Bad weather and nothing much to do.

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston sat together  on the top step of the porch and   frustratingly stared out  at the rain  as it gently  “kissed”  the ground.

MM-Avatar  I´m not so keen on all this wet stuff continually  “clogging”  up my fur.  It´s been like this for what seems like an eternity.  How am I suppossed to get about if what humans call “the weather”  is always dark and wet?

SW-Avatar Daddy said something about it having been cold and wet in the Black Forest since September of what he calls, last year.

MM-Avatar Well there has certainly been very little of that warm,  bright thing in the sky having stroked my back with its rays this year. Why do you think it´s always bad weather these days  Sir Winston?  Even the humans are getting mardy.

SW-Avatar Maybe it´s always been like that. You know, change.

I´ve often heard humans call this weather phenomena “climate change”,  but if this “climate change” is true, they don´t seem to want to attempt to do anything about it.  There must also be natural factors involved as to why we have had to  sit on the porch so many times this year, but this “climate change”  thing  seems to have  been catalysed by humans to a large degree.

MM-Avatar What have cats got to do with climate change?    Catalysed?  That sounds quite disturbing. Does it mean that a cat has been liquidated?  Poor cat!

SW-Avatar No, no, Mr Midnight!. Don´t worry.   A cat has not died.

Catalyse basically means “to speed up” or accelerate a process; thus, humans have contributed a great deal to the present outcome of this climate change thing through their lifestyles and attitudes.

Climate change would have happened anyway, but most probably  at a much slower pace.

By the way Mr Midnight, the word “liquidated” is a long word for you to use. I´m not used to hearing such long words from you.

MM-Avatar Well I´m not just a pretty face you you know!

Can I now  blame daddy for the atrocious weather conditions – afterall, he is  human?

SW-Avatar I suppose you can and you can´t.  Although he seems to be quite concious of his activities,  he can´t  step out of the vicious circle of his environment so easily.  On the other hand, the rapid  change in weather conditions, as is probably the case with natural disasters, although being horrific for those involved, could also be part of a natural cleansing process.  At present,  we seem to have lots of rain in the Black Forest, most probably  because things need to get “clean” again. (Energywise). The same could also be said for the heavy winds we seem to be experiencing.  All the “rubbish” (bad energy) gets blown away with which to help “cleanse” the world.

MM-Avatar But it still  looks as though  the humans are going to destroy our planet. That´s not very nice.

SW-Avatar I don´t think so Mr Midnight – at least not entirely.

Can you recall the vibrations we feel – you know,  the movement of our planet when we sit on the grass for example?  Those vibrations are part of the universe and the universe is something much greater than humans.  We are all part of the universe (cats, dogs, humans and fish etc.)………..

MM-Avatar I like fish.

SW-Avatar………..and the universe is in constant rotation and change.  Not even humans are able to do anything about this fact. Most humans are not even aware of the universe which surrounds them anyway.  As regards  our planet, the only factor we can rely upon, is the factor of change.

MM-Avatar Which is something humans and cats are not particularly fond of.

SW-Avatar A very long time ago, some human cultures were more in-touch with the universe than “advanced” cultures of today. For example;  last year, (21.12.2012) many human earth inhabitants believed that the world was going to end.

MM-Avatar That´s ridiculous. Why would it want to “stop” on the 21.12.2012?

SW-Avatar I have no idea Mr Midnight, humans seem to love tragedy.  Humans based their belief on an ancient  Mayan calander which indeed, did predict the “end of an era”, with many believing it to be the end of the world.  Because of the human races tendencies and fascinations for sensation and  gloom and doom messages,  many obviously wanted to sooner  believe  in negativity.

If having checked other sources, one could also have come to the conclusion that the 21.12.2012 was indeed, not the end of the world but the dawn of a new era – that of the Age of Aquarius, and also having something to do with the 26000 year energy cycle.

MM-Avatar Well I know all about that Sir Winston – it is embedded in my soul and guides my instinct, but I don´t think we should discuss it here because what is obvious to us cats (and other animals), is not very obvious to most human beings.

SW-Avatar You´re quite right Mr Midnight. We don´t wish to frighten the readers away.

MM-Avatar Let´s continue watching the wet stuff fall out of the sky for a while and then go downstairs into the cellar and grab  a few food sticks.  It´s nice and cozy down there.  I´m getting used to the Black  Forest coldness and wetness anyway.

SW-Avatar OK. Give me 5 Mr Midnight!  That sounds like a great idea.


(C) mags 2013

14 thoughts on “Bad weather and nothing much to do.

  1. Rain…let it wash away our sorrow…and clear the air…and the earth…for a wonderful future…where all are well…rain…rain…come…and then make room for the sun!

    • The sun is obviously still hiding behind all of those clouds but I´m sure that very soon, the sun will manage to disperse them all and come out, with which to dry all of our tears.

  2. love your concept, which one of the 3 of you is the creative brain of the operation? i look forward to reading more and thanks for reading mine too ) beth

    • Thanks for your comment.
      We enjoyed reading your blog and Mr Midnight suggested we place a “like” at the bottom of your article. Sir Winston and myself had to agree with him!

      The creative side of “operations” (managing director if you like) 🙂 is definetly Sir Winston. Mr Midnight and myself just go along with him most of the time but we all love writing to our small band of followers.

    • Sir Winston is “over the moon” about your kind words and I (Mr Midnight) am going to lay “under the sun” (at long last!) to get some warmth on my back and with which to savour your message. Thank you for your motivation!

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