War and peas

SW-Avatar     Just go steady with that milk Mr Midnight, you´ll give yourself indigestion (again!).
You´re  making a right mess as well.  Just look at all those milk splashes surrounding your bowl.
Daddy will have to wipe up again and you know how much he loves cleaning up when you´ve finished your supper.


Mr Midnight paused for a moment,  gazed  sheepishly  at Sir Winston,  and then continued to lap up the rest of the milk in his bowl.
“I don´t know why he´s so  tetchy tonight”, Mr Midnight thought.
“He knows that my tongue cannot reach as far as his. That´s why I have to use  my scooping technique to clean the bowl of milk.  Daddy doesn´t seem to understand that deep bowls  do not work for some cats”.


SW-Avatar      Honestly Mr Midnight, I can´t take you anywhere can I? You´re always hastily gulping things down.  Where´s all  your manners and etiquette?


Mr Midnight licked the last drops of milk from his bowl and then washed behind his ears. After a couple of seconds he then replied……


MM-Avatar     You know  you shouldn´t ask questions when cats are still eating or drinking. How am I supposed to answer you when my mouth is full of delicious goodies.  Talking with your mouth full is  bad manners  Sir Winston!


Sir Winston gently shook his head from side to side, got up,  and then wandered off into the living room to have a ten minute stroke before going out for the night.

He often wondered about Mr Midnight. He was getting ever so cheeky.
He found  daddy sitting on the sofa and after  meowing  in his usual, loud manner, he  sprang onto his lap with which to receive those  stroking hands and his massage before going out for  the night.  Mr Midnight suddenly appeared at the other end of the sofa and he also, sprang up onto the sofa and joined daddy, snuggling up to his right leg.


author-Avatar      Be careful Sir Winston!. You hurt me when you start padding  your  paws with extended claws.  Settle down.

MM-Avatar      “Padding paws with extended claws”.  That sounds like a great title for a song track daddy! It has something   menacing  to it.

Sir Winston changed his position many times until he had  found a position which  suited him.
SW-Avatar      Sorry daddy. I always forget that I shouldn´t  stick my claws out.  You humans are ever so sensitive.  🙂
What are you up to daddy?

author-Avatar     I´m watching the late night news Sir Winston.
MM-Avatar     It looks quite  distressing to me. It´s very hectic and the moving images usually portray  lots of sad human beings.  Is that what you call entertainment daddy?
author-Avatar      Not really Mr Midnight but in a round about way, I suppose one could call it entertainment. It´s quite  sad though  isn´t it.
MM-Avatar SW-Avatar     Yes it jolly well is.

Nobody seems to understand anybody. Everybody is shouting at one another. Those people who make  your rules are always confused and frightened to speak the truth.
author-Avatar      To tell you the truth, one does  get used to it.  Although most of the news features are serious, I find that the only way with which to deal with the news is to try and not take it  too seriously – especially the politicians.  They´re just comedians  telling half-truths and  bad jokes. One cannot take them seriously. They´re all the same.

SW-Avatar      That´s probably  why a lot of you human beings have decided to avoid going to the polling stations whenever you have an election.  In Europe, present day attendance figures at general elections are usually quite dismal.  There is obviously  little faith in your system.
MM-Avatar       Is a polling station a place where one has to  bring a barge pole?  I think you mentioned something about poles in a previous blog posting.
author-Avatar       Yes, we have already mentioned  barge poles Mr Midnight and I don´t think this is the time and place with which to open another discussion upon the subject. Can we please stick to what Sir Winston and myself were talking about?  You´ve bought us both out of our patter now.
MM-Avatar       Sorry daddy. I only wanted to contribute   to the discussion.
author-Avatar       It´s alright. No harm done. 🙂

SW-Avatar       Well according to the news pictures,  there does seem to be a lot of harm being committed  on our planet.  Human beings appear to love creating  wars and tragedy.
author-Avatar       I´m afraid that´s about the truth of it Sir Winston.  The human race does have  a miserable track-record as regards living in peace.
MM-Avatar      Some peas?  I´m actually, quite partial to peas,   so if you have any to spare,  I wouldn´t mind if I do.
author-Avatar       I don´t have any peas at the moment  Mr Midnight, and peace  seems to also,  be a rare commodity.
SW-Avatar       The news in our country  is always giving the impression that  Germany is a financially, poor country. That is the message which is continually being sent out – and the majority seem to believe such baloney.  That is why it´s easy for your German rulers to continue raising taxes even though if observing past financial tax revenues, your country has taken record taxes year after year.

