Joy and Satisfaction

MM-Avatar “The visitors” have now gone back to where they originally came from and Sir Winston and myself now have our small kingdom back to normal.  Actually, I enjoyed their stay – they were a little loud sometimes and spoke in a strange language, but it was nice to have so many diferrent hands stroking my fur. Sir Winston made sure he steered clear of any confrontations with the guests and would often sneak off into the cellar where we  spend most of our nights. However, he did keep me awake most of the time with his constant inquisitive questioning as to our guests activities and their habits. I wish he were as brave as myself and had found out for himself. Still, at least it couldn´t have been that bad for him if he was so interested in their activities.

I´m now sitting on my favourite spot on the porch, tail wrapped around my feet (to keep my paws warm from this years April warmth!) and am taking in the (damp) smells of my wonderful kingdom. A feeling of joy sweeps through my body.


Suddenly, peeking from around the house  corner, a familiar face notices  Mr Midnight on the porch and with his furry friend in tow, Sir Winston gently saunters over to Mr Midnight with  his friend scurrying madly behind, with which to  greet him.


SW-Avatar Hi Mr Midnight, let me introduce  you to squirrel. He´s my best friend.

squirrel2 Hello Mr Midnight. Nice to meet you.

MM-Avatar Nice to meet you as well  squirrel. Mr Midnight wondered why Sir Winston seemed to like going about with such strange characters.

Why are you so nervous squirrel?

squirrel2 I´m not nervous Mr Midnight. I´m just happy and full of joy because I´d lost my nuts, but because of  help from Sir Winston, I´ve managed to find them again. I love to be out and about in nature and through over-excitement about being joyful about my life, I forgot where I placed my nuts. Now  that I´ve found them again, I´m even more joyous!


Mr Midnight thought that not only had he lost his nuts, but also his marbles.


MM-Avatar  Well it´s nice that things have turned full-circle and that you´ve gone from a state of joy into an  even larger state of joy. What a life you lead.

SW-Avatar Living life in joy and satisfaction seems to be a difficult task to master for human beings – but daddy occasionally shows this “joy” thing, especially after him  having been  jogging for over an hour.

MM-Avatar Seems a bit peculiar to want to move about for such a long period of time with which to experience “joy” . It must be a human thing.

author-Avatar Did someone mention that I was peculiar?  I´ve heard this been said before.

SW-Avatar Mr Midnight was only trying to work out why anyone would want to put in so much work with which to experience “joy”.

author-Avatar Well I don´t find jogging to be an act of work – it actually relaxes my mind and body. It´s such a great feeling to experience ones “self” in our hectic world and having freedom and being able to appreciate how lucky one is to be able to do what one so wishes, satisfies and spreads joy through my soul.

squirrel2MM-AvatarSW-Avatar We do that all the time! (but without the jogging thing!)

author-Avatar I believe you do,  but we humans like to make a meal out of things. We often find it difficult to be satisfied and the pleasure of experiencing  joy seems to be something many prefer to keep locked up.We all seem to love victimhood and will often bathe in the convenience of believing  we are victim to life´s persuasions.   It is the little things in life that can give a lot of satisfaction and joy, but these things are often conveniently cast aside for more superficial activities and adventures.

MM-Avatar Did somebody mention something about a meal?

SW-Avatar I am most thankful that I am able to live with daddy and Mr Midnight. I am quite satisfied with the food he puts in our bowl and I look forward to him coming home at the end of the day so that he can stroke me nicely. It is indeed the little things which can give so much joy. Obviously, larger things can also spread a lot of joy- but only if one really appreciates what has come ones way.

Because daddy  has his own small business (with which to keep Mr Midnight and myself happy) , he works quite a lot and is unable to take  much holiday, but he told me that this situation has arisen because of  the choices  he had  made in life.  He is satisfied with the outcome of things but because of his lack of holiday, he ocassionally likes to visit stamp auctions (online) in which to indulge in a little fun.

MM-Avatar What is a stamp auction?

SW-Avatar I believe that it is a place where one exchanges pieces of paper with numbers on them for other pieces of paper with pictures and numbers on them Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar Sounds like great fun!  What a way to relax and have fun!

