Tolerance and respect

author-Avatar As you will already know if having read any of my  previous posts, I did intend to stop blogging for approximately two weeks. However, Mr Midnight insisted that we write one more blog because of something being on his mind.

MM-Avatar . . . . . . .well, they smell a little, are loud (often boisterous), hectic, not too fond of us cats, have disgusting habits, love complying to   rules  (human rules) and speak some foreign tongue (also usually quite loud!).

author-Avatar  . . . . and what is the problem with that?

MM-Avatar  Nothing really, but they are sometimes quite annoying, especially when they  are stressing us  cats.

SW-Avatar who are you talking about Mr Midnight, …. communists?

MM-Avatar I´m not quite sure what a communist is  Sir Winston  but if its something that annoys cats and takes away our freedom to roam in our own small patch of green – then it could be communists.

author-Avatar I believe that Mr Midnight is talking about dogs Sir Winston. He seems to be  a little frustrated today.

MM-Avatar  Well its very rare that I get frustrated about dogs because although I would not touch one with a barge-pole as I´ve heard the saying go in England, I do actually like our brothers and sisters. They were born under the same open sky as myself, have the same needs and requirements as myself  and breathe the same stuff as I do. They have the same right to be here as I do  – but they should just  try and avoid being annoying.

SW-Avatar Where are you going to find a barge-pole Mr Midnight?

MM-Avatar I´m not even sure what a pole is, yet alone a barge.

author-Avatar It´s just a figure of speech Sir Winston

SW-Avatar Well I think that we should all respect one another, regardless of where we come from, even if that means  ocassionally  having  to tolerate anothers ways of living. Just because we don´t understand anothers way of living doesn´t automatically jusitfy that we should craft false judgement.

MM-Avatar  yes, . . . .your right Sir Winston, us cats will just have to grin like a Cheshire Cat and bear it. (another odd half English saying I picked up from Daddy).

In human  words,  we are called:- a cat, el gato, un gatto,  le chat or die Katze.Human words for our favourite friends are :- un chien, un cane, el perro, a dog or Der Hund.

Notice how harmonious the words for cats appear. They are nearly all the same. Poor dogs have to make do with all sorts of concoctions for titles.

SW-Avatar I believe Der Hund originates from “hound”, as does the word “dog” originate from the German word “dogge”. I may be wrong though.

author-Avatar At least Mr Midnight and yourself Sir Winston, act and “think” from your own experience, as do all other beings. We humans will also act based upon our own experience but we also  rely heavily upon what others in times past have dictated as to  being called  the truth and what the majority living in our present surroundings find to be acceptable.

SW-Avatar That appears to be a rather convenient (but disturbing)  way of going through life. Does that mean that  you never look for your own truths?

author-Avatar Unfortunately, I think it does. There are some who go on the journey of attempting to discover their own truth but the large majority, appear to be conveniently  satisfied adhering to anothers voice as to being their truth. I may be wrong in my perception though. If my statement was true, one must still accept and respect their opinion of not wishing to look for their own truth.

SW-Avatar I have heard that it is accepted  by humans to go looking for reassurance  by blindly  sending out wishes into the universe and hoping for an answer from something high and mighty. If this helps, one should definetly do this, but what if the answers to life lay not in the vastness of  the macrocosm but also, in the vastness of the microcosm.

Humans tend to be of the opinion that the larger a thing is, then the greater it is, but the microcosm is just as vast as the macrocosm.  Many truths to life may lie buried within each one of you. Your God may be inside you, in your soul, all the time. One would then  not need to send things out into the vastness when what one seeks  already lays  within your soul.

MM-Avatar I think your losing me Sir Winston. We don´t want to annoy the nice people who read our blog.

author-Avatar I believe most will be able to cope with what we have said so far. If not, please send a comment. We don´t wish to sound disrespectful.

SW-Avatar The other day, the news showed demonstrators in a place called Paris, complaining about same-sex marriages. In my country, people in high positions, as well as demonstrators, showed the same  fears by wanting to “protect the institution called marriage”. If wishing to protect something then it must be under attack.  Speaking only as a cat; there is absolutely no reason why one should have to “protect” marriage by wanting to ban such a possibility for all to be fairly wed if they need be.

Intolerence is bred on fear and will quickly erase respect. The fears aroused by the same-sex marriage debates commenced in many peoples own heads and were based on experience, lack of proper information and others past beliefs.

Fear is usually, selfmade,  and is often fuelled by others who gain an advantage out of maintaining that fear.

author-Avatar I suppose that  it is because most of us have been brought-up the way we have. We cannot know any better. Even at school we are taught that the beast, Satan, will take us if we do not adhere to our society´s muster.

MM-Avatar What´s this beast thing daddy?

author-Avatar A suppossed kind of monster that will make your (after)life a living hell.

MM-Avatar I don´t want to believe in such a thing. It sounds horrible. But if it makes you all feel better – carry on.

author-Avatar Actually Mr Midnight, there is no such thing as Satan because Satan only really means adversary  and an adversary, is just an opposing force.

Some Christian leaders tried to “expose the anti-christ” by using a formula to calculate numbers for names and titles.

Every letter receives the number “6” and is added to the next letter, thus; A=6, B=12, C= 18, etc. The sum of all number will be the numeric value  of a name or title. An Evangelist noted that Mark of Beast is 78,6,108,66,90,36,12,30,6, 114 and 120 = 666.

The calculation is true but irrelevant.

Try using the words. COMPUTER = 18,90,78,96,126,120,30,108 = 666

HUMANITY = 48,126,84,6,78,54,120,150 = 666

WITCHCRAFT = 138,54,120,18,48,18,108,6,36,120 = 666

GOD OF ISRAEL = 42,90,24,90,36,54,114,108,6,30,72 = 666

What does all this prove?


We  obviously  like to believe that what somebody(or authority)  has told  us to be  true,  that this  is the real truth.

One should  tolerate and respect anothers views by keeping an open mind but should one not also attempt to discover ones own truths?

MM-Avatar I wish I hadn´t started things now.

It´s now  time for lunch,  and then I think I´m going to go and look for a barge-pole. 🙂

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