Mistakes, accidents and plain old curiosity

In which to gain access to our apartment  one must first open the door of  the downstairs main entrance, turn to the right,  and then  climb two short flights of stairs. The heavy door at the main entrance  is made out of transparent,  ornamented  glass and standing next to our apartment door at the top of the two flights of stairs  an antique  shoe cupboard adorns the landing.   Shoes of all descriptions  are usually neatly lined up both infront, and inside  the cupboard,   patiently awaiting  somebody to  use them.

It was early in the evening and it is here, on the top step of the stairs, that the “lads” had  decided to bind their time.


MM-Avatar       Hang on!  Watch it!   Be careful SIr Winston. . . . . .   Back a bit;  a little to the left.

No, sorry.

Back to the right.

Gently does it.

Watch out, it´s going to fall!
In that instance, directly after Mr Midnight  having excitedly called that it was going to fall, it did fall . . . . . and landed on the bottom step of the lobby.
Actually, there was no significant damage, but the mess was atrocious.

SW-Avatar      You made me nervous with your frantic commands. Why didn´t you just leave me to it?
MM-Avatar      I wanted to guide you through the proceedings Sir Winston. Anyway, you shouldn´t be so jumpy.
SW-Avatar       But just look at all the mess. You know how much daddy loves cleaning, and when he gets back from that place  he visits every  day,  he´s not going to be too pleased about the chaos we´ve created.
MM-Avatar      What do you mean by “chaos we´ve  created”?  You knocked the bowl  down the stairs. We´d better lick up as much milk  as possible  before he gets home.  If we´re quick about it, he might not even notice; apart from the bowl lying at the bottom of the stairs. 🙂
SW-Avatar       But it´s a disaster and it  looks terrible!

MM-Avatar      There´s no use crying over spilt milk Sir Winston. It was a bit of a silly idea anyway what with your inquisitive nature and ambitions of trying  to eat and drink just as the humans do.
SW-Avatar       I don´t want to eat and drink like the humans do.  It´s often been commented by other animals that most  humans  have terrible eating habits anyway.  I only wanted to have the  bowl on the top step so that I could sit on the step below  and drink milk as though sitting at a table. It´s good manners and shows a certain sense of etiquette.
MM-Avatar       Well I think it´s a daft idea.  It´s  obviously  not supposed to be Sir Winston.

I´m the one who usually knocks things over.  In future,  try and use your bowl  the same way as other, normal cats  do please.  Afterall, even though you don´t like going to our “pawtys“, you are still a normal cat.
SW-Avatar      It´s no wonder the accident happened what with your fretting and nervous nature.  Let me give  you a piece of advice Mr Midnight.
If you expect  or fear that something will happen, then it most likely will.  You should be more careful with your thoughts. 🙂  The accident happened because you expected it to happen.

I won´t allow it to happen again.  Sorry for all the trouble. Now let´s  get this mess cleaned up  as quickly as possible.
Suddenly, a shadow appeared outside  through the large  ornamented  glass window  and a key was heard being inserted into  the lock of the  door.

DSCN0638  DSCN0629   He´s back! ! ! !  !
author-Avatar      Hello you two, what are you up to?  Have you both had a nice day?
What´s the bowl doing at the bottom of the stairs and why are the steps covered in milk?
Mr Midnight reasoned; it´s pretty obvious I would have thought.  🙂
SW-Avatar      We were trying to use the bowl as though sitting at the table, just like you do daddy, but we somehow  misjudged the ledge and the bowl fell down the steps.
author-Avatar      Well that´s a bit of a silly thing to do isn´t it?

And have you learnt anything from your antics?