SW-Avatar Well the other day daddy managed to win on one of his bids and you should have seen the expression on his face after he had been notified. He was over the moon. He really looked forward to receiving his items and simply emitted rays of satisfaction and joy. He was as excited as a child at christmas time.

MM-Avatar What´s  christmas time Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar It´s the birthday of some famous wise  guy from ancient times. Can´t you remember having played in all of that crinkly, glistening paper every now and again?

author-Avatar It´s nice to feel like a child sometimes. All this serious stuff really gets on my nerves sometimes. That´s why I choose to live in abundance, have fun every now and again and try to live a joyful life. When you´re happy, you´re satisfied.

SW-Avatar But if humans were always satisfied with life, no matter what the circumstances (disasters, inefficiency, etc.), then the state of being satisfied is surely a negative one? Afterall, the human races yearnings for improvement, advancement and discovery would be quashed if always being satisfied. There would be no reason to change anything.

author-Avatar You are possibly correct in your assessment  Sir Winston because the modern human race seems to be in a constant state of dissatisfaction.

Most seem to be obsessed about not having enough of those little pieces of paper with numbers printed upon them. It consumes most of their energies.

MM-Avatar ….. are stamps and stamp auctions really all that important to the human race daddy?

author-Avatar No Mr Midnight, not philately and stamp auctions – money is the drug.

MM-Avatar Who is Phil? Is money akin to  my food sticks –  a drug?

author-Avatar Philately is the study of stamps and postal history. Food sticks are not drugs.

In my opinion, the human races obsessions for making  money have inadvertently,  taken away a  lot of joy from our existence. There are those who enjoy their money but most are trapped within the mechanics of trying to discover happiness and joy through making enough money. The end result is usually dissatisfaction.

For example, in Germany, it is the “sign-of-the-times” to go on strike because of having noticed that one has less “Net Wage” in ones pocket as in previous times. While this is usually quite rightly the case, and I must stress that  one must be able to live off ones  wage, most people tend to avoid looking at reality  and will constantly,  bitterly  target their dissatisfactions and frustrations towards  their employer. There are no doubt, “bad employers”, but the majority of employers (in Germany) will try to operate as fairly as  possible within the parameters  set by the government.

What appears to be amazing is the fact that  German  tax revenue levels  break new records continuously, year after year, and the general-public constantly complain that they do not have  enough money.  At the same time, the German Government sits quietly on the sidelines and rubs its hands together  at the thought of more money flowing into its coffers when another strike has ended.

SW-Avatar But those poor people  having  gone on strike, will only receive about half or 60% of what they striked for.

author-Avatar Precisely, which sadly shows how greedy the (German)government really is. In its defence for high and assorted taxation measures, the government  will often bring up issues of trying to alleviate debt levels with which to “mask” its strategy, but incompetent government spending and burocratic bungling portray a diferrent picture – that of raking in record tax revenues, continuing to spend money like water and at the same time, to continue taking on more debt.

SW-Avatar Will  you all ever be satisfied?  Why can´t you all try and accept that a society needs stability and that  those unlucky enough to be out of work also wish to have a workplace?  Are  moderate wage increases to much to ask for? I have heard that it is quite popular  in Germany to want upto 10 or 20% more money with even a job guarentee.  It´s no wonder that most of you are dissatisfied and not enjoying your lives. Your systems and ways of living are quite ill.  Surely everybody should  have a chance to get on in life, not just the privilged or   selected  masses.

MM-Avatar Enough of this serious stuff. Me and squirrel are getting quite hungry.  I only wish that you would ALL at long last,  get it together and start to enjoy your lives a little more.

Bye for now.

squirrel2 Back to my lovely nuts.  Bye Bye.

Tolerance and respect

author-Avatar As you will already know if having read any of my  previous posts, I did intend to stop blogging for approximately two weeks. However, Mr Midnight insisted that we write one more blog because of something being on his mind.

MM-Avatar . . . . . . .well, they smell a little, are loud (often boisterous), hectic, not too fond of us cats, have disgusting habits, love complying to   rules  (human rules) and speak some foreign tongue (also usually quite loud!).

author-Avatar  . . . . and what is the problem with that?

MM-Avatar  Nothing really, but they are sometimes quite annoying, especially when they  are stressing us  cats.

SW-Avatar who are you talking about Mr Midnight, …. communists?

