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author-Avatar     It was late  Saturday night, approximately 10,30, and my furry friends and I were sprawled out on the floor  in front of the hifi.   The “lads” would often lay infront of the hifi before going out for the night because they liked the soft materials of the rug and my closeness, and it gave them a certain “buzz”  before their ensuing nighttime activities.  We would sift through my large collection of recordings for  about an hour,  with the  “boys”  taking it in turns deciding  what was to be played  and  myself having  the task of  slipping the record out of its  sleeve and placing it on  the turntable.

We had made  a gentlemans agreement that because I knew all of the records in my record collection, I was not allowed to choose what was to be played. I also  made it quite clear that only I was allowed to touch the vinyl and place it on the turntable.  Afterall, I didn´t want Mr Midnights paws scratching all of  my limited editions!  He´s not very patient  and  he is rather clumsy at times.

Another reason for writing this piece is because Sir Winston was feeling a little agitated about the last blog postings.  Because of Mr Midnights past antics, he was  slightly worried that his tiny group of followers would probably desert him at some stage and he felt that  their daily obsevations had somehow, turned too serious.   It is with this in mind that he suggested we “lighten-it-up” a little and talk about something that most readers could relate to.  The topic of music.


author-Avatar     For the final time Mr Midnight, the shiny looking object is called a “Compact Disc”.  They  reproduce sound in virtually  the same way as the vinyl records.

MM-Avatar     But vinyl recordings are so much better. The pictures on the sleeves are a lot larger and the sound is more superior in  quality.

author-Avatar     That may be the case,  but CDs also have their positive uses.

MM-Avatar      I´m sure they do,  but as you are already aware, I just love analogue recordings  🙂

SW-Avatar     Stop chattering about and get on with it Mr Midnight.  What´s your first choice going to be?

MM-Avatar      I´ve found a recording which is actually, more up your street Sir Winston. I love the title of this track; it´s called “CATtanooga-choo-choo”.
SW-Avatar      Put it on the deck daddy.  By the way Mr Midnight, it´s called Chattanooga-choo-choo from a fellow by the name of Mr Miller. This track was quite a stirrer way back in the 40s.
author-Avatar       I think I got hold of this because my grandpa was rather  a fan of Glenn Miller.
SW-Avatar      Now it´s my turn.  I want you to play “The sounds of silence” from Simon & Garfunkel. We cats love peace and quiet. 🙂
MM-Avatar     I`m quite fond of  “silence” songs myself  Sir Winston.  I also know a “silence” song. It´s called “Enjoy the silence” from guess who?  Yes, that´s right, from  my favourite band (and daddy´s), Depeche Mode.   🙂 But can you play a track from  this odd looking album please daddy? I want you to play “I want a dog” by the Pet Shop Boys.  It´s a funny song which Mr Dog next door lent me last week at the “pawty“.

SW-Avatar      I´m not too keen on it.  I can´t identify with it. It´s too exotic for my taste.  Can you play a Cat Stevens song daddy – Katmandu from the album, “Mona Bone Jakon” please.
MM-Avatar      Fancy picking a track called catmandu. And he was telling me that my previous choice was exotic.  Sometimes I just   don´t understand Sir WInston.
Here´s a nice “rocky” one. Something to liven the “pawty” and a track which reminds me of when  I wish to cross the loud, smelly concrete thing  to visit my mates over the way – “The road to hell” by Mr Rear, or is it Mr Rea 😉
SW-Avatar       It´s not my “cup-of-tea”.  How about this one; “Merry christmas Mr Lawrence”, whoever Mr Lawrence may be, from a guy by the name of Ryuichi Sakamoto. It´s nice and relaxing.
MM-Avatar       But what´s the thing with the “sack” Sir Winston?  Does he sing sitting in a sack?
SW-Avatar       He doesn´t sing very much and he often sits on a chair.

MM-Avatar       He sounds a bit eccentic and too  experimental  for me. He doen´t sing and sits on chairs!?  He obviously doesn´t want to  contribute very much towards the normal “rock-star” image thing.
SW-Avatar        We don´t all have to like rock music do we. Some of us appreciate more intricate, delicate pieces.
MM-Avatar       Grace Jones – “Walking in the rain”.  I love it.  This is the right kind of song for me when I´m feeling down. I hate my fur getting wet and this song really brings me down and  reminds me of the fact.  Fantastic stuff!
SW-Avatar        “Amazing Grace”, but the Bryan Ferry version from the album “Taxi”, is a very stylish piece.  It´s also  traditional  and goes well with the name of your previous artist, Grace Jones. 🙂
MM-Avatar       Very funny Sir Winston.
If we´re now playing about with song titles and artists names; how about the song “Being Boring” from the Pet Shop Boys.
I´m sorry Sir Winston, I didn´t mean it.  I´ll  take my previous comment  straight back. 🙂

Can you play this track daddy. It´s from Duran Duran and is called “The man who stole a leopard”.  It´s off the latest album and sounds quite menacing.   Leopards are our cousins and it´s a great track!
SW-Avatar      Mr Midnight listens to  “Walking in the rain” when he´s down, so I would like you to play “I hung my head”, from Sting please.  I love to listen to this song  when I´m feeling down. I also like to “hang-my-head” to the music.
MM-Avatar      Because we´re   back on the subject of being “blue”, how about now listening to  “Blue Monday” from New Order. It´s very lively and I can identify with the title because daddy goes to work on Mondays after having spent all weekend with Sir Winston and myself.
author-Avatar      I think we have to stop now  boys. I´m getting a little tired. Both of you can pick a couple more  tracks and then you can go out for the night, if you don´t mind.
SW-AvatarMM-Avatar       OK daddy, thank you.
SW-Avatar        Can you play “Smoke gets in your eyes”, but the Thelonious Monk version please.  I love classy, jazzy tunes. I hate smoke getting in my eyes – it´s so iritating.

MM-Avatar        “Salmon fishing in New York” from Orange Juice is a great track everybody!  The band disbanded in the early eighties but they had a good sense of taste. I love salmon (but am not so keen on orange juice – milk “Juice” being more appropriate.  🙂
SW-Avatar        My last choice has got to be “Only the moment” from Marc Almond  because it is only  in the moment that we live.  Although the lyrics are totally obvious for a cat, for a human being,  they  obviously  are not.

Humans love living in the past or in the future,  but tend to disregard the present.  This is a shame because they cannot change their past and the future never arrives.  The moment is where life happens, not the future. 🙂
MM-Avatar       Very philosophical Sir Winston.

Let me make my last choice please. You always go on an on and on. 🙂

My last pick has got to be “Incatations” from Mr Oldfield.
SW-Avatar      That´s rather  a long piece Mr Midnight and by the way, it´s called “Incantations”. You´re obsessed with all things to do with cats.
MM-Avatar       No I´m not.        I`m obsessed with food as well,   which reminds me . . . . . . . . . .

(C) mags 2013

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