Too much information

The sun had at long last, decided to show its face,  and after having excitedly  chased one another around the garden  for twenty minutes or so, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston both  then retired to “higher ground” with which to relax and watch the passers-by.

MM-Avatar I can´t believe that it´s warmed up a bit Sir Winston.  All that wet stuff blocking my breathing apparatus and making me make strange noises was becoming irritating. I don´t like being irritated!  It´s  certainly a hard life  being a Black Forest cat.

SW-Avatar Just enjoy the warm rays and how they  penetrate your fur Mr Midnight. Honestly, you´re getting just like daddy.  He´s from a place they call “England” and he´s always going on about what humans call “the weather”.  Apparently, people who come from that part of the world just love talking about the weather. Just relax,  feel the warmth and enjoy the moment.


They  sat on the top of the hill  and observed what was going on beneath them.

There was quite a lot of noise and movement below.  People of all ages rushing by,  a bus collecting children from  school and parked cars attempting to leave their parking spaces at what seemed,  to be all at the same time.     It was as though the sun  had brought everyone out of their “hiding place”.


MM-Avatar Look at all that hassle down there Sir Winston.  They live very chaotic lives.  That warm, bright thing in the sky seems to  make humans scatter-brained, especially after such a long period of wetness and darkness.

SW-Avatar Well it´s hardly surprising after having been “cooped-up” in their homes for over half a year!


While half-listening to Sir Winston,  Mr Midnight noticed that  many humans had devices glued to their ears and absent-mindedly  wondered what those things could be.


MM-Avatar  I´ve often noticed growths  growing out of the side of human heads.  Do you think that humans also have sensitive hearing just  as we do Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar I very much doubt it Mr Midnight.  I don´t think humans hear  well at all.  Just listen to all that racket they´re making down there. They´re not even aware of how loud they are.   If they were sensitive to noise they wouldn´t make such a terrific din. They seem to love loud things.

I must confess,  I´m not sure  what those strange devices  are  glued to their ears. All that I know is that they are not always attached to their heads so they must be some kind of hearing aid or something with which to keep the cold out of their ears.

Look, there´s daddy emptying the rubbish in the garden. Let´s run over the road and ask him. He should know.


They both raised their bodies, yawned,  made themselves as long as possible by stretching,  and then ran down the hill, over the road and into the garden to ask their question.


MM-Avatar Hi Daddy, Sir Winston and myself would like to know what those lumps are which occasionally grow on the side of human heads. Even Sir Winston is at a loss for words.

author-Avatar I´m not quite sure what you mean. I haven´t noticed any “lumps” growing anywhere.

SW-Avatar Human beings  seem to have it attached to their ears most of the time and then they wander uncontrollably around the place gibbering what appears to be   garbage.

MM-Avatar Could the device be some kind of hallucinating drug?  If so, it seems to be very dangerous. They  don´t seem to watch where they are walking and their  speech  exceeds  normal levels of loudness.

It´s really weird.

author-Avatar Ah yes, I know what you mean. Those things  are called  mobile phones  and I suppose in a certain way, you could call them a drug because they are very addictive.

SW-Avatar And why do you need mobile phones?

author-Avatar In which to speak with one another and with which to share tidbits of information.

MM-Avatar Have humans got so much to talk about?  Humans must be very important beings  because they have them tuned in most of the time. You obviously, all have very much to say.

author-Avatar Yes, we appear to have a lot to say,  but most of the time our conversations  tend to hold  little substance or border on banality.  The main thing seems to be that we are available at all times, virtually 24/7. It possibly makes us all feel that much  safer.

MM-Avatar Are humans so insecure?   It all seems to be a bit of a waste of time if you don´t really have anything to say,  and it does appear to be rather stressful.  It´s no wonder that humans appear to be unable to cope with life´s burdens. You make your life a living hell.

SW-Avatar But there is nothing wrong with such technology if the quality of the conversation or information  is of a high calibre.   Humans are  free to do what they so wish with their spare time  but they should also,  possibly  try to  understand the dangers of technological addictions. The natural surroundings in which we live also have so much to offer.

MM-Avatar Many of you seem to have become “slaves to your  machines”.

author-Avatar I guess that these days,  it´s  rather difficult  to decipher what is to be termed as “quality” information. We are surrounded by so much input that the human body does tend to get bombarded with so much useless information.  It´s virtually impossible  deciding  what´s “quality information” and what is not.

SW-Avatar Through evolutionary development, human beings have advanced at a great pace but the human brain,  as oppose to recent  technological advancements, hasn´t really sufficiently kept up with the new “state-of-the-art” technology.  For  normal, human beings, ………

MM-Avatar . . . . . . . are there any “normal” human beings?

SW-Avatar . . . . technology seems to have over-taken everybody.  Technology and the “information-flood” overloads your bodily systems which frequently seems to result in grave  stress patterns. There is too much information to digest and not enough  time to sort it all out.

author-Avatar And if being truthful Sir Winston, we should also ask ourselves; who is going to read our blog if humans suddenly  start digesting only “useful” , “quality” information?

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar  Oh yes. Sorry, we didn´t think about that.  Perhaps humans should leave things  just as they are.

Carry on with your addictions folks !    🙂

MM-Avatar Sir Winston would like  to have the last word (as usual,  but I´ll allow  him this time because he´s more diplomatic than myself and much better at explaining things).

Sir Winston 1  Enjoy your time on this planet. If  you do things that give you pleasure (and do not harm another) then you should do it. If playing about with telephones is your hobby,   then do it. Life is to be enjoyed!

If you like reading our blog and it gives you pleasure, then  please continue to do so. If you don´t enjoy our  little discussions, you are free to go your way. We obviously, want you to stay tuned and hope that we do not over-burden you with “our information”.

MM-Avatar I hope you managed to save the day Sir Winston. Our information is NOT addictive and may be used at all times! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Too much information

  1. I was hoping Sir Winston would have an answer for Midnight if there’s any “normal human being”. I’ll settle for “do not harm” then. 😛

    • Sir Winston had to think a lot about that question and that is why he was unable to answer it at such short notice. However he eventually came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as “normal”, not even with cats, but especially with human-beings.
      They both wish to thank you for liking our piece “Too much Information”. 🙂

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  3. Like the “growth out of the ear” thing great stuff! It s really a plesure to read your conversations, Sir Winston and Mr.Midnight, makes me laugh and keeps me entertained in a light and yet deep way – go on like that you re great!

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