MM-Avatar I´m not quite sure what a communist is  Sir Winston  but if its something that annoys cats and takes away our freedom to roam in our own small patch of green – then it could be communists.

author-Avatar I believe that Mr Midnight is talking about dogs Sir Winston. He seems to be  a little frustrated today.

MM-Avatar  Well its very rare that I get frustrated about dogs because although I would not touch one with a barge-pole as I´ve heard the saying go in England, I do actually like our brothers and sisters. They were born under the same open sky as myself, have the same needs and requirements as myself  and breathe the same stuff as I do. They have the same right to be here as I do  – but they should just  try and avoid being annoying.

SW-Avatar Where are you going to find a barge-pole Mr Midnight?

MM-Avatar I´m not even sure what a pole is, yet alone a barge.

author-Avatar It´s just a figure of speech Sir Winston

SW-Avatar Well I think that we should all respect one another, regardless of where we come from, even if that means  ocassionally  having  to tolerate anothers ways of living. Just because we don´t understand anothers way of living doesn´t automatically jusitfy that we should craft false judgement.

MM-Avatar  yes, . . . .your right Sir Winston, us cats will just have to grin like a Cheshire Cat and bear it. (another odd half English saying I picked up from Daddy).

In human  words,  we are called:- a cat, el gato, un gatto,  le chat or die Katze.Human words for our favourite friends are :- un chien, un cane, el perro, a dog or Der Hund.

Notice how harmonious the words for cats appear. They are nearly all the same. Poor dogs have to make do with all sorts of concoctions for titles.

SW-Avatar I believe Der Hund originates from “hound”, as does the word “dog” originate from the German word “dogge”. I may be wrong though.

author-Avatar At least Mr Midnight and yourself Sir Winston, act and “think” from your own experience, as do all other beings. We humans will also act based upon our own experience but we also  rely heavily upon what others in times past have dictated as to  being called  the truth and what the majority living in our present surroundings find to be acceptable.

SW-Avatar That appears to be a rather convenient (but disturbing)  way of going through life. Does that mean that  you never look for your own truths?

author-Avatar Unfortunately, I think it does. There are some who go on the journey of attempting to discover their own truth but the large majority, appear to be conveniently  satisfied adhering to anothers voice as to being their truth. I may be wrong in my perception though. If my statement was true, one must still accept and respect their opinion of not wishing to look for their own truth.

SW-Avatar I have heard that it is accepted  by humans to go looking for reassurance  by blindly  sending out wishes into the universe and hoping for an answer from something high and mighty. If this helps, one should definetly do this, but what if the answers to life lay not in the vastness of  the macrocosm but also, in the vastness of the microcosm.

Humans tend to be of the opinion that the larger a thing is, then the greater it is, but the microcosm is just as vast as the macrocosm.  Many truths to life may lie buried within each one of you. Your God may be inside you, in your soul, all the time. One would then  not need to send things out into the vastness when what one seeks  already lays  within your soul.

MM-Avatar I think your losing me Sir Winston. We don´t want to annoy the nice people who read our blog.

author-Avatar I believe most will be able to cope with what we have said so far. If not, please send a comment. We don´t wish to sound disrespectful.

SW-Avatar The other day, the news showed demonstrators in a place called Paris, complaining about same-sex marriages. In my country, people in high positions, as well as demonstrators, showed the same  fears by wanting to “protect the institution called marriage”. If wishing to protect something then it must be under attack.  Speaking only as a cat; there is absolutely no reason why one should have to “protect” marriage by wanting to ban such a possibility for all to be fairly wed if they need be.

Intolerence is bred on fear and will quickly erase respect. The fears aroused by the same-sex marriage debates commenced in many peoples own heads and were based on experience, lack of proper information and others past beliefs.

Fear is usually, selfmade,  and is often fuelled by others who gain an advantage out of maintaining that fear.

author-Avatar I suppose that  it is because most of us have been brought-up the way we have. We cannot know any better. Even at school we are taught that the beast, Satan, will take us if we do not adhere to our society´s muster.

MM-Avatar What´s this beast thing daddy?

author-Avatar A suppossed kind of monster that will make your (after)life a living hell.

MM-Avatar I don´t want to believe in such a thing. It sounds horrible. But if it makes you all feel better – carry on.

author-Avatar Actually Mr Midnight, there is no such thing as Satan because Satan only really means adversary  and an adversary, is just an opposing force.

