Mistakes, accidents and plain old curiosity

In which to gain access to our apartment  one must first open the door of  the downstairs main entrance, turn to the right,  and then  climb two short flights of stairs. The heavy door at the main entrance  is made out of transparent,  ornamented  glass and standing next to our apartment door at the top of the two flights of stairs  an antique  shoe cupboard adorns the landing.   Shoes of all descriptions  are usually neatly lined up both infront, and inside  the cupboard,   patiently awaiting  somebody to  use them.

It was early in the evening and it is here, on the top step of the stairs, that the “lads” had  decided to bind their time.


MM-Avatar       Hang on!  Watch it!   Be careful SIr Winston. . . . . .   Back a bit;  a little to the left.

No, sorry.

Back to the right.

Gently does it.

Watch out, it´s going to fall!
In that instance, directly after Mr Midnight  having excitedly called that it was going to fall, it did fall . . . . . and landed on the bottom step of the lobby.
Actually, there was no significant damage, but the mess was atrocious.

SW-Avatar      You made me nervous with your frantic commands. Why didn´t you just leave me to it?
MM-Avatar      I wanted to guide you through the proceedings Sir Winston. Anyway, you shouldn´t be so jumpy.
SW-Avatar       But just look at all the mess. You know how much daddy loves cleaning, and when he gets back from that place  he visits every  day,  he´s not going to be too pleased about the chaos we´ve created.
MM-Avatar      What do you mean by “chaos we´ve  created”?  You knocked the bowl  down the stairs. We´d better lick up as much milk  as possible  before he gets home.  If we´re quick about it, he might not even notice; apart from the bowl lying at the bottom of the stairs. 🙂
SW-Avatar       But it´s a disaster and it  looks terrible!

MM-Avatar      There´s no use crying over spilt milk Sir Winston. It was a bit of a silly idea anyway what with your inquisitive nature and ambitions of trying  to eat and drink just as the humans do.
SW-Avatar       I don´t want to eat and drink like the humans do.  It´s often been commented by other animals that most  humans  have terrible eating habits anyway.  I only wanted to have the  bowl on the top step so that I could sit on the step below  and drink milk as though sitting at a table. It´s good manners and shows a certain sense of etiquette.
MM-Avatar       Well I think it´s a daft idea.  It´s  obviously  not supposed to be Sir Winston.

I´m the one who usually knocks things over.  In future,  try and use your bowl  the same way as other, normal cats  do please.  Afterall, even though you don´t like going to our “pawtys“, you are still a normal cat.
SW-Avatar      It´s no wonder the accident happened what with your fretting and nervous nature.  Let me give  you a piece of advice Mr Midnight.
If you expect  or fear that something will happen, then it most likely will.  You should be more careful with your thoughts. 🙂  The accident happened because you expected it to happen.

I won´t allow it to happen again.  Sorry for all the trouble. Now let´s  get this mess cleaned up  as quickly as possible.
Suddenly, a shadow appeared outside  through the large  ornamented  glass window  and a key was heard being inserted into  the lock of the  door.

DSCN0638  DSCN0629   He´s back! ! ! !  !
author-Avatar      Hello you two, what are you up to?  Have you both had a nice day?
What´s the bowl doing at the bottom of the stairs and why are the steps covered in milk?
Mr Midnight reasoned; it´s pretty obvious I would have thought.  🙂
SW-Avatar      We were trying to use the bowl as though sitting at the table, just like you do daddy, but we somehow  misjudged the ledge and the bowl fell down the steps.
author-Avatar      Well that´s a bit of a silly thing to do isn´t it?

And have you learnt anything from your antics?

DSCN0667        Oh yes, we´ll not do that again in a hurry. It was a ridiculous thing to do. Sorry daddy.
author-Avatar       Oh that´s alright. Worse things could have happened and I suppose that  it´s not a problem if we learn from our mistakes.
MM-Avatar      That´s the spirit daddy.  A nice laid-back attitude works wonders. Worse things could happen at sea, as your strange human saying goes  🙂
author-Avatar      Well thank goodness we are not at sea! 🙂  I can just  imagine the mess you two would get into.
MM-Avatar      That´s it. Never lose your humour!
SW-Avatar       I know a few human sayings about making mistakes. Would you like to hear a couple?
MM-Avatar      If you must Sir Winston. 😉

