Nice weather and “the bells!”

author-Avatar  Summer has  managed to  arrive in the Black Forest.  After taking of what appeared to be  an eternity, the sun has at long last, now managed to penetrate even the sleepiest parts  of this  world. Don´t get me wrong, habitants of the Black Forest are no more sleepier than people  in any other part of the world,  but that´s what seems to be the problem –  because of this sudden, unexpected heat-wave, many of us are so overwhelmed (and sticky!) that we are unable to sleep properly at night.  Most of us tend to  slugglishly trudge through the day with eyes half-closed (nothing new there then!)  🙂  visibly struggling with the strains of wanting to find a shady place with which to rest.

It´s terribly difficult trying to keep one´s home cool  (we´re just not used to so much heat)  and the temperature in my sleeping quarters is akin to living in a tent having had the sun beat down on it all day.  That´s why I (try to) sleep with the window wide open – and that´s the second problem!    I´m just not used to all those noises outside! (sensitive me).

At approximately 4 in the morning (I know because when I can´t sleep, I tend to keep looking at my alarm clock!) the birds  living  in my neighbourhood just love to burst into song.  That´s all very nice but would they appreciate me playing a CD  from  Mr Midnight´s favourite group, Depeche Mode,  full blast at 2 in the morning?  I hardly think so.

And then there´s the bells.  Living in a sleepy village  (it´s no wonder  we´re all sleepy!) does have its setbacks because  noises  outside appear to be that much louder. I often wonder why we still have to keep ringing church bells  all through the night.  Every 15 minutes a gong!  Every hour a full melody of chimes.  Fantastic stuff – if you DON`T wish  to sleep!

Now that I´m fully awake, I may now listen to the early morning traffic. I live near the main road which runs through the centre of my village so it´s probably not surprising that I should also get to know at what time the first commuters speed through my village on their way to work.

My solution: Deal with it, sweat and close the window!

MM-Avatar What are those frequent, strange, disturbing noises Sir Winston?   I hear them when it´s light and when it´s dark.  Continual, deep clanging  noises all day long.  It´s enough to drive a cat round the bend!

Is it those humans again?  They are always up to something.


The “lads” had had a strenuous night “on the town” (or “on the village” as the case may be!) and were both cat-napping  in the cellar.      It was just after 4.30 a.m.  and Mr Midnight was becoming restless and slightly aggitated.


SW-Avatar I try to ignore  interference as best I can  but the disturbance  does seem to be another man-made sound.

MM-Avatar You can bet that it´s ANOTHER man-made sound!  Most disturbing noises are man-made sounds!

SW-Avatar I heard it through the grapevine  (from Mr Squirrel I believe) that the noise you refer to  is called “a bell”.

MM-Avatar I didn´t realise that  you  crawled through grapevines Sir Winston. I´m not too fond of grapes myself. They play havoc with my stomach;  but those “bell-things”  should be abolished – they play havoc with my well-being.

Some of my mates down the road wear dinky, little bells around their necks but I´m just not into “bells” at the moment. They´re annoying things. Why do humans need to keep making noises with bells? Are they still in the kindergarten?

SW-Avatar . . . . . nice word Mr Midnight.   Kindergarten.    You must have picked that one up from round here somewhere.

MM-Avatar I did. Most humans around here do not speak like daddy. They are what one calls, “German”.  I like German words. They can be very, very long! But why the obsession for  metal sounding  objects?

Must be one of the reasons why early German electronic (analogue) 🙂  music originated; you know,    Kraftwerk etc.

SW-Avatar I´m not quite sure why humans seem to have a  passion for  noisy things  Mr Midnight,  but there must be some reason to it all. Humans are not really logical beings but the “bell craze” must have it´s origins somewhere.

A long time ago, I heard that most  humans couldn´t read and write (whatever that means) so some clever devil invented the bell with which to inform everybody what time it was.

MM-Avatar Well it´s either dark or light,  or sleeping time or eating time. 🙂   It still doesn´t explain why humans have to keep banging their bells.

SW-Avatar When  people knew what time it was then they knew when they  could go to Church.  You see, a bell could also be a “call to God”.

MM-Avatar . . . . and this God fellow loves bells?  Sounds rather goofy to me. Does he need waking up then?                                                                                                    I don´t know how he manages to sleep through all that din. I hope he´s in a good mood afterwards.

Is this Church thingymajig an important place Sir Winston?  It seems to show no mercy, especially  towards cats. I mean, hitting pieces of metal at all times of the day – it´s just not on is it.

SW-Avatar A lot of humans  who live in our part of the world seem to like the Church and it´s bells and things.  Humans go there with which to seek advice and to talk with their God.

MM-Avatar They don´t need to go to Church to get some advice.  Here´s my advice. Please stop making noises with your “bells”. The flying things  which english-speaking humans call birds,  are not too keen either!

And what is this God thing anyway?  Can´t humans talk to him in the solitude and comfort  of their  own homes?

SW-Avatar I don´t know Mr Midnight. They seem to believe that one can only, properly get hold of God  when hitting a bell and visiting a Church.

MM-Avatar And is there really a God? We cats and animals seem to get by without having to make such a racket.

SW-Avatar Humans seem to think so. It´s called “a tradition” and because every human who  walked the earth before the present human  generation  believed in a God,  humans of today also want to  believe in God. It´s their belief.

MM-Avatar Well fancy that.  Everybody believing in something which nobody has seen. Don´t humans believe in themselves and what is in the core of their bodies.

We cats, all other animals and humans, all have the same life-force – what humans call “souls”. Cats and animals are  instinctively, constantly in-touch with their souls.  Humans obviously need to have a God as well.

If it helps I suppose it´s fine,  but please humans – please consider turning your “bells” off for a while.  Your God can hear you without you having to wake him all the time.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Nice weather and “the bells!”

  1. Heat and bells – could have been last week in the sleepy Austrian village we were in. Not mush sleep there either.

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