Some Christian leaders tried to “expose the anti-christ” by using a formula to calculate numbers for names and titles.

Every letter receives the number “6” and is added to the next letter, thus; A=6, B=12, C= 18, etc. The sum of all number will be the numeric value  of a name or title. An Evangelist noted that Mark of Beast is 78,6,108,66,90,36,12,30,6, 114 and 120 = 666.

The calculation is true but irrelevant.

Try using the words. COMPUTER = 18,90,78,96,126,120,30,108 = 666

HUMANITY = 48,126,84,6,78,54,120,150 = 666

WITCHCRAFT = 138,54,120,18,48,18,108,6,36,120 = 666

GOD OF ISRAEL = 42,90,24,90,36,54,114,108,6,30,72 = 666

What does all this prove?


We  obviously  like to believe that what somebody(or authority)  has told  us to be  true,  that this  is the real truth.

One should  tolerate and respect anothers views by keeping an open mind but should one not also attempt to discover ones own truths?

MM-Avatar I wish I hadn´t started things now.

It´s now  time for lunch,  and then I think I´m going to go and look for a barge-pole. 🙂

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination


author-Avatar  I wasn´t going to post anything for the next two weeks because of my visitors who are arriving shortly. Sir Winston has already sneaked off into the cellar with which to prepare himself for his voluntary two week avoidance  of being too close to strangers.  He is not very social – especially towards people he does not know.

However, the lads and myself were quite honoured to have been nominated  the     “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” from                                                              chynawithay @ for our meagre efforts at attempting to make humans more aware of their environment. We were especially surprised because we have only just set off on the road to blogging.

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar  Thank you very much chynawithay @    🙂    🙂    for appreciating our Blog!

author-Avatar We are truly honoured that somebody appreciates what we put out and wish to thank the small bunch of followers and people out there who have “liked” some of our posts.

By the way, Mr Midnight asked if there was also a “food-prize” going with the  award but obviously, I had to let him down.  I will however, make it up to him  the next time I visit my local  supermarket.


The rules for the award are as follows:-

1. Display the award logo on your blog (top).
2. Link back to the person who nominated you (below logo)
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers for this award and link to them (below 7 things).
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

SW-Avatar Humans love making rules. 🙂

author-Avatar Rule 3, 7 things about myself.

1.     I was born and raised in the UK. (Mr Midnight and Sir Winston are both past residents of Thuringia, Eastern Germany.)

2.     I believe in individuality and freedom; as do Mr Midnight and Sir Winston.

3.     Because of my inner desire to attempt to build more awareness for our everyday actions (attitude and behaviour), I published my first non-fiction book “Nice Place, Shame About the Human Race” in December of 2012.

4.     I love most  music genres, especially classic, light jazz and 80s pop.  Sir Winston also loves classic, particularly  Schubert and strangely enough, experimental works a la Ryuichi Sakamoto.  Mr Midnight is a devout Depeche Mode fan, especially liking the albums “Playing the Angel” and the latest one, “Delta Machine”. I think it is because he simply adores analogue keyboards and because he loves wearing black himself. 🙂

5.     I also like playing around with my keyboards.

MM-Avatar Daddy´s musical  antics usually do not have much in common with melody and harmony.  Actually, it is quite a strain on the ears!

author-Avatar Thank you Mr Midnight.

6.     I am a philatelist. I often seek solitude in discovering  past events  on little pieces of paper. My main area of interest being German philately, especially of the old German states.

7.     Jogging clears my mind for lifes many trials.


And now,  rule 4,  my Blog nominations. (not in any specific order)

1.    –  because this blog simply helps to brighten our world.

2.     –  a light read, just as though one is sitting in a coffee shop. This one is also one of Sir Winston´s favourite blogs.

3.    –  my main occupation is also in the fashion industry. A great source for ideas, individuality and also, very professional.

4. (      – this blog has a fascination for photos of fences. I love the idea because it is slightly whacky and because fences, walls and boundaries are  in the heads of most of us in  modern society. Nice idea from an interesting angle.

5.      – inspirational, with life viewed from a spiritual angle.

6.     – a nice blog and filled with encouraging wisdom.