author-Avatar      Of course we do. Go ahead.
SW-Avatar      A Mr Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in “The Maxims and Reflections of Goethe”  once stated that There are people who make no mistakes because they never wish to do anything worth doing.
MM-Avatar      There you go then daddy. We wanted to do something worthwhile and ended up creating disaster. That was a mistake worth doing and Mr Goethe would be proud of us. 🙂
author-Avatar      Do you really think so?
SW-Avatar      Here´s another quote.
MM-Avatar      Make it the last Sir WInston.
SW-Avatar      Mr John Powell once stated that the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.
MM-Avatar      Which proves my point, as I´ve already stated.
SW-Avatar      And my favourite quote upon this subject is from . . . . . . . . . . .

MM-Avatar      Please Sir Winston. Make it your very last. I think we have  all got your point.
SW-Avatar      Let me finish Mr Midnight. You are so impatient. I only wanted to say that an englishman by the name of  Mr Martin F. Tupper . . .
MM-Avatar      Who wants a “cupper”?   Darjeeling would be fine, but with plenty of milk please. I don´t want any of your Lady or Earl Grey stuff.
SW-Avatar      Daddy, Mr Midnight keeps interrupting me and now he´s moved onto the topic of tea.
author-Avatar      Mr Midnight. Pipe down. Allow Sir WInston to tell us  his last quote.
MM-Avatar      OK 🙂
SW-Avatar       Mr F. Tupper once stated that Error is a hardy plant; it flourishes in every soil.
MM-Avatar      Fantastic stuff Sir WInston. I´m glad we´ve got that out of the way.
By the way daddy. Talking of plants. I have a small confession to make.

author-Avatar      Go on then. Fire away.
MM-Avatar      I was in the garden this morning and I accidently knocked over one of your plant pots. It broke into tiny pieces but Sir Winston and Mr Squirrel helped me tidy things up. It´s only my inquisitive nature you know, but I´ve already learnt by my mistake. 🙂
A piece of advice daddy – You shouldn´t place them all at such  precarious angles. Accidents are bound to happen 🙂
author-Avatar      So it´s now my fault is it Mr Midnight?
MM-Avatar      Well in a way, I believe it is. Fancy putting plant pots where young cats can get their paws  on them.
author-Avatar      And what´s  happend to some of my shoes which were all neatly lined up in front of the door by the shoe cupboard? I only left them out because I´d cleaned them all and didn´t want the smell of shoe polish to get into the cupboard.
SW-Avatar      It´s Mr Midnights inquisitive, curious  nature. He can´t help it daddy.

MM-Avatar       I was curious to find out if those stringy things attached to your walking gear were alive or not.
SW-Avatar       He means shoelaces. 🙂
MM-Avatar      They were not alive!  🙂
author-Avatar      Well you could have at least  tided up afterwards.
One day, your curious nature could get you into big trouble.
SW-Avatar      As the saying goes . . .
MM-Avatar      Not again Sir Winston!
SW-Avatar      Curiosity killed the cat
MM-Avatar      I hope not,  I´ll learn daddy, I promise.  🙂

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War and peas

SW-Avatar     Just go steady with that milk Mr Midnight, you´ll give yourself indigestion (again!).
You´re  making a right mess as well.  Just look at all those milk splashes surrounding your bowl.
Daddy will have to wipe up again and you know how much he loves cleaning up when you´ve finished your supper.


Mr Midnight paused for a moment,  gazed  sheepishly  at Sir Winston,  and then continued to lap up the rest of the milk in his bowl.
“I don´t know why he´s so  tetchy tonight”, Mr Midnight thought.
“He knows that my tongue cannot reach as far as his. That´s why I have to use  my scooping technique to clean the bowl of milk.  Daddy doesn´t seem to understand that deep bowls  do not work for some cats”.


SW-Avatar      Honestly Mr Midnight, I can´t take you anywhere can I? You´re always hastily gulping things down.  Where´s all  your manners and etiquette?


Mr Midnight licked the last drops of milk from his bowl and then washed behind his ears. After a couple of seconds he then replied……


MM-Avatar     You know  you shouldn´t ask questions when cats are still eating or drinking. How am I supposed to answer you when my mouth is full of delicious goodies.  Talking with your mouth full is  bad manners  Sir Winston!