I believe one could say that many seem to  have become brain-washed.

MM-Avatar      Your rulers can´t seem to get enough money and power,  and  most of your  people seem to be   too convenient in their ways to do anything about it.  In some poor countries of our world,  people will go  onto the streets to demonstrate their cause but in the comfortable West, people tend to  only go out on the street when  their lifestyles become cramped  and  they feel that they are personally,  losing out on something.   There isn´t   much of a movement towards a greater cause.

What seems to count is that the individual gets as much  out of your system as possible.  The brewing storm of reality that lay dormant through popular evasion, will at some point hit home and consequently, the modern individual will start to  winge about the circumstances.

By the way, what was that about macaroni? I love pasta and sauce, especially cheese sauce and macaroni 🙂
SW-Avatar      I said baloney Mr Midnight, not macaroni.  Forget your stomach for once please.
The human  “system” and your lifestyles are  so  out of date and most of your  people are too frightened to change anything. Their  fear  is quite understandable because in some countries of our planet, some political leaders  suppress their people.  Some   politicians have even  greedily  changed their country´s electoral  constitution to suit themselves (and  have gotten away with it)  while also   possessing a blatant disrespect for human-rights by  having  introduced legislation  abolishing all  forms of opposition and “doing-away” with  basic human rights.

One such well-known figure  could be a man  called Mr P.

MM-Avatar      Does he like peas then?

SW-Avatar      Stop Put in yer oar in all the time Mr Midnight!

I`m sorry.

You made me lose  control for a moment and for a second,  I simply lost it. Your continual interuptions cheese me off  Mr Midnight.   How are we to remain serious if you keep going on about barge poles and peas?  Please, stop and think about our poor readers who have to read such drivel.

MM-Avatar      Cheese is also a pleasant variation to what we normally have for dinner. I occasionally even have cheese dreams.

I apologise for my rude interruptions. It won´t happen again. 🙂

DSCN0647      Thank you.  🙂  And now back to where we left off.
author-Avatar     I suppose that as long as some are  profiting from the  “system” and   the general populace remain  satisfied with their  comfortable  past habits with  fear of change imbedded in their souls, there is not a lot that we can do about our present situation.
SW-Avatar      But your education system is failing, your social security systems are at a dead end, most  of your  current legislation is from yesteryear and  demographic development is rapidly changing.

Isn´t anybody interested?
author-Avatar       I don´t really think so.  Having to think so far ahead is too tiring for the majority.

Human beings only seem to learn out of catastrophic events. (And even then only sometimes!) 🙂 Up until that point, we continue on our habitual path, mostly of yesteryear.

We will then moan about the outcome afterwards.

MM-Avatar      Sounds loony  to me! 😉
SW-Avatar      Don´t get sardonic Mr Midnight, this is serious stuff.
author-Avatar     In my opinion,  our societies  are unable to “go with the times”  because of either focusing  too much on the past or the future.  Living in the moment is where life happens.  Our present surroundings are  simply a product of  our past behaviour – that is why we have so many problems. We tend to avoid  going  with the  flow.
SW-Avatar      It´s exactly the same with the individual.  Your  present surroundings simply reflect the choices you  made in life.
author-Avatar       To a certain extent, that´s  correct Sir Winston;  and because human-beings tend to evade self-responsibility and  love to bathe in the victimhood modus,  their  problems will usually  become larger. One cannot continually evade reality  just because  of reality  appearing  painful or frightening. In the long run, we won´t  be happier.  It may seem  a lot easier to create an artificial reality but our future will become very uncertain.
MM-Avatar       Our world is in a constant state of movement.  A shame that you humans still haven´t understood this basic fact.

SW-Avatar       Those pictures on the box are distressing. Why don´t you all try and make the first step towards gaining peace by trying to forgive one another?
MM-Avatar       I think that´s too much to ask for Sir Winston.
You forgave me the other day didn´t you.

