Individual style sense

         A new day had just begun  and the first rays  of light started to peer through  the skylight  and pierce the  solitude and darkness of  the sleeping quarters of  Mr Midnight and Sir Winston.  The birds  started to sing their early morning song.

Mr Midnight lay opposite Sir Winston who still appeared to be sleeping, as  he thought to himself; …..why do the flying things always have to make such a din in the morning?

MM-Avatar Sir Winston, are you awake?


Sir Winston stirred ever so slightly and replied


SW-Avatar I am now Mr Midnight!  A bit of a silly question at this time of the morning don´t you think.  Can´t you keep quiet for a bit longer. It´s bad enough having to listen to the songs of the birds at all hours.


Mr Midnight had just finished washing  himself and the  fur on the top of his head was sticking up at an unusual angle.


MM-Avatar  I´ve already had a wash and  daddy won´t be getting up for a while with which to give me my breakfast so I thought I´d talk to you.

SW3 Oh very well. But let me carry on dozing.

MM-Avatar Can you remember?   Last night daddy came home very late and he told me while giving me my late-night (early morning!) milk that he had just got back from a  concert at a place called Stuttgart. He informed me that he had been to see my favourite band . . . . Depeche Mode.  Apparently, he always goes to see them when they are visiting but then again, he does have good taste 😉

As you know, we cats are not fond of crowds, so I prefer to listen to Depeche Mode  on  those shiny metal things in the living room. As readers may already be aware  from previous blog postings, I especially like the analogue keyboard sounds of the last three albums, especially the  “Playing the Angel” album and the latest album, “Delta Machine”.

SW-Avatar The shiny things are called Compact Discs Mr Midnight. Daddy seems to have a lot of those, but thank goodness, he also has other artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and classical works.

MM-Avatar He said that the concert was great and that it was in Stuttgart football stadium. It all sounds a bit too much for my ears.

Because of daddy earning his keep by playing about with human fur….

SW-Avatar ….. he is a hairdresser  Mr Midnight. Humans don´t have fur, they have hair.

MM-Avatar OK, sorry, a hairdresser,…..he also commented about how refreshing it was in his opinion,  to notice that a small number of spectators actually had stylish hairstyles. He has often commented in the past about the lack of human individual style sense,  so I suppose the concert was also appealing to him from a style point of view.

SW-Avatar But it is the inner values  what count in life Mr Midnight and  not the appearance  of a living being.

MM-Avatar That is very true Sir Winston but I believe  the appearance of a character also says a lot about the inner values.

SW-Avatar You´re probably right. I`ll have to ponder over it for a while.

MM-Avatar  When I´m sitting on the porch, observing  the humans who pass past our kingdom,  I often think how boring most of their fur . . . . . ooooops, sorry, hairstyles,  and methods of clothing seem to be. I mean, everybody should dress and style their hair as they  wish to do so but why do most people seem to want to copy one another? It´s not only in areas of what humans call “fashion”, but also in most other areas of everyday life.

Haven´t  humans a mind of their own?

Why do the majority want to copy one another?

I can understand why  daddy found some of those people at the concert to be interesting . Because of them being  individuals,  they obviously stuck out like a sore claw (thumb).

SW-Avatar Humans are obviously not as individual as they wish to make themselves believe. Afterall, they are not cats. We are very individual.  They probably  feel safer when the clothe and act the same as one another.

By the way, what´s that strange thing you´ve done to your fur on the top of your head?

MM-Avatar It´s my new “look-for-today” Sir Winston. Don´t you like it?

It´s called the funky spacecat look. All the cool cats are doing it.

SW-Avatar Well so much for my patter about cats being individuals.  There are obviously some cats  who occasionally, wish to act like humans and do the same thing as every other cat.  It must be something to do with the pressures of living with human beings.

…….Your style looks very nice Mr Midnight. I hope you can keep it spikey on top all day.

MM-Avatar Mr Dog next door  also has  a new look. It´s called the “shaggy look” . He loves listening to his masters so called “heavy-metal” music (music? . . . . it´s worse than the early morning din of the birds) so I suppose the “shaggy” look is good for him. It wouldn´t   suit me though. I like smooth, cool, punky short styles.

SW-Avatar It´s all a matter of taste.

Come on Mr Midnight. All this talk about styles has given me an appetite. Let´s go upstairs and find daddy to get some “stroking”  and eat  some breakfast.      I´m famished.

MM-Avatar What a very good idea Sir Winston. The best words you´ve said all morning!  🙂

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