Sir Winston gently shook his head from side to side, got up,  and then wandered off into the living room to have a ten minute stroke before going out for the night.

He often wondered about Mr Midnight. He was getting ever so cheeky.
He found  daddy sitting on the sofa and after  meowing  in his usual, loud manner, he  sprang onto his lap with which to receive those  stroking hands and his massage before going out for  the night.  Mr Midnight suddenly appeared at the other end of the sofa and he also, sprang up onto the sofa and joined daddy, snuggling up to his right leg.


author-Avatar      Be careful Sir Winston!. You hurt me when you start padding  your  paws with extended claws.  Settle down.

MM-Avatar      “Padding paws with extended claws”.  That sounds like a great title for a song track daddy! It has something   menacing  to it.

Sir Winston changed his position many times until he had  found a position which  suited him.
SW-Avatar      Sorry daddy. I always forget that I shouldn´t  stick my claws out.  You humans are ever so sensitive.  🙂
What are you up to daddy?

author-Avatar     I´m watching the late night news Sir Winston.
MM-Avatar     It looks quite  distressing to me. It´s very hectic and the moving images usually portray  lots of sad human beings.  Is that what you call entertainment daddy?
author-Avatar      Not really Mr Midnight but in a round about way, I suppose one could call it entertainment. It´s quite  sad though  isn´t it.
MM-Avatar SW-Avatar     Yes it jolly well is.

Nobody seems to understand anybody. Everybody is shouting at one another. Those people who make  your rules are always confused and frightened to speak the truth.
author-Avatar      To tell you the truth, one does  get used to it.  Although most of the news features are serious, I find that the only way with which to deal with the news is to try and not take it  too seriously – especially the politicians.  They´re just comedians  telling half-truths and  bad jokes. One cannot take them seriously. They´re all the same.

SW-Avatar      That´s probably  why a lot of you human beings have decided to avoid going to the polling stations whenever you have an election.  In Europe, present day attendance figures at general elections are usually quite dismal.  There is obviously  little faith in your system.
MM-Avatar       Is a polling station a place where one has to  bring a barge pole?  I think you mentioned something about poles in a previous blog posting.
author-Avatar       Yes, we have already mentioned  barge poles Mr Midnight and I don´t think this is the time and place with which to open another discussion upon the subject. Can we please stick to what Sir Winston and myself were talking about?  You´ve bought us both out of our patter now.
MM-Avatar       Sorry daddy. I only wanted to contribute   to the discussion.
author-Avatar       It´s alright. No harm done. 🙂

SW-Avatar       Well according to the news pictures,  there does seem to be a lot of harm being committed  on our planet.  Human beings appear to love creating  wars and tragedy.
author-Avatar       I´m afraid that´s about the truth of it Sir Winston.  The human race does have  a miserable track-record as regards living in peace.
MM-Avatar      Some peas?  I´m actually, quite partial to peas,   so if you have any to spare,  I wouldn´t mind if I do.
author-Avatar       I don´t have any peas at the moment  Mr Midnight, and peace  seems to also,  be a rare commodity.
SW-Avatar       The news in our country  is always giving the impression that  Germany is a financially, poor country. That is the message which is continually being sent out – and the majority seem to believe such baloney.  That is why it´s easy for your German rulers to continue raising taxes even though if observing past financial tax revenues, your country has taken record taxes year after year.

I believe one could say that many seem to  have become brain-washed.

MM-Avatar      Your rulers can´t seem to get enough money and power,  and  most of your  people seem to be   too convenient in their ways to do anything about it.  In some poor countries of our world,  people will go  onto the streets to demonstrate their cause but in the comfortable West, people tend to  only go out on the street when  their lifestyles become cramped  and  they feel that they are personally,  losing out on something.   There isn´t   much of a movement towards a greater cause.

What seems to count is that the individual gets as much  out of your system as possible.  The brewing storm of reality that lay dormant through popular evasion, will at some point hit home and consequently, the modern individual will start to  winge about the circumstances.

By the way, what was that about macaroni? I love pasta and sauce, especially cheese sauce and macaroni 🙂
SW-Avatar      I said baloney Mr Midnight, not macaroni.  Forget your stomach for once please.
The human  “system” and your lifestyles are  so  out of date and most of your  people are too frightened to change anything. Their  fear  is quite understandable because in some countries of our planet, some political leaders  suppress their people.  Some   politicians have even  greedily  changed their country´s electoral  constitution to suit themselves (and  have gotten away with it)  while also   possessing a blatant disrespect for human-rights by  having  introduced legislation  abolishing all  forms of opposition and “doing-away” with  basic human rights.