7.     – honest, encouraging, down to earth stuff. I really enjoy reading her articles.


author-AvatarMM-AvatarSW-Avatar  The three of us thank all of you who have enjoyed reading our Blog so far. We´ll get back to you after “the visitors” have gone their seperate ways.





Living in abundance, not scarcity.

MM-Avatar Daddy has just put both Sir Winston and myself out onto the front door step. I can see his machine moving away into the distance –  probably to a place he calls “work”,  where I understand he exchanges his energy for among other things, nice things for Sir Winston and myself to eat.  Although it is still  quite dark and a horrible wetness is falling out of the sky, I am not too perturbed because I know that his “goings-on” are all for a good cause – namely that of caring for Sir Winston and myself. 🙂

I slowly amble  over  to the otherside of the porch, sit, and wrap my tail over my front two paws. Sir Winston has already gone off somewhere – most probably to check if everything in the thing they call a “garden” is all where it should be. He is quite particular.  As for me, I´m more for an easy life.

I can feel a light breeze stroke my fur and the smell of the coming of spring is closer today than it has been for a long time. (I am a cat of the Black Forest and it is not unusual to experience the first traces of Spring at such a late time in the year)  A certain sweetness tainted with the magic of what is to come gently wafts over me and an impatience is felt from within. It was a long winter.

I sit and feel happiness. The air is fresh and alive,  and the light (or lack of it today) has a certain greatness to it. The silence, and the  rustle of the green things in the  spikey things where the birds sometimes sit, with the vastness of  the sky watching over us,  makes me feel good to be alive because all of this is the richness of my kingdom.

What´s that movement under the hedge?!

All of my senses work overtime. My heart starts pounding. My eyes are wide open.  It´s moving towards me. It smells familiar – but what is it?

……Oh no, …it´s only Sir Winston and he´s managed to find another odd-shaped leaf with which to play about with. He´s so easily fascinated by nature.

SW-Avatar Look what I´ve found. Great isn´t it !

MM-Avatar Not bad Sir Winston, I bet that took some catching!

I was just pondering how wonderful our world really is – so much abundance!

SW-Avatar You can say that again. Just look at this lovely, odd shaped thing. I´ll have to examine it from all angles.

We have everything we need for a beautiful life experience. Natures richness, our health, plenty of things to eat, we are able to have nice naps and daddy brings us food sticks ocassionally from that place where they apparently,  love to sell you food.

.MM-Avatar Don´t start that again Sir Winston. We discussed the supermarket thing last time.

SW-Avatar Many humans choose to live their lives in scarcity and have obviously still not understood that negative attracts negative, as does positive attract positive. They do in fact, live in total abundance, although half the time, most of them never seem to discover this fact.

MM-Avatar How´d you mean Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar Well for a start, they tend to be quite  pessimistic and mistrusting. For e.g., they frequently say things such as, I hope the weather´s going to stay nice or You shouldn´t do that or You shouldn´t do this (one may  have too much of a good time!). Surely one should always expect things to go right.

They will then often assume that they are victims to lifes whims, permanently repeating to themselves that they are either poor, ill or unlovable. They seem to love living in scarcity.

MM-Avatar Well I saw abundance as I was sitting on the porch just now. I´m not poor (I have no money), am not ill (I take responsibility for my wellbeing), and I definetly know that I am loved.  Daddy shows me his love as  much as he can and I love to show him my appreciation and love.

SW-Avatar Precisely, Humans tend to make themselves believe that they are worse off than they actually are. They may not feel  and see that they live in abundance but their lives really are abundant. They may not possess the latest material gadgets of their desires but even this would be possible if they simply believed, and lived their lives, as though in abundance. They have the choice, but through past tuition and from their societies expectations, they chiefly  decide to live in scarcity and negativity.

Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative.

MM-Avatar None of this is new to me. I´ve even seen some paper things lying around the house with strange inscriptions upon them.

SW-Avatar I think they call them books

MM-Avatar Yes, books. I think I heard daddy say “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne for example   the other day, as he was looking at his book. I believe that daddy even wrote a book  but how he managed to do that I really don´t know. Humans obviously have many books but do they read them at all or even understand the wisdom some have to bare?

SW-Avatar Thats a very good question Mr Midnight and a question that I sometimes, rather doubt.