I craftily, ate some of Sir Winston´s food as he was looking the other way. He caught me and didn´t make a song and dance about it. He forgave me for my little sin. 🙂
He is a caring companion.  🙂
SW-Avatar      Forgiveness is the first step towards peace. You all want peace but would sooner rely upon the next man to get the ball rolling.  How tragic.
A Buddist saying states that “However loving the soul is in this life, then the more beautiful it will be in the next”

MM-Avatar      Nice words Sir Winston. I´m not sure  if any  human beings will be able to understand them  and I don´t know   where you manage to dig out  all of those wise words of wisdom, but very well put! 🙂
Forgiveness is certainly, one of the keys to a happier life.
Another key to a happier life is the key that opens that nice metal packaging of salmon which is standing in the kitchen.
author-Avatar I think it´s time that you two both went out now. Mr Midnight, you´ve had enough to eat  already and Sir Winston has started clawing me again with his “padding”.
Come on boys, out you go!

(C) mags 2013

16 thoughts on “War and peas

  1. Another nice one ❤ Sir Winston's photo reminds me of my departed feline friend Gingersnap and the discussions we used to have on the patio in the afternoons. My youngster Milou has yet to break out of monosyllabics when it comes to language, but is is very nice to be around non the less.

    • There is possibly a “bit” of Gingersnap in Sir Winston. Ginger cats love to talk about anything (very observant) 🙂
      Sir Winston, Mr Midnight and myself thank you for appreciating our small blog. It´s always nice to receive a little feedback. (I better not mention the word “feed” to Mr M because we all know what will happen) 🙂

  2. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston..it is a pity the world is not viewed by all through a felines eyes…us humans are truly an enigma..we too here in Australia are heading to elections and all I seem to hear is babble..much like Charlie Browns teacher! ..and like Snoopy I would rather go lie on top of a dog kennel! There has not been Peas in my lifetime and I fear the future generations will be Peas-less as well..funny..humans refer to animals as a lesser species!! I don’t see any animal that behaves with such lack of humanity as humans do..there is nothing humane about humans..like I said lads..we are an enigma..so strtch out..turn dads lap into a piece of bread dough and knead away..you are indeed the superior forward thinkers we need!
    Cheers Fozziemum

    • Hey, Great stuff. Us cats should just knead away. If humans can´t take it, they shouldn´t bake it! Hope you know what I mean. 🙂
      Mr Midnight says that In ancient times, humans were obviously more intelligent. (They worshipped cats as Gods!). I don´t believe it has too go so far today, but it is quite sad that we human beings always believe that we are so superior (when we are obviously not as clever as we make ourselves out to be): Still, we try and not take things too seriously. 🙂

      • Exactly..life is too short and too precious to bogged down with mundane and morose thoughts! And I do know what you mean hahaha…I have Egyptian statues in my house of Bast..I feel the affinity with this and my cats..a civilization that long long ago revered the feline as much as I do..but don’t tell mine that..their little feline heads would swell! 🙂

      • indeed….mine are all taking front row at the woodfire with the two dogs…me…well I get the stink eye f I dare move them to put more wood in…must re-incarnate as a cat..in a great home of course 😉

  3. Sir Winston Put in the right words on politics. Leaders that don’t have any concern for their people must be Put out. The how is the problem. Humans voted them, so that’s another problem.

    “Living in the moment is where life happens.” Isn’t this a momentous coincidence? I’ve just posted a note similar to this one to help remind me of it.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Indeed, the question is always “how” to do something, “The lads” say that everybody is going at their own pace and that whatever the present circumstances in life, everyone receives the experience they need. The emphasis must therefore, be placed upon spreading a little more awareness with the hope that some, gain insight a little earlier. Everyone must find their own truth and react as they see fittingly.
      With best regards from Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself. 🙂
      P.S. We found your little “moment” blog very good.! Keep up the good work.!

  4. Right on, Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and dad!!! Now, you’re really getting interesting. Just wait until I start my ‘ranting blog’, I have some wonderful ideas to share. And, I will follow you here to stay current with your ideas on humanity, peas and such–great work, Allan!!!!!

      • Good day, Allan and the boys!!! I noticed that you are now following the Republic for America site. That is a very old site I used to post some things that I no longer am associated with. I no longer recommend it and have not yet located how to delete a blog. I will be initiating another blog where I would very much enjoy your participation–a blog on liberty, individual freedom, self-reliance and responsibility and encouraging us all to ‘grow up’. I’ll keep you posted!!!!

        Linda & Lily, my 10-yr old chocolate siamese

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