One such well-known figure  could be a man  called Mr P.

MM-Avatar      Does he like peas then?

SW-Avatar      Stop Put in yer oar in all the time Mr Midnight!

I`m sorry.

You made me lose  control for a moment and for a second,  I simply lost it. Your continual interuptions cheese me off  Mr Midnight.   How are we to remain serious if you keep going on about barge poles and peas?  Please, stop and think about our poor readers who have to read such drivel.

MM-Avatar      Cheese is also a pleasant variation to what we normally have for dinner. I occasionally even have cheese dreams.

I apologise for my rude interruptions. It won´t happen again. 🙂

DSCN0647      Thank you.  🙂  And now back to where we left off.
author-Avatar     I suppose that as long as some are  profiting from the  “system” and   the general populace remain  satisfied with their  comfortable  past habits with  fear of change imbedded in their souls, there is not a lot that we can do about our present situation.
SW-Avatar      But your education system is failing, your social security systems are at a dead end, most  of your  current legislation is from yesteryear and  demographic development is rapidly changing.

Isn´t anybody interested?
author-Avatar       I don´t really think so.  Having to think so far ahead is too tiring for the majority.

Human beings only seem to learn out of catastrophic events. (And even then only sometimes!) 🙂 Up until that point, we continue on our habitual path, mostly of yesteryear.

We will then moan about the outcome afterwards.

MM-Avatar      Sounds loony  to me! 😉
SW-Avatar      Don´t get sardonic Mr Midnight, this is serious stuff.
author-Avatar     In my opinion,  our societies  are unable to “go with the times”  because of either focusing  too much on the past or the future.  Living in the moment is where life happens.  Our present surroundings are  simply a product of  our past behaviour – that is why we have so many problems. We tend to avoid  going  with the  flow.
SW-Avatar      It´s exactly the same with the individual.  Your  present surroundings simply reflect the choices you  made in life.
author-Avatar       To a certain extent, that´s  correct Sir Winston;  and because human-beings tend to evade self-responsibility and  love to bathe in the victimhood modus,  their  problems will usually  become larger. One cannot continually evade reality  just because  of reality  appearing  painful or frightening. In the long run, we won´t  be happier.  It may seem  a lot easier to create an artificial reality but our future will become very uncertain.
MM-Avatar       Our world is in a constant state of movement.  A shame that you humans still haven´t understood this basic fact.

SW-Avatar       Those pictures on the box are distressing. Why don´t you all try and make the first step towards gaining peace by trying to forgive one another?
MM-Avatar       I think that´s too much to ask for Sir Winston.
You forgave me the other day didn´t you.

I craftily, ate some of Sir Winston´s food as he was looking the other way. He caught me and didn´t make a song and dance about it. He forgave me for my little sin. 🙂
He is a caring companion.  🙂
SW-Avatar      Forgiveness is the first step towards peace. You all want peace but would sooner rely upon the next man to get the ball rolling.  How tragic.
A Buddist saying states that “However loving the soul is in this life, then the more beautiful it will be in the next”

MM-Avatar      Nice words Sir Winston. I´m not sure  if any  human beings will be able to understand them  and I don´t know   where you manage to dig out  all of those wise words of wisdom, but very well put! 🙂
Forgiveness is certainly, one of the keys to a happier life.
Another key to a happier life is the key that opens that nice metal packaging of salmon which is standing in the kitchen.
author-Avatar I think it´s time that you two both went out now. Mr Midnight, you´ve had enough to eat  already and Sir Winston has started clawing me again with his “padding”.
Come on boys, out you go!

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Cat music preferences

author-Avatar     It was late  Saturday night, approximately 10,30, and my furry friends and I were sprawled out on the floor  in front of the hifi.   The “lads” would often lay infront of the hifi before going out for the night because they liked the soft materials of the rug and my closeness, and it gave them a certain “buzz”  before their ensuing nighttime activities.  We would sift through my large collection of recordings for  about an hour,  with the  “boys”  taking it in turns deciding  what was to be played  and  myself having  the task of  slipping the record out of its  sleeve and placing it on  the turntable.