We´ll have to stop now Mr Midnight and wait until daddy is back with us. He said he would not be posting anything for approximately two weeks now because we are apparently having visitors soon.

MM-Avatar Well I hope they are pleasant and not too loud.

SW-Avatar I´m sure they are. They are from a place they call “England”.

MM-Avatar Well that explains it then. I remember last time…….


Are we aware of our actions?

author-Avatar On Sunday I went for a small walk around  Lake Titisee in the Black Forest. For obvious reasons, my two cats displayed no interest towards my planned outing and both decided to stay at home.   The place was thriving with tourists;  and as I walked through the busy tourist street I noticed quite a few  signboards standing outside coffee shops with the words  “Herzlich Willkommen” written upon them. When  literally translated, “Herzlich Willkommen”  means  something like “Heartily Welcome”.

It reminded me of the many times that I had visited localities having also  displayed such a sign at the entrance but sadly,  through bad service,  lack of motivation and the resulting  absence of  “Herzlichkeit”, they had failed to act out  the message they had been trying to transmit on their signboard.  If one genuinely wishes to heartily entertain ones guests, should one not show it?

Naturally, being “Herzlich Willkommen” is understood in some professional restaurants.

MM-Avatar What is he talking about?  It all sounds rather weird to me.

SW-Avatar I think I know what he means Mr Midnight.  It has something to do with the fact that human beings tend to do things, or say things,  and often do not live by what they preach.Can you remember that television commercial the other day where daddy commented upon him having visited that supermarket and his  food had been  literally thrown along the conveyor belt at the cash till?

MM-Avatar I can´t remember having seen a television commercial or him having complained, but there again, I may have been having a small nap at the time 🙂

author-Avatar   But I can remember. It was an advertisement for a large “quality” supermarket (not a discount store) . It´s called “Edeka” or “Neukauf” (depending upon  ones place of abode ) and their advertising slogan is called “Wir lieben Lebensmittel”. Translated this means “We love food”.

MM-Avatar Well if its true what you say about them just throwing the food along the conveyor-belt at the cash-till, then they obviously do not  love food as much as they wish to believe.

SW-Avatar I think that humans like to believe that they go about things the right way; and they may even believe in  what they say, but reality seems to paint a different picture. They appear not to be aware of their actions.

MM-Avatar Still it´s a shame that I missed the food commercial. I really like food.

author-Avatar Mr Midnight, we are not here to discuss food preferences.

SW-Avatar I can also recall having heard that humans love animals – but then they eat us. This appears cruel and is  rather  sad. If they love us – why do they eat us?

author-Avatar But you eat birds and trap mice. That is just as bad.

MM-Avatar But daddy, hunting mice is a part of our natural instinct. We can´t help doing it – I sometimes wish I could.

author-AvatarWell I suppose in a strange way, eating animals is also  human natural instinct.

SW-Avatar Possibly, but as a human being, you do have other possibilities with which to sustain yourselves. Many humans  believe that they will get ill if they  do not eat meat but by opening   ones horizons and discovering ones own truth, one may find this “wisdom” to be invalid.  Humans seem to do things simply because they have always done it and because they like doing it, regardless of the consequences toward other beings.

MM-Avatar Once again, It all sounds whacky to me. I don´t want to become a pair of house  slippers just so that humans can  warm their feet.

author-Avatar Don´t worry Mr Midnight – nothing´s going to happen to you.

I suppose that the human race  will never be able to live in Peace (something we all seem to desire) because deep down in our souls, we seem  not to live in peace (natural instinct?). We may believe that we are peaceful beings (and at our core we most likely are!), but prejudice, greed  and jealousy seem to rule our lives ( at least in small doses) and “Herzlichkeit” towards strangers  is seldom  evident. Our  trait towards destroying things  is possibly our  natural instinct and therefore, we are  not supposed to live in peace.  Our trackrecord would certainly prove this point.

SW-Avatar Not  living life  in peace  possibly helps  the human race find new solutions to problems, thus helping make the human race   become more cleverer (at least technologically) but most certainly, the human race appears  not to have  become wiser.

Perhaps only when all  humans live in respect and find peace in their own hearts will they  all be able to live in peace on this wonderful planet.  It really is no good just wishing for peace on earth when one is   not prepared to do anything about the “state of peace”   oneself.

