Living in abundance, not scarcity.

MM-Avatar Daddy has just put both Sir Winston and myself out onto the front door step. I can see his machine moving away into the distance –  probably to a place he calls “work”,  where I understand he exchanges his energy for among other things, nice things for Sir Winston and myself to eat.  Although it is still  quite dark and a horrible wetness is falling out of the sky, I am not too perturbed because I know that his “goings-on” are all for a good cause – namely that of caring for Sir Winston and myself. 🙂

I slowly amble  over  to the otherside of the porch, sit, and wrap my tail over my front two paws. Sir Winston has already gone off somewhere – most probably to check if everything in the thing they call a “garden” is all where it should be. He is quite particular.  As for me, I´m more for an easy life.

I can feel a light breeze stroke my fur and the smell of the coming of spring is closer today than it has been for a long time. (I am a cat of the Black Forest and it is not unusual to experience the first traces of Spring at such a late time in the year)  A certain sweetness tainted with the magic of what is to come gently wafts over me and an impatience is felt from within. It was a long winter.

I sit and feel happiness. The air is fresh and alive,  and the light (or lack of it today) has a certain greatness to it. The silence, and the  rustle of the green things in the  spikey things where the birds sometimes sit, with the vastness of  the sky watching over us,  makes me feel good to be alive because all of this is the richness of my kingdom.

What´s that movement under the hedge?!

All of my senses work overtime. My heart starts pounding. My eyes are wide open.  It´s moving towards me. It smells familiar – but what is it?

……Oh no, …it´s only Sir Winston and he´s managed to find another odd-shaped leaf with which to play about with. He´s so easily fascinated by nature.

SW-Avatar Look what I´ve found. Great isn´t it !

MM-Avatar Not bad Sir Winston, I bet that took some catching!

I was just pondering how wonderful our world really is – so much abundance!

SW-Avatar You can say that again. Just look at this lovely, odd shaped thing. I´ll have to examine it from all angles.

We have everything we need for a beautiful life experience. Natures richness, our health, plenty of things to eat, we are able to have nice naps and daddy brings us food sticks ocassionally from that place where they apparently,  love to sell you food.

.MM-Avatar Don´t start that again Sir Winston. We discussed the supermarket thing last time.

SW-Avatar Many humans choose to live their lives in scarcity and have obviously still not understood that negative attracts negative, as does positive attract positive. They do in fact, live in total abundance, although half the time, most of them never seem to discover this fact.

MM-Avatar How´d you mean Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar Well for a start, they tend to be quite  pessimistic and mistrusting. For e.g., they frequently say things such as, I hope the weather´s going to stay nice or You shouldn´t do that or You shouldn´t do this (one may  have too much of a good time!). Surely one should always expect things to go right.

They will then often assume that they are victims to lifes whims, permanently repeating to themselves that they are either poor, ill or unlovable. They seem to love living in scarcity.

MM-Avatar Well I saw abundance as I was sitting on the porch just now. I´m not poor (I have no money), am not ill (I take responsibility for my wellbeing), and I definetly know that I am loved.  Daddy shows me his love as  much as he can and I love to show him my appreciation and love.

SW-Avatar Precisely, Humans tend to make themselves believe that they are worse off than they actually are. They may not feel  and see that they live in abundance but their lives really are abundant. They may not possess the latest material gadgets of their desires but even this would be possible if they simply believed, and lived their lives, as though in abundance. They have the choice, but through past tuition and from their societies expectations, they chiefly  decide to live in scarcity and negativity.

Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative.

MM-Avatar None of this is new to me. I´ve even seen some paper things lying around the house with strange inscriptions upon them.

SW-Avatar I think they call them books

MM-Avatar Yes, books. I think I heard daddy say “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne for example   the other day, as he was looking at his book. I believe that daddy even wrote a book  but how he managed to do that I really don´t know. Humans obviously have many books but do they read them at all or even understand the wisdom some have to bare?

SW-Avatar Thats a very good question Mr Midnight and a question that I sometimes, rather doubt.

We´ll have to stop now Mr Midnight and wait until daddy is back with us. He said he would not be posting anything for approximately two weeks now because we are apparently having visitors soon.

MM-Avatar Well I hope they are pleasant and not too loud.

SW-Avatar I´m sure they are. They are from a place they call “England”.

MM-Avatar Well that explains it then. I remember last time…….


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