We had made  a gentlemans agreement that because I knew all of the records in my record collection, I was not allowed to choose what was to be played. I also  made it quite clear that only I was allowed to touch the vinyl and place it on the turntable.  Afterall, I didn´t want Mr Midnights paws scratching all of  my limited editions!  He´s not very patient  and  he is rather clumsy at times.

Another reason for writing this piece is because Sir Winston was feeling a little agitated about the last blog postings.  Because of Mr Midnights past antics, he was  slightly worried that his tiny group of followers would probably desert him at some stage and he felt that  their daily obsevations had somehow, turned too serious.   It is with this in mind that he suggested we “lighten-it-up” a little and talk about something that most readers could relate to.  The topic of music.


author-Avatar     For the final time Mr Midnight, the shiny looking object is called a “Compact Disc”.  They  reproduce sound in virtually  the same way as the vinyl records.

MM-Avatar     But vinyl recordings are so much better. The pictures on the sleeves are a lot larger and the sound is more superior in  quality.

author-Avatar     That may be the case,  but CDs also have their positive uses.

MM-Avatar      I´m sure they do,  but as you are already aware, I just love analogue recordings  🙂

SW-Avatar     Stop chattering about and get on with it Mr Midnight.  What´s your first choice going to be?

MM-Avatar      I´ve found a recording which is actually, more up your street Sir Winston. I love the title of this track; it´s called “CATtanooga-choo-choo”.
SW-Avatar      Put it on the deck daddy.  By the way Mr Midnight, it´s called Chattanooga-choo-choo from a fellow by the name of Mr Miller. This track was quite a stirrer way back in the 40s.
author-Avatar       I think I got hold of this because my grandpa was rather  a fan of Glenn Miller.
SW-Avatar      Now it´s my turn.  I want you to play “The sounds of silence” from Simon & Garfunkel. We cats love peace and quiet. 🙂
MM-Avatar     I`m quite fond of  “silence” songs myself  Sir Winston.  I also know a “silence” song. It´s called “Enjoy the silence” from guess who?  Yes, that´s right, from  my favourite band (and daddy´s), Depeche Mode.   🙂 But can you play a track from  this odd looking album please daddy? I want you to play “I want a dog” by the Pet Shop Boys.  It´s a funny song which Mr Dog next door lent me last week at the “pawty“.

SW-Avatar      I´m not too keen on it.  I can´t identify with it. It´s too exotic for my taste.  Can you play a Cat Stevens song daddy – Katmandu from the album, “Mona Bone Jakon” please.
MM-Avatar      Fancy picking a track called catmandu. And he was telling me that my previous choice was exotic.  Sometimes I just   don´t understand Sir WInston.
Here´s a nice “rocky” one. Something to liven the “pawty” and a track which reminds me of when  I wish to cross the loud, smelly concrete thing  to visit my mates over the way – “The road to hell” by Mr Rear, or is it Mr Rea 😉
SW-Avatar       It´s not my “cup-of-tea”.  How about this one; “Merry christmas Mr Lawrence”, whoever Mr Lawrence may be, from a guy by the name of Ryuichi Sakamoto. It´s nice and relaxing.
MM-Avatar       But what´s the thing with the “sack” Sir Winston?  Does he sing sitting in a sack?
SW-Avatar       He doesn´t sing very much and he often sits on a chair.

MM-Avatar       He sounds a bit eccentic and too  experimental  for me. He doen´t sing and sits on chairs!?  He obviously doesn´t want to  contribute very much towards the normal “rock-star” image thing.
SW-Avatar        We don´t all have to like rock music do we. Some of us appreciate more intricate, delicate pieces.
MM-Avatar       Grace Jones – “Walking in the rain”.  I love it.  This is the right kind of song for me when I´m feeling down. I hate my fur getting wet and this song really brings me down and  reminds me of the fact.  Fantastic stuff!
SW-Avatar        “Amazing Grace”, but the Bryan Ferry version from the album “Taxi”, is a very stylish piece.  It´s also  traditional  and goes well with the name of your previous artist, Grace Jones. 🙂
MM-Avatar       Very funny Sir Winston.
If we´re now playing about with song titles and artists names; how about the song “Being Boring” from the Pet Shop Boys.
I´m sorry Sir Winston, I didn´t mean it.  I´ll  take my previous comment  straight back. 🙂

