Our loud world


It´s a sunday morning;  a little after ten, and I´m sitting on the top step of our porch;  bathing in the gentle rays of sun that at long last,  stroke my face.The air smells sweet (a hint of summer?) and is  still a little crisp from the night before.   I watch “the lads” on the unmowed  lawn  infront of me. They both seem to be occupied by something.

Mr Midnight is  not far away from me and is  crouched  with his  face just visible above the grass,  his big black eyes displaying signs of madness.Sir Winston is at   the other end of the garden, flanking Mr Midnights position, and begins to cautiously creep forward in his typical “cat”  stalking manner.

What are they up to?


MM-Avatar  What is Sir Winston playing at!.  He´s not going to have a chance in hell coming in from that position.


Mr Midnight obviously decided to take the initiative himself because quite suddenly, he raised his bum ever so slightly, wiggled it from side to side,  and unexpectedly pounced towards whatever had attracted his attention.

The bee majestically  floated upwards towards the sky,  as if having all the time in the world.


SW-Avatar Why did you have to be so impatient   Mr Midnight?  I heard the bee sucking on what humans call a flower, so we had plenty of time. It was preoccupied.

MM-Avatar But as  you know,  you´re not as small as you once were.  Approaching from that side of the garden meant that you were blotting out the warm, light yellow thing in the sky which would have created a shadow, thus alerting the flying humming thing.

SW-Avatar I hadn´t thought of that Mr Midnight. I should have come from the other side. I only wanted to play with it – sorry for having made  a mess of things.

MM-Avatar Don´t worry about it Sir Winston, we all make mistakes 🙂

author-Avatar That seemed to have been a lot of fun  boys – but how did you know there was a bee in that flower,  I didn´t hear anything?

SW-Avatar Well to tell you the truth daddy, we often have difficulty detecting things like that but at night and on what humans call Sundays, we are more able to identify with our surroundings.

author-Avatar How do you mean Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar Fundamentally;  that a human world is a very loud world.  Humans obviously love to live as well as fast  lives, also very loud lives. If humans  do not  like loud lives, then they have evidently become so used to their surroundings that they do not know any other way of living and have accepted the loud “intereference”.

MM-Avatar  ….or most humans are now a little deaf and it seems to not matter how loud their surroundings are.  Only the other day, a fast moving machine like daddy has (although daddy informs me his machine moves more sedately – believe that if you will!) 🙂  nearly ran  over me.  The occupant was a young man and the bass tones emitting from his machine were so deep that my whiskers wouldn´t stop vibrating.  My ears hurt like hell – It wouldn´t be a surprise if that young human being suffered hearing problems at an early age.

author-Avatar Well I must agree that I have also noticed how loud our planet is. Interference surrounds us wherever we seem to go. It is no doubt a necessity to create noise if wishing to survive a modern-day living but some emphasis must also be placed upon more quieter surroundings if wanting to care for ones body more seriously.

It is quite amazing that you were both able to detect that bee in the flower without even having seen it.

SW-Avatar That is because feline hearing capabilities are  far more superior than that of human hearing. A typical human hearing range is around (in Hz) 64 – 23,000 whereas compared to us cats,  we hear in ranges between  (in Hz) 45 – 65,000.

MM-Avatar One could say that the higher tones are our speciality.

SW-Avatar ……and that is why we are able to hear the grass grow, hear diferrences in movements of air,  identify the movement of a worm underneath the soil….

MM-Avatar ……..and be deafened by noisy humans driving machines on two round things, be submitted to screeching sounds created by work machines,  be made to  have to put up with horrible objects that  make the green stuff short (but smell nice), and have to accept repeated fascinations for loud mobile phone ringing or loud objects that stroke the floor of the house twice a week.

SW-Avatar They call that a vacumn cleaner Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar Well its all the same to me.  Things which make terrific noises  should all be forbidden. It is so disrespectful to us cats.

SW-Avatar Although the world is supposedly for all creatures, planet earth is still very much “controlled” by the human species. You´ll just have to accept that humans prefer to live in a loud environment and we cats will have to “like it or lump it”.

MM-Avatar Well I´m not one for “lumping” so i´ll go with it.

author-Avatar I must admit, I find it difficult to   imagine a world without noise, even if that world without noise was only for half an hour.  From a noise point of view;  it must have been fantastic to have lived in the 18th century. The only sounds being emitted would have been natural ones such as birds, horses trotting through the town, the general hum of people or other such “gentle” sounds.

Due to  our love for fast-paced lifestyles, gadgetry and constant accessability, many natural avenues of contemplation seem to have become switched off. What seems to count is that we are  constantly available – for everyone;  and at the same time, we forget lifes natural needs for being “in-contact” with ourselves.

SW-Avatar  That sounds a little naive daddy but I understand your slight frustrations.

MM-Avatar It´s no wonder that most humans seem to suffer some form of stress symptom.  You do not allow yourselves quality rest and are obsessed with your noisy devices.  You are so intelligent, but it seems a pity that  your intelligence is not put to use more often.  I will not give up hoping that you will one day, see the light.

Anyway, after having  stalked that bee and now spoken with my “bloggers” I think I´ll go and get “40 winks” and curl up in my basket.

It was nice having spoken with you all. Bye bye.

SW-Avatar….and I´m going to now think about what Mr Midnight said about stalking tactics. I don´t want to let him down next time.

author-Avatar I must apologise for Mr Midnights insensitivity towards the human race. He really cannot stand loudness but I hope he hasn´t offended anybody. I´ll write again in a week or so.

All the best.




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