.  Deep in their souls, they really want to experience negative situations.
SW-Avatar       I didn´t think of that. You´re probably right.
Most of them want to be healthy, wealthy or have the ideal partner, but they choose to believe that none of the above is possible without having to  put  a lot  of effort or suffering into it.  Adult human beings tend to lose their inner-child and their ability to go “playfully” through life. Instead, they would seem to sooner  brood  serious thoughts   and  put themselves under enourmous amounts of pressure. It´s sad isn´t it.
What we believe, simply  happens!. 🙂
From what I´ve noticed about human beings, when  human souls come into this world, the majority obviously need to  experience   suffering as their  prime goal in life.  That´s  not a bad thing because out of suffering a soul can learn and develop.
MM-Avatar        Just imagine being happy all the time. It would be like constantly living  on cat food-sticks (drugs). We´d always be on a high. There would be no real incentive to develop our spirit if everything was always hunky dory,  Just look what happened to Cheshire Cat. He couldn´t  stop smiling and he looked a fool.
SW-Avatar       The problem for humans seems to be that the majority will always take the so-called “easy” path  in life which  undoubtedly, often  leads  to eventual  pain and illness.
Although most humans seem to accept and embrace illness with ease, believing it to be a normal part of life,  in actual fact, as you already know because of being a cat Mr MIdnight,  things are exactly  the opposite way around.  Unless the soul has opted to experience pain and illness, the normal human condition is actually to be healthy and satisfied.
If a human continually,  conveniently avoids tackling the  necessary major lessons on their path in life, then the inevitable outcome can only be illness.  All major lessons in life are challenging and will not be easy to master, however,  conveniently giving-up  and looking the other way, will not necessarily help a soul attain  its goal in life.

The body doesn´t  become ill just because of somebody having bad-luck in life.
MM-Avatar       And what about animal souls?  They sometimes get ill as well.

SW-Avatar        Domesticated animals will always take  energy off their humans. The majority of wild animals also live in a “human-world” and if they are  susceptible to bad energy or sensitive in some way, they too, will also pick-up human energies. They  will then  suffer and become ill but then  again, their soul chose to experience  life in such a  way.

MM-Avatar        What you just said is quite clear to us animals but must be difficult for the majority of readers to understand.  We´d better leave this topic as quickly as possible.
I saw some pictures  in those “reading things” daddy takes to his “fur-trimming” place.
SW-Avatar       You mean those magazines he takes to  his hair-salon.
MM-Avatar       Yes, his hair salon.

On the front cover it´s always the same. A thin, good-looking lady,  with the same “big-looking” lady in a smaller picture on the left-hand side and a headline stating”  I lost 30 kilos in 6 weeks” (or words to that effect). 😉
What´s the continual obsession with body size?

Shouldn´t humans  believe that they are the right size and concentrate on thinking positively?

If they  believed  that they were purrfect, they would discover  their inner beauty and  “weight issues” would not be a problem anymore.
It´s the same with all topics of life. Thinking positively attracts a positive outcome.  We cats and other animals already have the knowledge  but humans  seem to always be out on a limb as regards positively believing in themselves.
SW-Avatar        I´m proud of you Mr Midnight. Your wisdom is growing.
I suppose the main problem for humans is simply their lack of belief. They would sooner believe in what has been dictated by others instead of going for it, and searching for their own truth and being happy.
MM-Avatar        Well, there´s not a lot that  we can do for them is there.
SW-Avatar       Not really. In a way, they are poor creatures. They believe that  they are the masters of the planet but  they are so far off from discovering the real key to life.
DSCN0667   DSCN0664      We wish you all the best of luck on your ventures and hope that some of you out there will attempt to gain a positive frame of mind towards creating yourselves a much happier life.
Do what we do; the animals.  When left to our own devices, we smile, enjoy, and smile.
We know, apart from the Cheshire Cat variety, it is often difficult for humans  to detect animal smiles – but when left in our environments  – we do!  🙂
What you believe, will be!

Try it. If your “programming” has made you  somewhat scepticle, take small steps at a time.   You all have the time if you use it!   🙂

copyright (C) mags 2013

5 thoughts on “What we believe, will be!

    • Thank you for appreciating our blog. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston are always happy when somebody likes what they are doing. (Obviously, I do as well) 🙂
      Sir Winston and Mr Midnight are quite sensitive to our world (as are most other cats) and they often comment how “apawling” people seem to treat one another.
      Best regards and once again, thank you for your kind comment.

  1. “I suppose the main problem for humans is simply their lack of belief. They would sooner believe in what has been dictated by others instead of going for it, and searching for their own truth and being happy.”

    I am wondering why I’m always agreeing with your thoughts, Sir Winston. Maybe I was previously a feline? 😉

    I have always believed that I have some kind of affinity with animals, like you can speak to them and they understand you. They’re just close to my heart, so I enjoy these feline conversations a lot, you know.

    The post’s title is already a gem of an expression. But most of us humans do not recognize and realize it.

    • Sir Winston replies: “You bet you´ve been a feline at some point!”
      I hope you´re not offended with his words Melisa because he seems to simply assume that life is a continual reincarnation. I can´t always agree with him although he does seem to often hit the nail on the head. Just ignore him if he´s getting on your nerves. Mr Midnights totally baffled.
      Once again, all the best from the three of us in the Black Forest.

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