Can you play this track daddy. It´s from Duran Duran and is called “The man who stole a leopard”.  It´s off the latest album and sounds quite menacing.   Leopards are our cousins and it´s a great track!
SW-Avatar      Mr Midnight listens to  “Walking in the rain” when he´s down, so I would like you to play “I hung my head”, from Sting please.  I love to listen to this song  when I´m feeling down. I also like to “hang-my-head” to the music.
MM-Avatar      Because we´re   back on the subject of being “blue”, how about now listening to  “Blue Monday” from New Order. It´s very lively and I can identify with the title because daddy goes to work on Mondays after having spent all weekend with Sir Winston and myself.
author-Avatar      I think we have to stop now  boys. I´m getting a little tired. Both of you can pick a couple more  tracks and then you can go out for the night, if you don´t mind.
SW-AvatarMM-Avatar       OK daddy, thank you.
SW-Avatar        Can you play “Smoke gets in your eyes”, but the Thelonious Monk version please.  I love classy, jazzy tunes. I hate smoke getting in my eyes – it´s so iritating.

MM-Avatar        “Salmon fishing in New York” from Orange Juice is a great track everybody!  The band disbanded in the early eighties but they had a good sense of taste. I love salmon (but am not so keen on orange juice – milk “Juice” being more appropriate.  🙂
SW-Avatar        My last choice has got to be “Only the moment” from Marc Almond  because it is only  in the moment that we live.  Although the lyrics are totally obvious for a cat, for a human being,  they  obviously  are not.

Humans love living in the past or in the future,  but tend to disregard the present.  This is a shame because they cannot change their past and the future never arrives.  The moment is where life happens, not the future. 🙂
MM-Avatar       Very philosophical Sir Winston.

Let me make my last choice please. You always go on an on and on. 🙂

My last pick has got to be “Incatations” from Mr Oldfield.
SW-Avatar      That´s rather  a long piece Mr Midnight and by the way, it´s called “Incantations”. You´re obsessed with all things to do with cats.
MM-Avatar       No I´m not.        I`m obsessed with food as well,   which reminds me . . . . . . . . . .

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“Paws” 4 thought

SW-Avatar  Just stop for one moment Mr Midnight and repeat what you´ve just said!  But slowly this time. I didn´t quite understand you.

MM-Avatar  I asked, “Are you feline alright Sir Winston cause if you are, you can come to the pawty with me and my mates tonight.  You don´t have to wear a bell around your neck or anything and  there are no drinks containing  a high alcohol purcentage. However, there is plenty  of milk  to go round. 🙂  There´s even Greek yogurt Sir Winston!  You know how much you love to do your bit to help save the Greek human beings in their economic crisis. 🙂

The evening will be purfect!

SW-Avatar  Well I´m not so sure Mr Midnight.   I don´t think I really fit in with your crowd.  You´re all now speaking this strange new street language and even  “Wild Cat” from down the road is trying out new “french-cat” accents –  I mean; “pawly vous francais?”.  Where is it all going to end?

It all sounds ridiculous to  my ears.

MM-Avatar  You have cat  to be kitten me right meow!

We´re all “pawlayin”   the new language, that´s what it´s all about!  We´re all fashionable  cats, that is, apart from you Sir Winston.  Just get with it Sir Winston and get some pawsitive cattitude.  It´s wonderfurl  when you´re in the in-crowd!

SW-Avatar  I´m sorry Mr Midnight, I think I´ll give it a miss if you don´t mind.  I´m not so keen on the way you all  “hash” our language.   It´s a catastrophe.

MM-Avatar  You see Sir Winston.  That´s not too bad!.  Your word choice is not purfect but at least you attempted to speak our jargon.

SW-Avatar  Mr Midnight; the word “catastrophe”  is a normal word. You do not even notice the difference anymore.

MM-Avatar  Purrhaps you´re right Sir Winston – I might not notice the difference  but at least I´m still a cool cat!  Look at my freaky furstyle. It´s furbulous!

SW-Avatar  What´s so cool about acting the same as everybody else?

That´s what  humans usually do. Most of them tend to  copy one another and they avoid trying to discover who they really are.

I can´t see any real sense in doing that Mr Midnight. I want to be who I am and not have to feel that I must  imitate “anothers song” just so that I may  “fit-in”  with  my surroundings.

