Time flies when you´re having fun

author-Avatar  Chapter 5 of my book  Nice Place, Shame About the Human Race is called “Time (and Mobile-Phones). With this in mind, I thought it a good idea to carry on from where I left last time and to observe the topic of time – especially because of having once again, moved the clock forward this weekend  into “daylight saving” summertime. I will however, leave the topic of mobile-phones for another time.

Today, a 1/4 of the year is now behind us with three-quarters remaining until the end of 2013. This very  fact  appears quite unnerving. Where has all my time vanished to?  It seems  virtually  only  yesterday that   I was eating christmas pudding, admiring the lights on the christmas tree (we only had a small tree this year) and listening to “Silent Night” on the HiFi. Has time gone by so quickly because I´m getting older or because as the saying goes, “Time goes by when you´re having fun”?

SW-Avatar Well apparently, you humans seem to also make time go by when you´re not having fun as well

author-Avatar How do you mean Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar Based on my observations, most of you always appear to be totally  stressed up and to be not enjoying your time as you should. You all seem to be rushing around all the time, trying to squash as many activities into your lives  as possible. No wonder time seems to fly by very quickly.

author-Avatar Well that might be true but we all have our responsibilities and have to earn a living with which to exist.

SW-Avatar That is a matter of opinion and depends upon what is your truth. The human race chooses to live  within such parameters and fails to notice other possibilities with which to live.

MM-Avatar Maybe you should all “chill-out” a little more and not take life too seriously – just like Sir Winston and me do daddy. The dark and light cycle which  humans call a day goes by quite slowly when you´re chilled out and relaxed.

author-Avatar Well that may be the case Mr Midnight, but humans still have to go to work with which to earn some money to pay for their lifestyle – like purchasing cat food, paying vets fees and buying toy mice so that pampered cats don´t get bored in the winter evenings. 🙂

SW-Avatar That is only the case because YOU choose to do so. Mr Midnight and myself did not ask that you look after us. You choose to do so yourself. You give us food and love and we give you love in return (sometimes with a few complications included). We would be quite able to look after ourselves if left to our own devices. We possess instinct and  still live  intact with our surroundings

.MM-Avatar Sir Winston`s quite right daddy. If we had to look for food with which to survive, we would find it. I think that at least half of the modern western world would be wiped out within a year if humans had to hunt what they ate. The modern worlds artificial environments and lack of living with nature dictate such a possibility.

However, it is nice when daddy opens a tin for me or gives me a food stick to swallow. Its a lot easier and so much more relaxed.

author-Avatar There is possibly some truth in what you both say but it still doesn´t  solve the problem of  time flying by so quickly.

SW-Avatar One possible explanation for your rapid time slip could be the fact that many of you do not invest in your time wisely. Humans have another saying that Time is money but it is only a foolish person who does not invest their money wisely. If time really was money – wouldn´t it be wise to invest ones time for the future, for e.g., relaxing and slowing down in the present  with which to discover health,  happiness and satisfaction  in later years?

We cats live life “in the moment”. Most of the time, human beings seem to live life exactly the opposite – namely in the past and in the future.

author-Avatar Well its true that many humans do like to plan for future events and reminiscing  is an act of finding solitude in an otherwise, difficult world.

SW-Avatar Possibly so but at the same time, you are unable to experience the present because it is only the moment that really counts.  Life is less stressful and painful  if one goes at the speed of life or  with the flow of life,  and not at the pace of what others dictate.  It´s good to plan (at least for humans) and its nice to live in the past, but one should also attempt to master the art of living life in the moment because in the moment is where life happens.

MM-Avatar Daddy, my tummy´s rumbling!.

author-Avatar OK, we´ll stop for now, when only to feed the lads – there doesn´t appear to be enough time left!

We´ll continue next week with our little discussion. If you have any thoughts upon this weeks topic, please feel free to comment – I´ll write back.

Bye for now. from me and the “lads”

(C) mags 2013

"The lads" and myself would appreciate your feedback.

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