Social peace is desirable. Personal peace is a necessity.

MM-Avatar You should  not all take life so seriously. Just chill out a little and take time to discover life for yourselves. Sir Winston and myself do it all the time.

Daddy, I believe it´s now time for something to eat. Have you got anything left in the cupboard from that nice supermarket where they apparently, love food?

Time flies when you´re having fun

author-Avatar  Chapter 5 of my book  Nice Place, Shame About the Human Race is called “Time (and Mobile-Phones). With this in mind, I thought it a good idea to carry on from where I left last time and to observe the topic of time – especially because of having once again, moved the clock forward this weekend  into “daylight saving” summertime. I will however, leave the topic of mobile-phones for another time.

Today, a 1/4 of the year is now behind us with three-quarters remaining until the end of 2013. This very  fact  appears quite unnerving. Where has all my time vanished to?  It seems  virtually  only  yesterday that   I was eating christmas pudding, admiring the lights on the christmas tree (we only had a small tree this year) and listening to “Silent Night” on the HiFi. Has time gone by so quickly because I´m getting older or because as the saying goes, “Time goes by when you´re having fun”?

SW-Avatar Well apparently, you humans seem to also make time go by when you´re not having fun as well

author-Avatar How do you mean Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar Based on my observations, most of you always appear to be totally  stressed up and to be not enjoying your time as you should. You all seem to be rushing around all the time, trying to squash as many activities into your lives  as possible. No wonder time seems to fly by very quickly.

author-Avatar Well that might be true but we all have our responsibilities and have to earn a living with which to exist.

SW-Avatar That is a matter of opinion and depends upon what is your truth. The human race chooses to live  within such parameters and fails to notice other possibilities with which to live.

MM-Avatar Maybe you should all “chill-out” a little more and not take life too seriously – just like Sir Winston and me do daddy. The dark and light cycle which  humans call a day goes by quite slowly when you´re chilled out and relaxed.

author-Avatar Well that may be the case Mr Midnight, but humans still have to go to work with which to earn some money to pay for their lifestyle – like purchasing cat food, paying vets fees and buying toy mice so that pampered cats don´t get bored in the winter evenings. 🙂

SW-Avatar That is only the case because YOU choose to do so. Mr Midnight and myself did not ask that you look after us. You choose to do so yourself. You give us food and love and we give you love in return (sometimes with a few complications included). We would be quite able to look after ourselves if left to our own devices. We possess instinct and  still live  intact with our surroundings

.MM-Avatar Sir Winston`s quite right daddy. If we had to look for food with which to survive, we would find it. I think that at least half of the modern western world would be wiped out within a year if humans had to hunt what they ate. The modern worlds artificial environments and lack of living with nature dictate such a possibility.

However, it is nice when daddy opens a tin for me or gives me a food stick to swallow. Its a lot easier and so much more relaxed.

author-Avatar There is possibly some truth in what you both say but it still doesn´t  solve the problem of  time flying by so quickly.

SW-Avatar One possible explanation for your rapid time slip could be the fact that many of you do not invest in your time wisely. Humans have another saying that Time is money but it is only a foolish person who does not invest their money wisely. If time really was money – wouldn´t it be wise to invest ones time for the future, for e.g., relaxing and slowing down in the present  with which to discover health,  happiness and satisfaction  in later years?

We cats live life “in the moment”. Most of the time, human beings seem to live life exactly the opposite – namely in the past and in the future.

author-Avatar Well its true that many humans do like to plan for future events and reminiscing  is an act of finding solitude in an otherwise, difficult world.

SW-Avatar Possibly so but at the same time, you are unable to experience the present because it is only the moment that really counts.  Life is less stressful and painful  if one goes at the speed of life or  with the flow of life,  and not at the pace of what others dictate.  It´s good to plan (at least for humans) and its nice to live in the past, but one should also attempt to master the art of living life in the moment because in the moment is where life happens.

MM-Avatar Daddy, my tummy´s rumbling!.

author-Avatar OK, we´ll stop for now, when only to feed the lads – there doesn´t appear to be enough time left!

We´ll continue next week with our little discussion. If you have any thoughts upon this weeks topic, please feel free to comment – I´ll write back.

Bye for now. from me and the “lads”

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