Whatever happened to originality and individuality?

MM-Avatar  It´s too much like hard work Sir Winston. 🙂

It´s easier to just  slip  into the “in-crowd”;  but if I´m not careful and dance to their tune, they may kick meowt of the “club”.

SW-Avatar  Your “friends” seem to be a nice clowder of cats!  As long as you behave as is expected, you are allowed to be “in their club” and appear to be cool.  That´s suppossed to be a recipe for happiness?

There  seems to be little  difference between humans and modern cats.  You all go about your ways copying one another, and not necessarily understanding why you´re doing,  what you´re doing.

Should we not occasionally, pause for thought?  There doesn´t appear to be much time for self-analysis.   You “cool cats” are too preoccupied copying one another.

MM-Avatar Is their a claws in some document somewhere stating that we  must all live individually?

SW-Avatar  Of course not Mr Midnight, only human-beings like to  make  lots of rules and things,  but  if you are to find your own true happiness,  you must learn to “go-your-own-way” and not to adhere to that of another.

MM-Avatar  What´s wrong with your ear?

SW-Avatar  There´s nothing wrong with my ear Mr Midnight. I said “adhere”!.

MM-Avatar Sorry, my mind was slipping a little.  I can´t take my thoughts  off  tonights pawty.

I take it that you´re not going then, even though there is some free Greek yogurt up for takes and a new band appearing.  They´re a wild herd of cows who wear large, fashionable moostaches and who love  to play loud moosic. 

SW-Avatar  I think I´ll have an early night tonight Mr Midnight but you go  ahead. It´s not my “cup-of-tea”. I´ll wait up for you and you can tell me what it was like when you get back.

MM-Avatar  OK.  Suit yourself. You go and entertain yourself by looking at daddys postage stamps or something, and I´ll go and have a good time.

Nobody lives furever,  so I may as well enjoy myself as long as  I can.


Sir Winston hoped that by staying at home, he was doing the right thing. He didn´t want to miss-out on life but for some reason, his instinct informed  him  that however difficult some of his choices may be, he was on the right path.

He settled down for a peaceful cat-nap.SW2

(C) MAGS 2013

The “flying thing” and electricity pylons

author-Avatar   Sir Winston and myself were upstairs in the attic.  Our attic is a  rather large place and has  been comfortably  renovated so as to make a couple of extra rooms.  One of these rooms has been converted into a study, and it is the study,  where Sir Winston and myself often “hang-out”.

We  heard a commotion coming from below.

MM-Avatar   Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!


Mr Midnight darted up the stairs (taking two steps at a time) , sprinted across the attic floor towards the study and with over-excitement and excess speed, he crashed into a pile of empty removal boxes which had been neatly stacked in the corner.  The pupils in  his  eyes were as black as the night and after gathering his senses, he hasted into the study with which to inform us of his excitement.


MM-Avatar   Daddy! Daddy!,    I´ve seen the great  village flying thing!

I was basking in the sun  on the balcony when the majestic creature swooped over my head!  What a sight!   Fantastic!

author-Avatar   I´m not following you Mr Midnight (as usual) 🙂

What does he mean Sir Winston?  Mr Midnight often seems to talk in riddles.

SW-Avatar   I apologise for Mr Midnights lack of articulation.  His main interests in life seem to be aimed at either eating or sleeping.  You see what can happen if you don´t get a decent education!

He means he has seen the village stork.


About four or five years ago  a pair of storks visited our village.  Since then, they have decided to visit our village year after year; arriving in March and leaving in September.  Mr Midnight is often fascinated by the sight of them and on  rare occassions when they fly over our house, he will often go beserk with joy.


MM-Avatar   It´s such a gracious being and lives in  freedom.  I love it!  It must be great to feel so free.

SW-Avatar   You are  ALREADY free Mr Midnight.  Cats do what they want to do. It´s part of our nature.  Unlike humans, we do live in freedom. (At least those of us who are  not having to live a life of suffering because of nobody wanting  to take us home with them).

I feel sorry for human beings because although many believe that they live in freedom, the majority do not.   With which to  earn their money, they must  visit places of which most do not want to go.  They are tied to the rules and  regulations of their communities and their Governments are continually lying to them.

