“Paws” 4 thought

SW-Avatar  Just stop for one moment Mr Midnight and repeat what you´ve just said!  But slowly this time. I didn´t quite understand you.

MM-Avatar  I asked, “Are you feline alright Sir Winston cause if you are, you can come to the pawty with me and my mates tonight.  You don´t have to wear a bell around your neck or anything and  there are no drinks containing  a high alcohol purcentage. However, there is plenty  of milk  to go round. 🙂  There´s even Greek yogurt Sir Winston!  You know how much you love to do your bit to help save the Greek human beings in their economic crisis. 🙂

The evening will be purfect!

SW-Avatar  Well I´m not so sure Mr Midnight.   I don´t think I really fit in with your crowd.  You´re all now speaking this strange new street language and even  “Wild Cat” from down the road is trying out new “french-cat” accents –  I mean; “pawly vous francais?”.  Where is it all going to end?

It all sounds ridiculous to  my ears.

MM-Avatar  You have cat  to be kitten me right meow!

We´re all “pawlayin”   the new language, that´s what it´s all about!  We´re all fashionable  cats, that is, apart from you Sir Winston.  Just get with it Sir Winston and get some pawsitive cattitude.  It´s wonderfurl  when you´re in the in-crowd!

SW-Avatar  I´m sorry Mr Midnight, I think I´ll give it a miss if you don´t mind.  I´m not so keen on the way you all  “hash” our language.   It´s a catastrophe.

MM-Avatar  You see Sir Winston.  That´s not too bad!.  Your word choice is not purfect but at least you attempted to speak our jargon.

SW-Avatar  Mr Midnight; the word “catastrophe”  is a normal word. You do not even notice the difference anymore.

MM-Avatar  Purrhaps you´re right Sir Winston – I might not notice the difference  but at least I´m still a cool cat!  Look at my freaky furstyle. It´s furbulous!

SW-Avatar  What´s so cool about acting the same as everybody else?

That´s what  humans usually do. Most of them tend to  copy one another and they avoid trying to discover who they really are.

I can´t see any real sense in doing that Mr Midnight. I want to be who I am and not have to feel that I must  imitate “anothers song” just so that I may  “fit-in”  with  my surroundings.

Whatever happened to originality and individuality?

MM-Avatar  It´s too much like hard work Sir Winston. 🙂

It´s easier to just  slip  into the “in-crowd”;  but if I´m not careful and dance to their tune, they may kick meowt of the “club”.

SW-Avatar  Your “friends” seem to be a nice clowder of cats!  As long as you behave as is expected, you are allowed to be “in their club” and appear to be cool.  That´s suppossed to be a recipe for happiness?

There  seems to be little  difference between humans and modern cats.  You all go about your ways copying one another, and not necessarily understanding why you´re doing,  what you´re doing.

Should we not occasionally, pause for thought?  There doesn´t appear to be much time for self-analysis.   You “cool cats” are too preoccupied copying one another.

MM-Avatar Is their a claws in some document somewhere stating that we  must all live individually?

SW-Avatar  Of course not Mr Midnight, only human-beings like to  make  lots of rules and things,  but  if you are to find your own true happiness,  you must learn to “go-your-own-way” and not to adhere to that of another.

MM-Avatar  What´s wrong with your ear?

SW-Avatar  There´s nothing wrong with my ear Mr Midnight. I said “adhere”!.

MM-Avatar Sorry, my mind was slipping a little.  I can´t take my thoughts  off  tonights pawty.

I take it that you´re not going then, even though there is some free Greek yogurt up for takes and a new band appearing.  They´re a wild herd of cows who wear large, fashionable moostaches and who love  to play loud moosic. 

SW-Avatar  I think I´ll have an early night tonight Mr Midnight but you go  ahead. It´s not my “cup-of-tea”. I´ll wait up for you and you can tell me what it was like when you get back.

MM-Avatar  OK.  Suit yourself. You go and entertain yourself by looking at daddys postage stamps or something, and I´ll go and have a good time.

Nobody lives furever,  so I may as well enjoy myself as long as  I can.


Sir Winston hoped that by staying at home, he was doing the right thing. He didn´t want to miss-out on life but for some reason, his instinct informed  him  that however difficult some of his choices may be, he was on the right path.

He settled down for a peaceful cat-nap.SW2

(C) MAGS 2013

11 thoughts on ““Paws” 4 thought

  1. Oh Dear lads! I must say that cat speak is indeed a global phenomenon..only with our cats do we assume an air of intellect and charm…and with our doggies..it’s goofball all the way..i shall enjoy your conversations gentlemen..
    Thanks for popping by our bloggies and we look forward to many conversations requiring a cat interpreter 🙂

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