DSCN0667        Oh yes, we´ll not do that again in a hurry. It was a ridiculous thing to do. Sorry daddy.
author-Avatar       Oh that´s alright. Worse things could have happened and I suppose that  it´s not a problem if we learn from our mistakes.
MM-Avatar      That´s the spirit daddy.  A nice laid-back attitude works wonders. Worse things could happen at sea, as your strange human saying goes  🙂
author-Avatar      Well thank goodness we are not at sea! 🙂  I can just  imagine the mess you two would get into.
MM-Avatar      That´s it. Never lose your humour!
SW-Avatar       I know a few human sayings about making mistakes. Would you like to hear a couple?
MM-Avatar      If you must Sir Winston. 😉

author-Avatar      Of course we do. Go ahead.
SW-Avatar      A Mr Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in “The Maxims and Reflections of Goethe”  once stated that There are people who make no mistakes because they never wish to do anything worth doing.
MM-Avatar      There you go then daddy. We wanted to do something worthwhile and ended up creating disaster. That was a mistake worth doing and Mr Goethe would be proud of us. 🙂
author-Avatar      Do you really think so?
SW-Avatar      Here´s another quote.
MM-Avatar      Make it the last Sir WInston.
SW-Avatar      Mr John Powell once stated that the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.
MM-Avatar      Which proves my point, as I´ve already stated.
SW-Avatar      And my favourite quote upon this subject is from . . . . . . . . . . .

MM-Avatar      Please Sir Winston. Make it your very last. I think we have  all got your point.
SW-Avatar      Let me finish Mr Midnight. You are so impatient. I only wanted to say that an englishman by the name of  Mr Martin F. Tupper . . .
MM-Avatar      Who wants a “cupper”?   Darjeeling would be fine, but with plenty of milk please. I don´t want any of your Lady or Earl Grey stuff.
SW-Avatar      Daddy, Mr Midnight keeps interrupting me and now he´s moved onto the topic of tea.
author-Avatar      Mr Midnight. Pipe down. Allow Sir WInston to tell us  his last quote.
MM-Avatar      OK 🙂
SW-Avatar       Mr F. Tupper once stated that Error is a hardy plant; it flourishes in every soil.
MM-Avatar      Fantastic stuff Sir WInston. I´m glad we´ve got that out of the way.
By the way daddy. Talking of plants. I have a small confession to make.

author-Avatar      Go on then. Fire away.
MM-Avatar      I was in the garden this morning and I accidently knocked over one of your plant pots. It broke into tiny pieces but Sir Winston and Mr Squirrel helped me tidy things up. It´s only my inquisitive nature you know, but I´ve already learnt by my mistake. 🙂
A piece of advice daddy – You shouldn´t place them all at such  precarious angles. Accidents are bound to happen 🙂
author-Avatar      So it´s now my fault is it Mr Midnight?
MM-Avatar      Well in a way, I believe it is. Fancy putting plant pots where young cats can get their paws  on them.
author-Avatar      And what´s  happend to some of my shoes which were all neatly lined up in front of the door by the shoe cupboard? I only left them out because I´d cleaned them all and didn´t want the smell of shoe polish to get into the cupboard.
SW-Avatar      It´s Mr Midnights inquisitive, curious  nature. He can´t help it daddy.

MM-Avatar       I was curious to find out if those stringy things attached to your walking gear were alive or not.
SW-Avatar       He means shoelaces. 🙂
MM-Avatar      They were not alive!  🙂
author-Avatar      Well you could have at least  tided up afterwards.
One day, your curious nature could get you into big trouble.
SW-Avatar      As the saying goes . . .
MM-Avatar      Not again Sir Winston!
SW-Avatar      Curiosity killed the cat
MM-Avatar      I hope not,  I´ll learn daddy, I promise.  🙂

Copyright (C) mags 2013

8 thoughts on “Mistakes, accidents and plain old curiosity

    • …ah, that´s nice, thank you. 🙂 The boys were flabbergasted that they are adored. We are very thankful for your comment and hope to keep you entertained in the future. Thank you for appreciating our blog. Mr M and Sir W. will get an extra portion Greek yogurt tonight. 🙂

    • Thank you for “stopping by”. The “lads” are always happy to receive some mail. 🙂 (The same goes for myself) 🙂
      We´re glad that you enjoyed reading about some of their adventures.With best regards.

    • Well that´s great! Thanks very much. Mr Midnight asked if he could now have an extra portion of Greek yogurt with which to celebrate having “met” His Majesty.!
      What can a poor human being say to that?
      You´ve just got to give them what they want haven´t you. 🙂

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