The problem with the “lying rulers” is that the majority of  “normal” humans  appear to be  either too lazy to do anything about the situation or they have simply given up thinking for themselves and seeking their own “truths” .

I would even go as far as to say that most humans do not really want to live in  real freedom.  True freedom seems to  be inconvenient  because  many humans  would then  have to start making their own  decisions  and take responsibility for their actions but then again, this may indeed, be the path of the human race.

MM-Avatar   At least most of us cats are free and Mr Stork seems to do alright for himself.   Where does Mr Stork live Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar   Storks often build their homes in high places.  Their homes are usually large constructions and are made out of   small spiky things  which are found littered around our kingdom.  I´m not quite sure where “our” Stork lives because as you are aware, I do not  like to venture much farther than the end of the hard surface where the noisy, smelly  things go.

author-Avatar   The hard surface thingy is called “a road” Sir Winston.  The stork has built its nest close to the river  at the other side of the village,  on one of the arms  protruding  from an  electricity pylon.

MM-Avatar   Now you´re losing me daddy. What´s  a “nest” and what is an electricity pylon?  The pylon thing sounds quite  frightening and the “protruding” word   somehow gives me the creeps.

author-Avatar      A nest is what English-speaking human beings call a home for a bird. As you should already  be aware from previous postings  Mr Midnight, a bird is what you call “a flying thing”. An electricity pylon is a man-made structure  which is built like a large tree and  which among other things,  helps to  distribute light to our house when it is dark  and keeps all our household modern appliances functioning.  Do you understand?

MM-Avatar   I think so.  A pylon is an important object which helps you get my food out of those strange, metal packages.

author-Avatar   Yes, something like that.

MM-Avatar   Anyway, what are you both up to?

SW-Avatar   Until your excited, dramatic appearance, I was lying comfortably under daddy´s desk examining some of his postal exhibits.

MM-Avatar    I really can´t understand the fascination for pieces of paper with small pictures printed upon them,  although I do find some of them nice. Can you find that nice camel stamp daddy?

author-Avatar  We´ve already shown the readers  your camel stamp  in a previous blog posting Mr Midnight. We don´t want to become  tiresome  and bore our readers  to death do we.  It´s bad enough already what with talking about storks and  electricity pylons.


The two “lads” settled down under the desk and started to examine a pile of unsorted stamps which I had recently  purchased at an auction. I started to catalogue some East German stamps.


MM-Avatar   I´ll help you sort some of daddy´s stamps   Sir Winston.  Some of them are  so old and they pong a little. I really  can´t understand the obsession  for doing this. Why does daddy  like these old things so much?

SW-Avatar   Perhaps because he enjoys  living in the past. I must say, I also  find them absorbing. It´s a little bit like  meditation.

MM-Avatar   Yes, you could say that Sir Winston. Stamps usually  make me  want to fall to sleep aswell!


We had spent about half-an-hour sifting through our collectables when all of a sudden,  Mr Midnight sprang up and   meowed loudly.

MM-Avatar    –  LOOK !   A funny looking stamp!!   A stamp just like Mr Storks house!!!!!
author-Avatar    Let me have a look.
SW-Avatar   And me please!
author-Avatar   My goodness Mr Midnight. It looks like you have found a “stamp error”.   Where´s my  German rarities catalogue?
SW-Avatar    It´s behind you daddy. Open your eyes!


I immediately found the page in the catalogue describing Mr Midnights discovery.
He had found a 1947 stamp from Saarland. It was the 75 Pf stamp bearing the catalogue number 222 I    and was the error  “Storchennest auf Turmdach” (Storks nest on Tower).


author-Avatar    What a great find Mr Midnight. Well done. It´s a remarkable piece because it´s still joined to another 75 Pf stamp not  showing  the error.
MM-Avatar   Storks seem to be quite popular at the moment. Little pieces of paper collecting is not such a bad idea after all. Can we show the readers my find daddy?
author-Avatar   Oh all right. I don´t wish to bore them but your discovery is a remarkable find.  By the way,  just in case as  Sir Winston has already  pointed out,  you can´t see so well, the “nest” is on the right stamp on the top  of the right tower.


SW  Sifting through piles of postage stamps is quite  exhausting. I think I´ll crash-out on this nice plastic bag if you don´t mind.

MM-Avatar   And I`m going  to dream about  storks and electricity pylons.  🙂

(c) mags 2013